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  1. Straddie

    Look for house that comes with tractor for beach launching! Then you can keep your big boat, it's got good mojo.
  2. fishing Small Lies

    Totally understand the chase. Patience and time Luvit!
  3. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    If it's like that... Lance's new truck needs a test run with a load...
  4. fishing Small Lies

    Just a different idea. If you use the P66 at speed and not the chirp, is a change of positions on the cards?
  5. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    You'll always have a spot on my boat Brad.
  6. fishing Small Lies

    That's annoying. I wouldn't try either as the job has to be perfect for a good reading. Are you trying closer to the motor?
  7. south queensland Offshore Thursday - report added

    Great read mate. In my books you're doing very well. Those Dollies are a good size. I've found the Catherdrals to be very hit and miss myself. Only random Snaps and Pearlies. Middle reef on the other hand has been really rewarding for reefies lately, anchor and burley there next time its quiet and you'll be rewarded. Always have a floater out there!!
  8. fishing Small Lies

    How did testing go? Maybe time to test wet box idea as well? There was a thread on Ausfish saying you can skip wet box if not chirp and silicon directly to inside of hull as long as you ensure no air bubbles are present. No over heating issues for a 600watt apparently. If you can avoid mounting on top of the chirp, I think they might not interfere if on different frequencies. My 1kw and 600watt are only 30cms apart, if that, with no interference that I can notice and they both run on 200 freq.
  9. south queensland Wanderers Do 1770

    Auscrab boys have a breaksea trip in November too!
  10. victoria Crazy Looking Um... Whiting???

    That happens to them after a tab of lsd...
  11. south queensland NPD Still Going Off.

    Busy boat you got there Ray! Well done on the good day. I'll need a 12 hour session to match your catch rate.
  12. north queensland Late But Better Than Never,,,,

    Sure are some big Muddies. Looks like you got the photos sorted! Where did you drop the pots in?
  13. Well done boys. Beats a day in the office!
  14. south queensland My Weekend

    Awesome time man! Well done. Bream look decent!!
  15. Big Brown

    Won't hear this often, but that's a thick snake!