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  1. I had a brown about 1.5m long decide to join me on the kayak one day - I did not care for it. shame about the crabs but good to have a shake down in the new tub.
  2. If pain persists please consult your health care professional...
  3. should be easy to check the water temp with all the mercury around...
  4. I don't think it is about what you personally like @Breaming with bro and what you have caught on what reel and line class - @Kat asked for advice for a relative new comer (hope no offence is taken there kat - it is certainly not intended) and a 1000 size reel with 4-6lb line may be something you feel comfortable with, however, people with different experience levels may not feel comfortable using that equipment. I personally use 2500-3000 size reels for anything from 4lb up to 15lb, on rods from 1-3kg up to 4-6kg for general estuary/bay/beach fishing. I like the extra line capacity, extra drag capacity, castability and generally higher gear ratios of the larger reels. I do have some 1000 size reels that i use exclusively for flicking plastics, however, as an all rounder the 2500 size is generally more versatile and will likely match up with the rod Kat mentioned better.
  5. I’d look at a sienna 2500, throw some 10lb line on it and that will do you perfectly well. Then use the remaining $44 from your budget to buy a couple of bottles of wine or similar. Every kid gets a prize!
  6. benno573

    giveaway Giveaways

    Sounds like they might be the kind of people who are moist and warm on the inside if you get my drift... hopefully insurance came through and you got some reasonable replacements.
  7. benno573

    giveaway Giveaways

    You had a PlayStation in your boat??? But on a serious note... that sucks dude.
  8. and here i was thinking this was a post about a new pain management strategy... cracking session - 60+ fish landbased is awesome, well worth the walk and subsequent recovery down time.
  9. I did try... i landed fish from 5 categories. I didn’t get to posting an entry because of the below: - biggest flathead 34cm - biggest whiting 31cm - biggest bream 31cm - biggest trevally 24cm - biggest mulloway about 30cm So... long story short... I need the next comp to line up with a planned trip to Moreton.
  10. taught them everything during my southside days.....
  11. For all fish - follow lateral line along body, spot to spike approx 1/2 way between end of lateral line and center of eye. I use a sharp short pocket knife on the kayak, the wider blade affords some minor inaccuracy in location as well. Exception to this rule is flathead... they are difficult.
  12. Way ahead of you here... totally all over this one mate...
  13. +1 for scarborough. two ramps in the boat harbour, both are great. there's also what was a good ramp at pelican park, haven't used it for ages so can't comment on what it is currently like. theres a decent ramp just upstream of the marina in cabbage tree creek but havent' tried it with anything other than my kayak. Spinnaker sound is also a great ramp, albeit a bit further north.
  14. yeah looking back i am not sure what we were thinking there. seemed like a good idea at the time! one good thing is at 5 months they are unlikely to head off exploring on their own and not be exactly where you left them. trying to sneak out of the tent in the middle of the night for a leak without waking the bub was an interesting challenge. but otherwise - it really wasn't as bad as you might think - just pick up existing routine and move to different location really. it's also really interesting watching someone else experience things for the first time. she absolutely loved it, hoping for more of the same next trip. but with more and bigger fish for me.
  15. You’re welcome princess... only 5 weeks until my next trip back there too... can’t f’in wait!