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  1. Bass Sashimi would have been a good substitute although I have been told that you should always freeze or cook fresh water fish so you don't end up with parasites. Dunno if it is true or not. Beautiful colours in the yella. Well done mate.
  2. Looks like a nice day. Pretty funny that they chose to park in front of a gait when there is ample parking near. Great to hear the bass are really on the chew and great work introducing yet another person to NPD and fishing. Legend.
  3. Thanks. I will go there for a tilly fish soon.
  4. Thanks heaps. I hope you win! It is a great boat.
  5. haha yes I have turned you down twice.
  6. Bugger but that's how it goes mate. Cant help bad timing.
  7. It is a shame that in every group there is a minority that will do that. It gives the people that want to hate the people in that group ammunition.
  8. Great that you have the option to just send it back.
  9. That is the spirit. You are an inspiration. Did you get sorted out with the tickets?
  10. Good photo then. Looked like you could have ridden it.
  11. I see how you cleverly avoided my decky request haha!!! Did I tell you how well the rod holders went? They are awesome. I had safety lines on all the rods at first but after 2 days with no incidents I have taken them off. I used them again in my mates boat out at straddie and they were awesome again. Thanks for the tips mate.
  12. if only we could put on 200 hooks!!! haha you will be the hussar pig king!!!
  13. Nice to mix it up mate. Good on ya. Photos didn't load for me. Probably my fault.