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  1. Lance is now half robot. Age does not matter anymore. Remember not to swallow a mouth full of salt water Lance... Zaaaaap. Good luck tomorrow boys! This wind has finally gone. Ekka must be close.
  2. Hey Gary. Photos didn't work. Bloody computers! I am sure if the prop was un balanced you'd feel it. I've had one prop like this. If you can't feel vibrations, I'd say you're safe. Still get it fixed though. Props places, depending on damage can fix for you.
  3. Tcurve 400 by far the best rod. Second choice would be shimano backbone series. Just dont get the roller tip.
  4. You coming up Lance? Spoke to brad... 6 weeks... sure caught up with me. Will have to do a roll call and see what numbers we got. Luke? Drop Bear?
  5. See if u can do a deal. Ill get 50kg...
  6. Ill grab a few kgs of pillies... Mullet is what I find myself going through a lot off. Next weekend Ill look at buying. My bait guy can also get slimies shipped up, so was thinking 15kg or so of them too.
  7. Ill be getting near 50kg of mullet fillets brad. Hopefully go offshore here and collect bait too.
  8. That's a great price mate. How do they hold up against Bar Cod or Blue Eyes?
  9. Come up for the week Tugger. :-)
  10. Txted address to you mate.
  11. Great news Brad. You booked the unit now? Saw your wife this AM but forgot to ask if it was booked yet. Shapping up to have a few of us ferets there. Will be great. This will be my last year. We're going to tackle Stanage for 2 weeks next year, Swains is my goal.
  12. I have had the whales come up to the reef fringes I was anchored in at Musgrave one night. So close I was on the bow ready to cut my anchor rope. In my 4 years fishing up there, this has been my only night time encounter with the pests.
  13. Been a killer Snapper season, that's for sure. I can't wait to hit the area again. We have the moon worked out now so next trip can be more day time focused.
  14. Good news Wayne. Will always be a spot. Least if I have you and Luke staying we can fit 3 in a room as I assume you'll share a bed?
  15. They were bled mate. Cheech and Chong kept those fish. The Finger mark were all decent. I forgot how much of a fight the big ones put up.