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  1. I want a big old game reel to hand on the wall. One day
  2. Thanks mate. Yep stoked. I just put the jaws on an ants nest this morning. I can't wait to see how they come out.
  3. So good to do a trip with your son mate. That will be a memory you can both treasure forever. Cracking Esky and well done doing it on the plastics.
  4. Nice mess of fish mate. I hope the tests go well for you.
  5. Totally spoilt. I have done some trips out there in poor weather so know how lucky we were. A mate has a brag mat photo of the Jack and I will post it up soon.
  6. Yep awesome fish. So many biggens really tested out the gear. Most fishing was in 40-50m. I am keen to do this again very soon.
  7. Yep lots of red. We lost about 80% of fish to sharks so there was Red on my face and Red blood in the water as well.
  8. yeah nah. Some sharks in some areas may have but... have a look at this video and tell me what you think.