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  1. We should go out for a squid trip if you are keen?
  2. Nice work mate. I have been told that as the water cools the sharks leave the bay and head up the creeks and rivers. Hopfully you can catch a few. Great report. Thanks for posting.
  3. yep they make great bait for larger reef fish.
  4. Best is when the tide is running so you move around more. Just look for the boats as there are many there. Around the edges of the deeper holes works. Make sure you are fishing on the weeds as they don't sit on the sandy spots. They hunt in schools all around the Rouse and Little ships channel. explore, drift and have fun. any depth that there is weed on is good.
  5. I don't eat the eyes and the guts but try and eat all the meat I can get off them.
  6. Sorry to hear its closed mate. I don't suppose they will let you go get the traps or get permission to have everyone clean them up so they don't become death traps. Happy to help if you need it. Knowing the extent of your fishing bug, I'm sure you will get the boat out in a matter of minutes. Back to the whiting grounds I assume?
  7. You are probably back by now but good luck mate. I hope you got some. big chance of getting some squid too.
  8. I prepped my half of the squid heads for eating. I love the tentacles the best. We had a great meal last night and will have many many more over the next few weeks. I know Tugger loves the hoods but I cant resist the wings and tentacles as well. These tiger squid are absolutely first rate eating. They taste and feel so much like abalone.
  9. keen to take you there some time mate. It was a great day. I do need to get a bit more organised for the next trip with buckets etc. to deal with the ink better. Such a great day. Highly recommend this as a fun thing to do. Just look for weedy drop offs and have a flick.
  10. Good morning Robbie Thanks for your enquiry. At this time Seqwater has no plans to open Leslie Harrison Dam to public access for water based activities. Regards Lyn Recreation a 117 Brisbane Street | PO Box 328 | Ipswich QLD 4305 p 1300 737 928 | w www.seqwater.com.au
  11. https://www.seqwater.com.au/project/leslie-harrison-dam-upgrade There is an interesting video here. I have sent them an email regarding rec fishing. will let you know if I get a response.
  12. Drop Bear

    Nrl 2020

    Well you are beating me haha. started how I finished last year...
  13. Drop Bear

    Nrl 2020

    Well if they cancel the whole season you will be hard to beat
  14. Drop Bear

    Nrl 2020

    It sure is looking like a strange year for it. I can't do any worse than last year haha. Go the Broncos!