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  1. benno573

    south queensland Fingerling Release NPD 13/2/19

    Just about be able to leave the redclaw outside today and they’d cook themselves.
  2. benno573

    First Boat Purchase...confused

    it's all about being fit for purpose. work out exactly what you want to do, how many people you want to take with you and things like that. trying to find a boat that does everything is nearly impossible, there will always be some compromises along the way. i had what was a great boat for 95% of what i wanted to do, it was a 5.3m fibreglass half cab. great for most forms of fishing, small enough to launch by myself or big enough to take 2 mates fishing. Would go offshore on a good day or go and hide up a shallow creek/estuary on a windy day. Big enough for an overnight trip. enough power to ski behind, but not enough to pull my fat arse out of the water on a single ski. but it came with compromises... being 5.3m i was limited in fuel range, not many boats in that size have significant tanks. being a half cab allowed me to do overnight trips or get out of the rain/sun, but it wasn't great for throwing lures around. having the cabin meant less deck space out the back for fishing. so basically, everything you do with a boat is about compromise and balance - trying to find the boat that does as much of the stuff you want it to. what's important to me in a boat may mean nothing to you so there is certainly no "one size fits all". so i guess spend a bit of time working out exactly what you want your boat for. this will narrow down your search to a few models and from a few manufacturers. do some research on the manufacturers, go and talk to a dealer and get them to put the boat in the water and take you for a run. continue narrowing down your short list until you know what boat is the best for you and then start the serious conversations about the overall package and price - and definitely hit up a few different dealers. a 400-500km drive to collect a new boat if you save $2K or something like that is still well worth saving. as far as pricing goes, any price for a big ticket item is open to negotiation in my eyes. they have their RRP which includes a margain, you have a budget. best for you to have more money in your budget and less in their magain. This could be through included options, upgraded engine, lower price etc. always best to approach these negotiations knowing what you want and having cash ready to go. good luck!
  3. benno573

    south queensland Whale Shark Video From Saturday.

    I didn't have the first time I jumped in. Actually jumped in on two occassions, the second time @Luvit pulled out a mask and snorkel so i was able to actually see a little better what i was filming and also what i was looking at. Made it a lot better all round. Fins would have made it even easier but I used the size 13's instead.
  4. benno573

    south queensland Offshore With Luvit In Luv-it

    We did keep the mac tuna. I personally don't eat them (I have tried, not really a fan), however, my housemate (pictured below) absolutely loves them.
  5. benno573

    south queensland Offshore With Luvit In Luv-it

    Definitely not. The last one was a boy, this one a girl.
  6. benno573

    nsw Fish I'd Plz

    Where have you been hiding?? good to hear from you!
  7. benno573

    nsw Fish I'd Plz

    i think another name for them is crescent perch - i will consult the grants guide tonight to confirm.
  8. benno573

    south queensland Offshore With Luvit In Luv-it

    it does indeed. sashimi yesterday afternoon and then some salt n pepper spanno last night. and some more for lunch today. trying to eat it all fresh - challenge accepted!
  9. benno573

    south queensland Offshore With Luvit In Luv-it

    sure was, just wide of brennans. 2nd one i have seen in the area. last one was right in close to the cape and came right up to the anchored boat - didn't jump in then as there was about 1.5kn of current, bit hard to swim against. pretty happy the mrs got me a go pro for my bday for this one though.
  10. benno573

    south queensland Offshore With Luvit In Luv-it

    I think a bit of both. The new paint job on the motor was great for making sure my hair looked good.
  11. Hi all, Headed out offshore with @Luvit Friday night and Saturday. Not the best day on the fishing front but still an epic day out that we'll both remember for some time. I'll let the video do the talking. Enjoy. Cheers, Benno <'><
  12. fine then, be like that! off kayaking i go!!
  13. looks good and i am free all day saturday... call me.
  14. Hope this helps, sorry for poor quality images but you should get the idea. Patterning is very arbitrary as there is so much variation but generally spotties have much more defined spots for the whole length of the body and schoolies generally have defined spots towards the tail. However, the only definitive way is the dorsal fin white patch. if it has one it is a schooly. if not, spotty. Schooly: Spotty: a 55cm schooly still yields a good fillet so it is well worth knowing the difference!
  15. benno573

    First Boat - Which One ?

    That stessl looks like a good package. Has everything you need, expect maybe a canopy for when you take the fam out for the day, easy enough to add one if you think you need it. Solid boat. Engine has some age on it but only 240 hours use so shouldn't be an issue. 75L tank will give you heaps of range. $11K is almost $5K... ticking a lot of boxes.