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  2. aaaah crap don't get me started! The last couple of times ive been out a few surprising things have happened! 1. Jet Ski scum fly past within a metre of our boat, 2.5 year old on board fell over from wake. I pulled anchor and moved to a different spot upriver only to find the said Jet Ski scum stranded as he has sucked in a commercial crabbers crab pot rope into his intake!! wooohoooo! I pulled up next to him and said believe in Karma!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. Jet Ski lice doing dognuts at the Jindalee boat ramp pontoon - im just about to blow my stack when low and behold an off duty copper who's beautiful Bluefin 4.5 is slamming into the pontoon has some serious words with the scum! 3. Coochin Creek - Two Jet Ski lice come flying around the corner, but to my surprise one holds up his arm buttons right off and stops then putters past us, super considerate. why....cause he had rods on the back and was a fisherman. Most go in for a lobotomy when they get the test!
  3. I think Terry's comment about retrieving the spinnerbait as slow as possible ring true with my experience with them. Often I have had bass thump but not hook up surprisingly and a small pause see them come back and smack the spinnerbait. Most spinnerbaits come with a trailing hook and I pretty much buy Bassman spinnerbaits , they seem to be really well made. The other thing I love about spinnerbaits is they don't really snag up to easily like Terry mentioned. Sometimes my casting is deadly accurate but some days when I am bleary eyed from getting up at 4am to chase bass and my casting is up the creek, spinnerbaits give you that confidance that you can cast heavy into structure and 9times out of 10 you will get the lure out no issues, same goes for weedless hook set ups with plastics and beatle spins, you fish with confidance. a lesson I have learnt over time when loosing a few spinnerbaits is retie the leader knot every so often, because the weight of them they are heavy on knots and I have had them fly off whilst using lighter leaders say 6-10lb, if your using 20 shouldn't be an issue. Good luck and keep casting!
  4. Just a minor detail but check that your nav lights are correctly set up correctly as it looks like they are mounted on the "curve" of the bow (might not be the case). The ruling is that they have to be on the straight section and the light can not overlap each other in any way when looking at the boat head on. I got pinged on a brand new Formosa at the mouth of the river by the water coppers. Also make sure your white all round light is higher that your bimini when up! they ping you for that too. Rules hey.,......... Great looking boat well done!!!
  5. Hi Novak I live at Mt ommaney and know the area really well, the issue we have around the Jindalee area is the current, however I have heard of a few in the know who have caught big jewies and thready's up this way. I personally head way up into he fresh chasing bass but occasionally I head out on the slack tides to have a flick resulting in the odd flattie. Live bait will get you bullies and thready's but you will need lots time inthe water it's a big body of water.
  6. Hi Korny Bluefin are a good boat, I had a long look at them at the boat show and took a ride in one at the GC, however my budget couldn't dictate the 20+k price tag. their build quality and warranty looks very good. Also have a look at the Formosa range, I had the 5.2 CC and the service was excellent! Then I took a ride in a CrossxCounty boat and I was blown away by the ride. I bought a 4.1 with a 25 4 stroke Yammy which is perfect for me because I mainly fish alone. Chrisso's 4.3 (happy hooker) with the Suzi 40 is insane, the ride is miles ahead of any plate or tinnie boat. My mate Brian who is a hard core boatie and when he had a look at mine he turned his noes up at it at first....he is diplomatic like that. Then he had a ride in it and was blown away my the ride. The only downside to owning a fibreglass boat in my eyes is that you need to be a little more careful pulling up to boat ramps, river banks and or beaches. Also loading on and of the trailer is another area where you wantt o be a little more carefull but these are just small things that I can live with. Im not a fan of side consoles but in truth any boat in side cross slop wind and you will get wet, I opted for the good old tiller stear. Just throwing it out there as an alternitive, go for a ride in a crossxcountry and spec it against the bluefin, I think you will find that the Crossxcountry might be a tinny more expensive but for the ride you get I am happy to pay the extra. My 2 cents Bryan
  7. Hey guys Just putting it out there I will be there with my family along with the happy hooker ( Chris and his family) and possibly Surfingant ( if he ever stops sooking about us staying at the deer park ) from the 3-5th of Jan. I called the deer park yesterday and the lady said to me that that weekend is actually their quieter weekend and that I could just turn up and pick a spot! I have reserved three powered sites so if that works then feel free to pull in. It's only a short hop to the dam and the kiddies get to play with bambie!!! If that's too soon for everyone hell ill happily get back up the as an excuse to fish the dam!! My condolences for your loss, remember the fallen, we will raise our glasses and give those wonderful people at the hospital some much needed support. Cheers Bryan
