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  1. benno573

    Nrl 2019

    what odds do you think you would have got on tigers and eels top two after two rounds? not even @ellicat would have predicted that in his wildest dreams. although, come to think of it, i don't know that he worries about footy at all during his wildest dreams...
  2. @Old Scaley - my one useful contribution to this site and you steal my thunder...
  3. i hope if i am ever medically unfit to go fishing i get to go fishing as much as you are!
  4. unlike @kmcrosby78 though, @Luvit's report will likely contain some sort of fish... Kimberley trip sounds awesome mate. good news about it being in july is you have ample time to prep everything and buy more stuff than you could possibly need etc.
  5. interesting topic... having re-wired a yacht that included 2 x starting batteries and a deck of 4 house batteries as well as a wind generator and solar input, there are many many different versions of what is "right". we went with the "you should be able to charge everything from the engine if required" option which enabled the house batteries to be managed mostly by the wind/solar inputs, however, if a decent run under engine power was on the cards, the ability to switch to charging the house batteries once the starting batteries were completely topped up was a huge advantage. My personal preference in a more standard boat would be to have 2 good quality high spec hybrid batteries (i.e. starting and deep cycle) connected in parallel making a bank for both house and starting battery. If these were each 750-800 CCA and 120AH, this would give ample cranking to start any outboard, and plenty of capacity to run sounders, GPS, lights, fridge etc, as well as simple charging direct from any input of both batteries at all times. It's a simple appoach (from a simple person) but I personally feel the more bits and pieces you throw in there and expose to salt and corrosion the more that potentially could go wrong, leaving you unable to charge batteries or unable to select a specific battery. Other things I used to do was to regularly check the resistance of the cables and clean the terminals to ensure they are not corroding and power can transfer to/from the engine with miminal loss.
  6. always welcome in my boat mate - i reckon they eat very well. I just know @tugger is a complete anti-fan (he has been vocal about this in the past), hence I was surprised to see them in the box.
  7. only in the most inappropriate of ways i hope. now that you are at a point where you are happy, i guess the next thing is to get out and use it again and again and again!
  8. bummer about the technical issues mate. Looks alike a few good feeds there - amazed the yellow fish made it into your esky, i thought they were unwanted bycatch in your boat?
  9. Crazy mate... if you’re heading that far north might be worth putting in another hour or two in the car and launching from Gladstone or even yeppoon! Give you plenty more range in the boat to get more red fish. That nanny is a horse...
  10. Perfect result right there mate.
  11. young fella happy = successful trip! there are good fish there from time to time but especially on weekends it cops a lot of pressure. boat traffic is the enemy anywhere on the bay. there is isolcated ground right along the peninsular, would definitely be worth having a look around away from the main reef areas and finding some rubble/weed away from the crowds. This would definitely increase your odds of something a little more exciting for dad. I always found better results around mud island than up at scarborough. fish as light as you can, find some structure away from the other boats and use the freshest bait, western, northern and eastern sides are all worth a look. definitely works best on an incoming tide in the afternoon approaching dusk.
  12. Ray is grumpy... so what else is new? bummer about the snag fish. at the floats I assume?
  13. looks like a sailfish got it on with a barracuda. cool looking beastie though.
  14. Larakins perhaps? Mate always keen for a fish from estuary to offshore so if you would like some company or someone to share the costs with let me know. happy to share some spots locally around Bris as well. Some quality trout in that lot you got mate too - shame about the tax man though! glad you got out there amongst it.
  15. Only bad part is I am in a course tonight so will miss the whole game!