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    triathlon often gets in the way of my fishing!
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  1. yoyo


  2. I'm considering selling my Hobie Mirage Sport, it's hasn't been in the water for 3 years now for various reasons.
  3. Yeh i bet it is sunline PE. Is it really soft ? I had that for a while and it gave me loose bowels. Having used all manner of braids the best one i always come back to for light luring is Fireline. Yes yes i know, not exactly a choice loaded with panache but i just like the feel and casting reliability of the fireline in light strains. On my heavier rods i tend to use others (10lb+)
  4. Im happy for it to be a full day if you like guys. Only an extra $50pp i think (for the xtra 2hrs). If conditions are good that would give us extra time on the deep wrecks out wide for the kingies and aj's
  5. Hey liz, Id actually rmailed smithy yesterday to organise something and he mentioned u and kreel had the 19th for 2 so far. You can count me in !
  6. Hey guys, Well i havent been doing any fishing at all since I last checked in here, BUT I have a trip planned! Heading over to Hawaii on holidays in October and have booked in a day on this badboy on the Big Island - />http://www.firehattsportfishing.com/ SLIGHTLY excited !!!
  7. Yes sportsfans its been a while, but im back! sort of........ Cant even remember the last time i wet a line, but will be out there tomorrow morning in the Hobie, looing to work the flats between manly nd wynnum or flatties, whiting, bream and maybe even tailor if they show up on the high tide.... Might see some out there...
  8. yoyo


    Well..... A 'mack tuna' is a member of the tuna family, and all the rest u mentioned, plus others, r all members of the mackeral family.
  9. Hey guys, The title is pretty self explanatory - anyone thats fished down at kingscliff that can give me info/tips on yak launch options ? Thanx Yy
  10. i want to meet that guy who gets 10kg GTs and 5kg jacks in the lagoon down at palmie!
  11. this is awesome !! put me down for next year.
  12. yoyo

    No Fish

    I find that you get these lulls in catching decent fish, been thru one myself the past month or so. Pretty frustrating but soon enough you get back into form and the keepers start rolling in.