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i'm a new fisherman on lord howe island

Big J

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Well,as I don't know your situation, I would look at conditions, how far out you were going , how many on board, trailable or not, lots of conditions only you can decide and find a dealer.

Bit hard for us on the mainland to help as conditions are unusual.

You'd get a fair boat for your budget.

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How will you launch and retrieve the boat?

Trailer at the beach or hoist from the pier?

I'd suggest a panga would most likely suit your area....good proven open water simple boats with a relatively small engine to size ratio....I presume fuel there is somewhere around $3.50 a litre.

as a bit of a guide look at these.... https://au.boats.com/boats-for-sale/?make=panga

There are some local versions about in glass and alloy...search north queensland manufacturers.

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For that kind of coin I'd get full cabin cruiser of some sort set up for fishing and have a floating hotel so I could stay out a few days if I wanted and head well off shore.

You could get one with a fishing tender and use the big boat as a base camp.

Otherwise and usually the best option is to use what the locals use and it doesn't matter if it's big game boat or a kayak, get what gets other people onto the fish. But something semi flat bottom might definitely be worth looking at, up to around 4.2.-4.5m.

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Considering your entire fishable area there is 50km x 20km i would not opt for a full cabin cruiser.

Most of your fishing will likely be within 20km of where you launch from.

5km from shore puts you in more than 1000m of water in any direction except to the SE where Balls Pyramid is.

I would opt for an open boat and short runs personally.

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