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  1. Nice one mate. Some great photos too. Thanks for the report.
  2. NO he has not. Although a mate with a boat on the gold coast sounds pretty good. Steve you will hve to dial in the night time mangrove jack spots. I do have a mate that used to wrack a boat down there. Let me check. You should be able to get a very nice place on the broadwater.
  3. Missed the boat. Oh well you snooze you loose I needed 2 spots and I still haven't made it work. Next time I hope. Have a great trip.
  4. That looks delicious. Thanks for the inspiration
  5. Yep same for me. I like that we are managing the fish and fishing areas. I will have to read the whole thing properly. My brain hurts already.
  6. I don't know I will ask him. He is a local legend.
  7. Nice fish there mate. Well done. It is such a talent getting photos when you are on your own. Great stuff.
  8. Hey Chipper, I know they were getting good numbers of school mackerel on the northern side a few weeks ago. There are always plenty of bream around the old wreck on the south eastern side, getting them to bite is a bit of a challenge. Do you have a GPS? The artificial reefs on the Western Side produce well especially at night. Snapper with strips of fresh mullet are a popular bait but if you can get live baits they are better. It is a great island and one worth spending a lot of time on getting to know it. These clear wind free days are great for exploring
  9. Hey gang. I thought id go to this. Anyone else keen?
  10. http://www.nccharters.com.au/ These guys are good operators. I did a trip with the a few years ago and we caught loads. I don't know if they are the best for surface lures however. You would probably be best to find one that has dories you can fish out of. I will have a look if no one puts good ones up.
  11. Hey Luis, Welcome to the forum. You should come. What sort of fishing would you like to do?