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  1. https://bnbfishing.com.au/digipubs/0820/BNB0820digi.html The girl on the cover might have very big hands but I do like this mag. It's great that they have it online now. I hope it works out for them and they can still make some money from it.
  2. Great report mate. well done. Sorry there were no fish but sounds like a fun day.
  3. did they measure? They look very close.
  4. @Old Scaley I got a few from the reef up at Pumicestone if you want one?
  5. haha. I have a spare if you want it?
  6. looking to put some miles on the boat. Great stuff. I am keen to hear how you and Old Scaley went.
  7. Man those sensors are buggers for not working. I can't wait to see a photo of you with a nice trout up at 1770.
  8. At a minimum 3.7m but for Harvey bay if you get a storm I would want a 4.2m with at least a 30hp.
  9. Yep too small mate. It would be ok to muck around in the creeks chasing mud crabs but don't take it out in the bay.
  10. Yum.... But what the hell are you doing in the rusty water??? Is that aloud?
  11. Thanks for starting this one up. South side'r and fiercely proud of it. Happy with whatever comp format you like. If you would like OzFish could sponsor this year and give some small prizes if you want? just leave it as bragging rights if that works better. But we could definitely name an oyster reef after the angler with the largest fish in each category?
  12. It will be interesting to see how they go. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  13. Cracking yella. Nice one mate. Are there deer in the first photos? I can't make it out sorry.