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  1. jmac


  2. Haven't been on site for some time. Just got the email and made the payment. Should be in account over night.
  3. jmac

    Question of price

    caelen wrote: P.S. Im checking out the Westside marine closing down Auction on Thursday so any tips before then would be appreciated
  4. jmac

    Goldie as promised

    Heh Brian that is good looking water. Would you mind telling me where you launched from? Thanks
  5. jmac

    Show us your Dogs

    pcsolutionman wrote: He is really a very good dog and the worst thing he does is that I usually let the dogs follow me out to the front of the house and they just walk around but sometimes I will see him eyeing off the other side of the road, then look at the distance between us, knowing he is not allowed but then bolting. Doesn't go anywhere besides across the road but that is bad enough. I used to take them both to some bushland near my house and let them off the leash and run through it. Once I let him off and he did not come back, probably couldn't keep up with the shephard and she left him behind (so much for looking after the little one). Anyway I went looking for him but in the end he made his way back to where I let him off and then didn't find me there so went and sat by the car. Don't take them there anymore as the last few times they have been taking longer and longer to get back...making me worry.
  6. jmac

    Show us your Dogs

    ellicat wrote: Here's one with them posing a bit better. [img size=494]
  7. jmac

    Show us your Dogs

    . [img size=500]
  8. jmac

    Show us your Dogs

    Here are my two dogs (Jade & Billy) having a swim and play on the Upper Brisbane River
  9. I'm in. Just need to remember to tip now.
  10. Just remembered I had to get back to you Savage about my availablity...which is that I am not available....damm...hopefully next time....looks like you have a full boat anyway. Hope you have a great day. PS. Voting means the council elections are on this Saturday and if I was you I would go and vote tomorrow if you can.
  11. Sounds great. I am interested...but will know if I can make it next week.
  12. Well done Dan and Kevin. Did better then my friend Kevin and I did practically nothing at the Brisbane river mouth....bit windy too. That tweed sounds good....thinking about going somewhere over easter and might have to check the tweed out.
  13. Added some more details. Is this what you were referring to Dan?
  14. The details I read was from the page that is displayed when selecting Fish of the Month from the menu under Fishing. I have pasted a bit of it below. As it mentions that you can show it (preferably next to something to gauge scale i a ruler or your hand) I thought I might as well post it. If someone else has one with better proof then me then so be it. I enjoyed catching it and anything else is a bonus. Kids had fun as well. "To be eligible for the prize, you will need photographic proof taken on the day of the catch showing the whole fish (preferably next to something to gauge scale i a ruler or your hand), as well as a photo of the angler with the fish. You will be able to capture all of this in one photo generally but with some of the larger species you may need to take a couple, one showing the whole fish and one showing the angler with the fish, although in this shot the fish does not have to be shown in full (ie for large fish that are not taken out of the water) "
  15. Can you point me to it. I was not going to post it initially but I read a post and thought it would be OK