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  1. Still looks like an awesome day on the water mate.
  2. I’ll grab them if you’d like @Drop Bear, I’m now in ferny hills so not a long trip for me. @fishingnut - pm sent.
  3. Where are you based mate?? Ill take the lead off you hands for sure if you don’t want it!
  4. I think that is saying eating too much of my spicy Mexican chicken will mean you’ll need a 160kg weight capacity as a minimum...
  5. hey mate, i am a huge fan of the hobie pedal kayaks. being a larger bodied person, i opted for the hobie outback. They are extremely stable and have great weight carrying capacity of 180kg so you can run with an esky, as much gear as you want and maintain stability in any conditions. I picked one up second hand for $1300 - wasn't in perfect condition with a few bumps and scrapes as well as being absolutely filthy but the drive system and all other functional stuff was solid. being able to fish with both hands on a kayak is awesome, as well as the ability to cover 15km in a day easily if needed. If you aren't able to go to to that kind of price range, the viking profish is a good paddle option, but there is literally hundreds of options in sit on top paddle kayaks. look for something with good comfort and also a practical layout for what you want to do - storage areas, hatches, seat quality etc. weight capacity should be 150kg minimum - you could go less but by the time you add you, clothing, gear etc you will likely be at 110-115kg which is dangerously close to maxing out a 120kg capacity yak which reduces your stability hugely. good luck, look forward to reading a few reports from down there - boat or kayak based!
  6. i know... but someone else is pushing for fraser... and i am pushing back HARD for those very reasons.
  7. mate the cliff gaffs are used by a heap of fishos on snapper, groper, dhufish, kingies, sambos etc in WA that i have seen on the youtubes (check out gidos landbased fishing for multiple examples and some INSANE cliff fishing). they can take a couple of cracks to get the hooks in any fish, usually end up sliding in under the gills, gill rakers or even in the eyes which while graphic would be very effective. only other option would be an extendable pole gaff (i.e. one with multiple clip together sections) which i have also seen used on the youtubes in places like WA. have also seen the ones @samsteele115 mentioned - the would be pretty hit and miss in rougher waters, they are lowered down and you basically direct the fish over them at which you point lift up and jag fish. used on jetties a lot but not sure how it would go in a surf type location.
  8. nice one mate. looking to get over there myself for a full week of r & r in the next coupla months but it may end up being fraser instead. heaps of tailor off the northern beach this time last year, any gutter right on dusk, i got all mine on slugs and plastics, guys camped near us were all baitos and they got some bigger ones but way less numbers. take some volcom red curry paste, a can of coconut milk and an onion - fresh tailor makes the BEST fish curry and takes all of 15 minutes to put together.
  9. runs in the family i guess... didn't realize that was a genetic thing.
  10. @Old Scaley @Drop Bear - so where is the report?? how am i supposed to fish vicariously through you guys without it??
  11. Or just keep throwing an 8" one around until something bigger eats it? Looking forward to giving some of these a try when you're up and running Wayne.
  12. And you of all people would know this very well...
  13. I sense no sarcasm here whatsoever...
  14. What he said!