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  1. demarc

    Boating Books

    The first book is on my kindle however the handbook is hard back. Happy to lend. ☺ No hits on boat just yet. Ad expires on 19th and after that I'll keep her. Looking real good after the detail.
  2. demarc

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    Had the same policy at Stanage when we played in creeks in the small tin can. I'm allergic to crocs.
  3. demarc

    Boating Books

    While I was reading up on some american boats recently I stumbled across two threads where a person replying quoted a must have book. One was in regards to the inner workings of a boat and the other was for handling a boat. I read a few reviews which were really positive so I took the plunge. The first book is Capmans piloting hand book. This is the book that motivated me to post this thread. Here is some info on it. I am only 20% or so in but what I have read has taught me a lot. I can't rate it enough. The other book I purchased was the Boat Owners Mechanical and Electrical handbook. I haven't started this one yet but have high hopes!
  4. I'll be in Sydney for this one Tugger. Let's hope the fish are on the chew!
  5. demarc

    Trim Tabs + Squid Lights

    You're an ideas man. I'll take 10. Huehuehue
  6. demarc

    Trim Tabs + Squid Lights

    Our anchorage will soon be a disco Brad. I'll order the disco ball next for the hardtop. ☺
  7. demarc

    Big Yella

    Username checks out... ☺
  8. demarc

    Big Yella

    Any tips where I can find live bait for such a best Ray? ☺
  9. demarc

    south queensland Sunday Arvo Bay Snapper Session 8/7/18

    Nice Snapper mate!!!!
  10. demarc

    Getting Ready For The Cape York Trip

    Looks awesome!
  11. demarc

    Trim Tabs + Squid Lights

    Hopefully soon. Really keen for a 1770 double over nighter now. If boat doesn't sell, there are only a few things left on my list, Radar and Anchor winch.
  12. Private huts. The old fellas who runs the "Green" one do let local clubs and schools use it occasionally.
  13. demarc

    Trim Tabs + Squid Lights

    Got the Squid lights all hooked up. Also took the chance to mount the new 18w deck lights properly.
  14. demarc

    Bucket List Fish

    I got 16th off work, good chance to test the tabs... ☺
  15. demarc

    Bucket List Fish

    Funny you mention this. The detailer that is doing my boat fishes with that guy at the Redy Bay comp. He told me how it does it just this AM... I won't share that info here, but if you PM me Junky...