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  1. UPDATE; I tried Bli Bli quite a few times before and over the Christmas period with no luck, using all the tips from the thread. Yesterday a friend and I decided to drive to pine river as I’ve heard it has a reputation for small bull sharks, and we weren’t disappointed. We only caught one small shark but it gave a great run on our light gear. Location; Deep water bend - Pine river Bait; Fresh water eel Had great fun and we’ll surely be back soon, perhaps a bit higher in the system. Thanks for all the advice guys!! (photo attached)
  2. We find the biggest problem is rebaiting mullet in Maroochy river, the crabs are onto it within no time. I’ll definitely get my hands on some eel. I recently bought a shimano bait runner which has the quick strike feature if you’re familiar with the reel. It’s worked perfectly so far, and allowed me to hook my small bullie with ease. I leave almost no resistance when the line is in free spool mode. Is twin waters your regular bull shark spot?
  3. Hi first of all thank you so much for the advice, and I’ll be sure to post any catches/information when I head out on Saturday. I think I’ll head up to Bli Bli with some live bait and some fresh water eel also. Does anyone know the closest shop to caloundra I can purchase fresh water eel from if I don’t catch any myself? I use 12” pre-made trace from BCF, although I’ve often wondered if this is too short? Do you guys chum the water when you fish for shark? I saw a few anglers using BCF chum “blocks” at the rock wall in Mooloolaba on my last trip. Is this effective for bull shark in the rivers? Thanks again.
  4. Hey guys, Me and a couple of friends have recently been trying to target small shark in the Sunshine Coast area. I live in Caloundra and have tried the pumestone passage numerous times, as well as moorochy River, and Mooloolaba River. My set up is simple, 30lb braid, wire trace, circle hook. Bait we try to switch up, mullet trunks, eel and when we have time live bait (poddie mullet). Over the past 6 weekends of fishing we have only been successfull once, catching a small bull shark in moorochy river. So my questions are; Does anyone know of the best place in Caloundra for catching small shark? Does anyone know of the best bait to use? Does anyone know the best location to catch mullet using a cast net in Caloundra? I would appreciate any help, and I thank you in advance. Zak.
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