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  1. Fourby And Fishing Get Together Cancelled

    Good. I won't bother locking my hubs this trip.
  2. Fourby And Fishing Get Together Cancelled

    Got that covered. I'll even supply my own snatch strap.
  3. Fourby And Fishing Get Together Cancelled

    I'm in ellicat. I'll need Lances help to snatch the troll when she gets stuck!
  4. New Trailer Time

    Long story short, time to replace my trailer. End of December I found what I was looking for. Bought a second hand Redco Sportsman which needed two new crossmembers. I got these replaced and upgraded the suspension from slipper to rocker load sharing. Let me introduce the Stanage slayer! If anyone is chasing an old trailer cheap, I'll be selling the Brooker (with new crossmembers) soon.
  5. Got your glasses on old man? You're behind Terry.
  6. Hello

    Definately the goal Ellicat.
  7. Hello

    Guess whos back... Sorry for being so quiet. General life issues. Haven't fished since 1770. Got boat wet on weekend. Such a good feeling. Also last trip for my Brooker. Two snapped crossmembers. Bought Redco Sportsman in December. Doing mods for my June Stanage trip, will be ready this week.
  8. Straddie

    Look for house that comes with tractor for beach launching! Then you can keep your big boat, it's got good mojo.
  9. fishing Small Lies

    Totally understand the chase. Patience and time Luvit!
  10. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    If it's like that... Lance's new truck needs a test run with a load...
  11. fishing Small Lies

    Just a different idea. If you use the P66 at speed and not the chirp, is a change of positions on the cards?
  12. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    You'll always have a spot on my boat Brad.
  13. fishing Small Lies

    That's annoying. I wouldn't try either as the job has to be perfect for a good reading. Are you trying closer to the motor?