  8. Check out the Korr lighting range, I spotted a build in the qld fishing monthly that fitted one up and it rocked!
  9. Mate the key I think with Milk Fish is using the Gamagatzu size 2 hook! The guy at the tackle shop said because the Milk fish are a plant eating fish they will spit anything that doesn't taste like plant. I would use 10-15lb flurocarbon, keep the line nice a tight. I had about 6 missed strikes and a couple spat the hooks but when I hooked one I got him right in the roof of his mouth and it stuck, wait 2 seconds and strike. I have to get a milk fish again sometime in my lifetime what a rush! Aparently there are a few really good black jewy spots in the harbour too.
  10. Mate Great catch! Have a crack at the Milk Fish just south of the fish feeding centre. About 100 yards past the no fishing zone, you have to scale down a rope to get to the spot. Take 3 loafs of very fresh white bread, on first light start burleying up and they will arrive. Use bream gear and a unweighted size 2 Gamagatzu hook, pack the fresh bread around the hook and cast it out and tease the milk fish. They are a quite hard to hook, if they feel that hook they will spit it so get ready to strike. Boy when you hook up and hang on! Pound for pound the best fighting fish I have ever caught! Oh by the way, use 15kg+ leader as they tend to bounce you off the rocks a bit! Also....stand a bit back from the water because there are crocs in the Darwin Harbour, if you find the spot I am talking about there is a nice high clump of rocks that you can stand back from the water...remember crocs can launch very far out the water so just be very alert when fighting the fish. Give it a crack!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Interesting catch ! I was out on Sunday morning for a spin in the boat I can't stand the kinda lee boat ramp on the weekends between the jet ski idiots and the ski boats I am not sure who is worse. They have no regard for creating a wake that slams other boats into the pontoon I bet your daughter was stoked!! K
  12. Kris I take it you only used the Leccy? When are we alowed to fire up the outboards? I am planning a weekend at Borumba on the weekend after New Years 3rd -6th of Jan. Anyone keen?
  13. Hi Dino Ive had a few Hobies now and I agree the origibal seat always irritated me with the plugs that supposed to hold the seat in pop out and I found myself slipping down all the time aswell. The sailing rudder and turbo fins make a massive difference and I think they should be standard on all hobies. The outback is by far the most veristile Hobie so well done on the new purchase! If I get another Hobie it will be a tough decision between that and a Revo....
  14. Ahahahaa Ant your a funny bastard! I've been out on my new stink boat too much so my casting was a bit wayward but I still had a ball! I ended up getting 2 bass and two catty's all on 1 lure a small chubby.....I then got smoked by a fish cause I had my drag set too weak so lost the fish and chubby. Now Ant is not describing his injury truthfully! First off he barley nicked himself but it was more the position of the hook....if it had been three inches to the right poor Ant would not be having any kids!! So there he is legs splayed in each direction like a woman giving birth squealing for me to crush the barb!!!! Bwahahhaha, I felt like a gynaecologist doing surgery to get it out....not a good look!! Bwahahhaha priceless!! Great to see you again ya big hunk of Sicilian joy!! I hope you return the favour one day.
  15. You boys having any super specials for Christmas on Jaeger's? I need to put in my order from Santa and she has deeeeeeeeeep pockets! Batty