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  1. There are quite a few ppl that do well up at redcliff land based.
  2. Hey mate where is pallara?
  3. Nice fish there mate. I am glad the knee is doing well. They are good fish out of the creek. Well done.
  4. mmmmm that venison looks good... oh the fish are ok too
  5. That big one is very handsome. The fish is ok too....
  6. yep I agree. The biggest problem for sea grass is turbidity. The light cant get past about 2m in western Moreton Bay. The shellfish reefs will work to help some of this as they sequester a lot of suspended sediment. Not to mention micro plastics, carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen etc. Cracking things those oysters
  7. Great stuff thanks for the info.
  8. Yep they were taking live baits off Wooli last easter. They should turn up around here very soon. Good luck they are a great fish to both catch and eat.
  9. Gday AXSEAGULL welcome to the forum. plenty of fishing in the river but night is best. Live baits or soft vibes are the go to. I hope you get amongst it.
  10. I clear the cookies from the jar way too often...
  11. oh for those of us that fish the rusty water that is haha.
  12. Thanks for posting mate. Shellfish reef restoration is probably the most important thing we can do for our fishing.
  13. Yep we are chatting to them a lot. They are currently conduction a suitability study on areas where shellfish reef restoration will work the best. It is great that shellfish reef restoration is seen to be an emergency.
  14. haha yep fair enough it was a bit of a long shot.
  15. Great stuff. Great video too. What part of the world is that in?