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  1. Drop Bear

    Oh My Oma

    Now that is a wave. And it is only going up!
  2. Drop Bear


    How awesome is this!
  3. Drop Bear

    south queensland Ningi Creek Javelin

    Yew! Yes mid week is best for me too. Lets sort something out after this wind chills out. Hopefully we will get lots of rain and the prawns and crabs will be thick as well.
  4. Well on the up side..... at least you have not bought a $500,000 boat and $5000 rod and $10,000 reel and $2,000 worth of lures and $20,000 in fuel and not caught anything... saved a bundle. https://www.sportfishingmag.com/most-expensive-center-console-fishing-boat-in-world
  5. @ellicat please delete if not appropriate.... Sorry I have had a few and saw some funny photos.
  6. Drop Bear

    south queensland Ningi Creek Javelin

    Im keen as mate. Great Idea. Quampie is rip ready go to!
  7. Drop Bear

    south queensland Ningi Creek Javelin

    Mate you are on. Do you have days of the week that you prefer?
  8. Drop Bear

    south queensland Started Bad, Ended Good And Bad

    Sorry to hear about the Sage mate. Never mind there are more at the shop... What weight was it? Angus explained that it is a problem buying second hand high end rods. One good hit and they can be cactus but still look mint. Expensive day with the puncture too! I bet it was all worth it catching a +50 on the Vampire. Well done mate.
  9. Drop Bear

    Brisbane History For The Old Farts

    I used to go to the oasis with my Grandmother. Great memories. Thanks for posting this mate.
  10. Drop Bear

    Brisbane History For The Old Farts

    who came up with the idea that a Poinsettia would be our flower? Its from Mexico I think.
  11. Drop Bear

    Brisbane History For The Old Farts

    Is Donald Kennedy a relation?
  12. Drop Bear

    south queensland NPD 20/2/19

    Let me know when it is and I will try and come along if you will have me.
  13. Drop Bear

    Easy Set-up Fishing Rig

    haha it would be great to see you build some on a 3D printer. Very cool. Frustrating buying stuff from unreliable sellers. I pretty much buy everything from Water Tower Bait and Tackle in Manly Brisbane or Tackle warehouse in Coorparoo.