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    love fishing,at UQ studying 3rd year civil engineering.
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    fishing, camping, sports
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    ecogear sx40
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    yakkas, slimy mackeral
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    14 kg wahoo


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    Formosa 5.2m
  1. Mack_attack


  2. I think you're cutting it pretty fine, Although it looks like you're just out of it.
  3. Nice session khoi, well done on the quick release of the GH sometimes they can take a while to get right after a longish fight
  4. Good work guys some great fish there. Tugger have you ever tried jigging there or is it too shallow?
  5. Saw a large humpback out at harries two weeks ago, couldn't believe it.
  6. great fish angus, haven't seen one that big caught landbased at boggy
  7. I personally run the opposite of what you've been told. I prefer a stiffer tipped rod when working plastics so that every lift of the rod is transmitted to the plastic and is easier to set the hook when you've got a slack line in between lifts. The hooks are usually bigger with plastics than HBs so require more force to set, a soft tipped rod folds over here. When using harbody lures the hooks are usually smaller meaning they can pull out easier hence why I use a softer tipped rod and since you are usually in direct contact with the lure the softer tipped rod comes in handy to absorb a little of the strike meaning less pulled hooks.
  8. Have a look at a daiwa emblem pro 5500A about 300 good for spinning lures and casts really well.
  9. Great fish guys and nice work on the releases, just means there's more for the future.