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condensation under boat cover


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Hi all,

I have just bought my first boat, unfortunately I won’t have a shed to put it under for a few months.

I have bought an Ocean South cover that fits OK, but noticed a lot of condensation under the cover and in the boat in this weather. Has anyone found a way to combat this? Or are there covers made of different material that handle this better?

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You could use a bilge blower to dry out the boat when you put the cover on.

Under floor ventilating is actually very important, it is where all boats will fail in the end.

The quicker you can dry out your boat the less corrosion and decay will occur.

I leave all my hatches open for a week after a run and clean, I stripped the boat out a month ago to see underfloor and there is no sign of corrosion anywhere yet after two years of fairly wet saltwater use...esp with cast nets gathering bait.

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Keeping the underfloor area dry is very important. If everything is not completely dry before you cover the boat you will only seal in moisture by covering the boat.

Bungs out, boat drained, hatches open etc. Preferably dry well in the sun before covering. 

A mate of mine uses a small vent fan to maintain airflow.

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