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  1. Not a worry. Will do for sure.
  2. Thanks Fesser. I’ll give what I’ve got a crack and hopefully get a feel for what I need, and don’t need, for the next time I’m out. Thanks very much for the info. Very much appreciated. Regards Pat
  3. Thanks very much Jon. I’m hoping to get out there on Thursday (18/4/19) to catch a feed for Good Friday. At the moment, the wind looks like it is getting up so hopefully it will change. Regards Pat
  4. Thanks for the info Drop Bear. I bought two ‘fish candy’ Squid jigs (on special) at the 4x4 expo so hopefully they aren’t too bad. I think I’ll just get the kids out and give it a crack, and stop over thinking it. If all else fails, I’ll take the kids for a swim at Peel Island. So really, I can’t go wrong. Thanks again Drop Bear. I’ll be sure to let you know how it all goes. Regards Pat
  5. Hi All. Probably been asked before but was wondering if anyone could give me any info on catching Squid around Raby Bay. Never fished for them before but bought a couple of jigs last week so I could give it a crack. I was hoping to take the family out for the day while it was school holidays. The sound of fresh salt and pepper Squid sounds sensational. Any info and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. Regards Pat
  6. Pattyb

    Wind Speeds

    Thanks very much men. Good to know everything I can. Hopefully I’ll get out soon over the Christmas break and everything aligne’s to have a good day or night.
  7. Pattyb


  8. Pattyb

    Wind Speeds

    Thanks for the info Panther. Much appreciated. i ended up going out on Friday morning. It wasn’t the best conditions but fishable. I hadn’t been out there before and ended up doing a bit of exploring around Peel Island to Horseshoe Bay- very nice. Can’t wait to take the family out for the day. Although I only caught a little shark all day, it was bloody good to be out and about. I will definitely be back for more fishing and definitely a better look around. Thanks again Panther. All the best for Sunday.. Pat
  9. Pattyb

    Wind Speeds

    Hi. i am new to boating and am going to go for a fish at Raby Bay between the VMR and Peel Island. The wind, a WSW, is forecast to reach 12-14 knots. I will be in a 4.4 metre Stessl Apache Pro with a 40hp tiller steer. Will this wind cause the bay to be too rough and uncomfortable to fish in? Im interested in everyone’s thoughts and any info about the Bay that might help me in the future. Thanks in advance Pat
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