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  1. there used to be a massive population... and then they stocked it with barra. they are still there but very few and far between.
  2. Hey mate. Not a bad idea to do it all in reverse. Bungs in and add water carefully, keeping the underside dry at all times. Once you add a reasonable amount, any holes should become evident by looking for the wet spot underneath. but as lance said - start off replacing the bungs and see how you go there. Cheap and easy way to eliminate one likely cause. @aussie123 - not sure this method would work for pin holes in a tinny? If it does... I guess that’s just unfortunate.
  3. Honestly I was expecting worse... @aussie123 is completely correct - CRFF bag of 20 has been in place for a while, things like snapper, grassies, cobia, trag etc all continue to sit outside this limit so it certainly doesn't mean a total catch limit of 20 fish full stop. even off DI we need to keep track of CRFF totals - by the time you hit a patch of hussar, a bag of tuskies and a few moses perch or cod, a red throat, a GS wrasse and hopefully a red, trout or nanny, you're pretty much done. definitely helps keeping track of what goes in the box in a log book. Support changes in limits on crabs. Who really needs 20 muddies between two mates anyway? if you can eat 14 between you before they go off you are better than me! @Dinodadog - challenge accepted? 40 yellas in a day... i'd like to see that. definitely not a huge fan of increasing the bag limit on bass, especially for the WBB. i'd supporting 2 in stocked impoundments and 1 or even no take in the wild. @jon - certainly sounds like a big problem dividing a measly 8 snapper between mates. I mean it's a first world problem but a problem none-the-less! anyone have any thoughts around a possible future rec fishing licence like Vic or NSW with funds going back to restocking, buy out of commercial licences, FADS, research and maybe oyster reef projects? I'll go on record as saying I personally don't see it is a completely negative thing... and then i'll duck... the fact remains - those that break the current rules will continue to break the new ones and realistically, 99.5% of the time they are going to get away with it. it's like speeding - those that speed will continue to speed even if you change it from a 100 zone to a 90 zone and the majority of the time, they will get away with it. i would fully support more patrols and a much more visable presence of fisheries officers - i know this is unlikely to occur given $'s would be required to be invested.
  4. hate to see what true success looks like...
  5. yeah mate, we came home with 4 whiting and some bream and a tarwhine. missed out on the flatties, best went 39cm, all others were low-mid 30's. watching steve try and fight a fish on the ice rod is one of the funniest things i have seen on the water in a while - it seriously looks ridiculous in that setting. very very clear water on the incoming tide in the morning and quite a lot of weed around, not great conditions for the pin to fire but we still had an enjoyable day out. thanks @Old Scaley for the trip - look forward to doing it again soon.
  6. I have a tow car... and a tow ball... and a reckless sense of abandonment... i.e CALL ME Hope you get a few @Drop Bear, has been some good catches of diver whiting around of late.
  7. benno573

    Stay Safe

    3.3m tinny in 25-30kn in the bay... WHY?????
  8. 25-30kn, strong wind warning. I’m tapping out for an offshore trip at this point.
  9. Just troll everywhere you’re allowed to mate, you’ll get something. Beauty of sailing boats - they tend to travel at perfect trolling speed!!
  10. Whale sitting on the bottom? Looks like a top day out @Old Scaley, top marks to @tugger for taking yet another AFO deck is out for a ride. Did the spanish keep the boss happy Steve?
  11. 20-25 kn though mate... be careful out there, hope you get a few.
  12. Hi Andy, There is no real one answer as to where to go and what to use. You could go to heaps of places and try heaps of things and get very frustrated, snap your rod and end up taking up knitting! The easiest way to catch something is using bait like worms, prawns or a fillet bait (mullet is cheap and very effective). Fish simple rigs, smaller hooks and get some confidence in what you do. Even going to the Brissie river and catching the humble catfish will get a bend in your rod, albeit not a (good) feed on the plate. once you have some confidence, you will start to experiment with different rigs, baits, locations and even move up to lures and those sort of things, some of it will work, some of it you might look back on and go “what the eff was I thinking there”. It’s like most things in life - As you do it more, you’ll get better and more comfortable with what you are doing. as far as places to start, any of the beaches along the redcliffe area can hold fish, look for variations in the beach like gutters etc, try and fish when everyone else isn’t there - nights, early mornings, week days etc. you can also find heaps of spots along the Brisbane river, out near shorncliffe, the pine river and up around Bribie. Also plenty of spots on the sunny or Gold Coast if you are able to travel. i personally don’t measure the success of a trip by the number or size of the fish I catch. For me it is a relaxation, chance to unwind and a way to spend a bit of time shooting the ship with some mates. look forward to seeing some reports of your trips coming up mate!
  13. Hi all, The first instalment of the much anticipated 2 boat challenge occurred on Saturday. Rules were that you must remain within sledging distance at all times and a move of spots must be a consensus. Many different scoring options were touted and dutifully ignored on the day, the quality/quantity of the esky to be the determining factor. @Drop Bear and @Old Scaley were the skippers and providers of the 2 x boats, @ellicat and I were the lucky deckies. Straws were drawn at the ramp and team Quampie was Robbie and I, Bwian and Steve climbed aboard Steve’s nameless tinny and we aimed towards Mud Island, avoiding the exclusion zones around USS Wasp but appreciating all the cool toys on the deck – F-35’s, MV-22 Tilt rotor and a CH-53 Super Stallion chopper. Funnily enough, the Japanese ship moored just up the river had no exclusion zone and no police guard – it did have a couple of chinooks on deck though so that was pretty cool to see. After a failry smooth run across to Mud, we anchored up on the first spot and things were very quiet indeed, with just a few undersized snapper being boated. A move of about 300m netted immediate results with Steve first on the board that counts with a nice pan-size snapper of 38cm. Things continued to be quiet so we up anchors and moved to a totally different area. The new area was unfortunately similarly quiet, I got myself onto the scoreboard with a tusky just over legal, but it just wasn’t really happening. So we moved back to a similar area to where we had started as the sun started to head a bit lower. Things started positively after the move with some more reasonable sized pinkies coming aboard but things then quietened off again. Then after about an hour of tiny pinkies and trumpeter, a more substantial pull was felt on my line and a lovely 55cm flathead boated not long after. Steve was not to be outdone and shortly after landed a nice gold spot cod at 45cm. 2-2 at this point, sledging at an all time high. Team quampie then secretly pulled out the 80-grit sandpaper and a new supplement program supplied by Swimming Australia and kicked it into overdrive with a pan-size snapper and a cod of our own finding their way into the esky. Unfortunately as the tide slowed near the high, the bite dropped right off. During pack up Rob’s livie out the back went off in a big way with a decent bend in the heavier rod. We were hopeful of a finish on a high, however, the fishing gods had other ideas. One of the biggest green sea toads I’ve ever seen was landed and subsequently returned from whence it came with utter disgust and distain from all aboard. Slight sniggering could be heard from the other boat, what’s that saying they use at the footy… look at the scoreboard… All in all a very fun day out on the water, not a huge catch but good banter and copious amounts of BS with the occasional fish distracting everyone. Others will add photos – I neglected to take any! Further installments of the two boat challenge will hopefully be posted in coming weeks / months. Current scoreboard sits at Quampie 1 - Nameless - 0 Cheers, benno <’><
  14. indecent exposure charge? or were you referring to the celestial body?
  15. Can also stay at the wrecks campground too - but it’s generally pretty busy around there of course. See a lot of boats just chilling out on the sand down the south end of the island on the lower tides, in some spots there is over 100m of sandbank on low tide. Great place for flattie fishing though!