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  1. are you still selling those rods?
    If yes, then do you deliver in Adelaide?

    1. Sparksie



      Nar they are sold.


  2. Sparksie


  3. Haven't seen a report for Boggy Creek for ages! Few nice flat chaps there. Glad the kids had some fun.
  4. Few items for sale Jarvis Walker 12 foot surf rod. Line class 5 - 12Kg. No lure weight listed on it $10 Shakespeare Surf Rod 12 foot 'Contender' surf rod. No lure weight listed Action: Medium Heavy. $20 Penn Powerstick 5-20 gram lure weight Line class - 3-5kg Action light - good for whiting. Length 2 metre $15 All 3 of them gathering dust.
  5. I'm glad I did a post looking at all the comments. Looks like it got some reflective thinking going on fishing in the Briso River and how the fishing was from another time. Thanks for sharing.
  6. As Dino says, fish when you can. Had 2 hours to kill whilst the women in my life were at the Firebirds pre-season game at St Lucia Saturday just past. Relaxing time along Sir William Macgregor Drive. Not sure if your actually allowed to fish along there, but didn’t get hassled. Pics are each way, down stream and up stream. All wrong in terms of tides etc. with bottom of the outgoing. The usual million Catfish, few undersize Bream and 3 of these little fellas, someone correct me if I’m wrong – Putty Nose Perch I think. Took a snap of this one, nice gold colour. 1st time I’ve caught any. Beat mowing for the arvo, that’s for sure.
  8. Hi D B I took possession limit on Bass home to drop in the pan. After that it was all fun and return. Very lucky to get out with Ray, others might get the same chance.
  9. Thanks for the trip Ray, yeah did well on the weather and did very well on the dam. The forkies were all part of the plan to take the count past 150. I was a bit dorky though Old Scaley, was baiting the shrimp like saltwater prawns. Nice Yella Ray, closed it out in the last 30 minutes there with a good fish. Thanks for a relaxing Sundee morning.
  10. All systems go here. Will BYO some tucker, banana free. See you at the gate Ray.
  11. Hi D B Bracken Ridge. Large one sold.
  12. Talk Saturday as discussed. Cheers for the call Wayne. Glenn
  13. Hi Ray Keen. Would luv to nab a spot. Looks like packing a raincoat is sensible. 6am at the gate or something? Can I bring some smoko to share? Thanks Glenn
  14. Reef anchors for sale. 3 in total. One used. Other 2 are unused. Large would suit boat 4.5 to 6 metres. Smaller reef anchors suits 3.5 to 4.5 metres. Large - $10 Small - $5 Used - $3 PM or phone 0417 605 168.