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  1. Drop Bear

    south queensland Catching Freshwater Eel

    I use a heavy hand line with a hook at about 3/0 ish and a ball sinker. Subtle rigs are not required. Best baits for me are meat that is tough to get off the hook. Chicken hearts are a cracker if you can get them but I have done very well on venison. I don't like soft baits as I find they can mouth the bait and get it off without you knowing. As for baits I cut them up and bag them individually before freezing them. Bigger is better
  2. Drop Bear

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    Yes Where is that?
  3. Drop Bear

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    Yum!!! I might go tomorrow. Anyone wanna come?
  4. Drop Bear

    This Is Why I Fish Out Of A Boat.

    Same. Seeing the big sharks hit the bait balls at Harvey the other week put a new perspective on sharks and oceans.
  5. Drop Bear

    John Devitt Threadline Lubrication

    I need to do a lot of my reels that are grindy. I also had a reel that went grindy after the first days use. It didn't get wet or anything. I wonder if this is the same thing? I will pull it apart and let you know.
  6. Legends. Well done especially the 27 adult Saratoga. That must have been a big effort to grow them to size and release them.
  7. Drop Bear

    victoria Whiting Fishing Report With Video

    I wish we got king George whiting up this way
  8. Drop Bear

    victoria Whiting Fishing Report With Video

    Nice one mate well done.
  9. Drop Bear

    south queensland Fingerling Release NPD 13/2/19

    Happens to the best of us.
  10. Drop Bear

    Jumpinpin Pointers

    Good luck @jhedrick Good sized live mullet make an irresistible bait. There are quite a few on the inside of the bar. Try the deepest hole you can find at the snags between Swan Bay and Jumpinpin Bar. I so hope you get one!
  11. Drop Bear

    south queensland Local Brissy Fredds And Bullies

    Thats awesome. Would have been insane in the shallow water. Well done and thanks for the report!
  12. Drop Bear

    John Devitt Threadline Lubrication

    I have not seen it before sorry. I have googled a bit and he was a casting guru in South Australia a few years ago. I cant see why you couldn't use it. I would use it on Alveys and such but I wonder why you would use it on a new reel. ONOX do a great range of lure grease and oils now. We have had some donated to us for the last fishing comp and I do all my reels with it and it works great.
  13. Drop Bear

    south queensland Carp Fishing Brisbane

    Did you get out? How did it go?
  14. Drop Bear

    south queensland NPD 30/1/19

    Guilty. I have done this way too many times.
  15. Drop Bear

    south queensland Mooloolaba Worms

    Mate freshwater eel, big hooks and heavy trace and chuck it in any salt water. You will get a shark for sure.