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  1. Hi All, I recently moved to a new place which has gas heater, I wanted to know how much it would cost to have it running all year long between warm and hot temperature. Its a Dux ProFlo 2006 model with energy efficiency of 3 out of 6 stars Cheers!! )
  2. hahaha, sorry mate I was busy with moving to a new place, just logged back in. Yeah, I remember you owe me like a $1000, I can settle for a $100 though....
  3. Sup All! I am thinking about applying for a NBN connection, all the companies I have searched have bad reviews (optus, belong, vodafone) etc etc. Does anyone has any suggestions which provider to choose?
  4. are you still selling those rods?
    If yes, then do you deliver in Adelaide?

    1. Sparksie



      Nar they are sold.


  5. + 1 for winters.. Even during summers, it can get very cold.. My winter clothes are never packed Which boat do you have?
  6. Help me find job in IT in QLD.. I will move...
  7. hmmm, its def easier than drone if loading is easier..
  8. I was referring to these boats I found on gumtree 2000 Clayton Marine Tridant 4.2 And this Boat Center console boat stejcraft 15ft half cab boat
  9. lol... I mean, I wanted advice on these boats on gumtree...
  10. this is very tiresome and takes time to fill up the pressure and not at all successful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOqYZwoHRNU
  11. Another question, how old is too old for a boat? Like these 2000 Clayton Marine Tridant 4.2 And this Boat Center console boat stejcraft 15ft half cab boat @Drop Bear @Luvit where are thee?
  12. You have a point. I totally get it. Yeah.. I have to work.. and with the points you highlighted. I will have to think about this through.. I can totally relate to your advice .. I buy few things then after some usage it stays unused, and with a boat lying in my garage... it won't be a good sight. I doubt there are many rivers in Adelaide, and whether I will like going there since I live close to beach.