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  1. Cute little bass! Great shot of the White Bellied Sea Eagle.
  2. I am amazed to hear that. I am spending a week on a sail boat out of Hamilton in a weeks time. I hope there are plenty of fish for us up there. haha. I don't have any real plans or spots apart from taking too much gear haha.
  3. Mate I haven't fished Wivenhoe for 20 years. I caught lots of fork tailed catfish and some nice bass trolling lures on dropoffs from a yak. I haven't seen any reports from there for ages either. Def worth a go.
  4. Wow smashed it again. Such a great trip. Nice to see so many Moaries in the mix. I am sad I won't be able to make the September trip. Poor me has to go on a different fishing adventure haha. Lures only on that one. We are flying home so cant take any fish with us. Thanks for a great report mate.
  5. Drop Bear

    Nrl 2019

    Im not a gambler but hey if you have fun and you only gamble what you can afford to loose why not! Good luck mate.
  6. Drop Bear

    Nrl 2019

    It is going to plan for me. Solid rubbish tipping all the way. KM is only 2 behind Ellicat. Exciting to see
  7. Amazing hay. They seemed pretty unconcerned by the big shark too.
  8. Yep there are some cool videos from Mad Mullet of them catching some crackers land based up at Fraser. They are big and cool looking but apparently quite harmless to humans... although I am sure if you put your foot in their mouth they would be interested in having a taste.
  9. This is pretty cool. Sorry I can only post a link. skip forward to 38 seconds so you don't have to hear the american dude talk about himself. http://www.ladbible.com/news/animals-drone-footage-shows-hammerhead-sharks-hunting-six-foot-blacktip-sharks-20190730?fbclid=IwAR0FovqQMFE2jmhMVP7lYlr7lZa5gCkTp3Uz6bc37B-sWe-cinJ3dOFE-i0
  10. Sounds like a solid plan mate. It is plenty warm enough especially up there. I can't wait to see your photos.
  11. Good looking boat mate. Should sell quick.
  12. Glad the FADs are working for you. I am helping with a project up at Leslie Dam. They are putting pipes in. The plan is to make it a fantastic cod fishery. It is very low at the moment so they can drive up to the spots and drop them on the sand.
  13. Do you put a tag in them just before you put them in the red claw pots?
  14. Drop Bear

    Nrl 2019

    Geeeze Im gonna soar back up the ladder this week with these great tips. Go the Qlders. It will be really nice collecting the $8.50 from the Titans game. How stupid are the people working out the odds. Money for Jam. Time to put the whole house on them.