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    I am a music teacher. I love fishing and 4wding.
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    Musician / teacher


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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing
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    Mangrove Jack
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    80cm Flattie, 35cm Bream, 1.5m Shovel Nose Shark.

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  1. natang

    south queensland Catching Freshwater Eel

    Mate just go to any freshwater creek with some servo prawns or some whitebait and you will catch and eel. They are everywhere. Only problem is once you catch one you need to retie your knot and cut all the slimy line off. Good luck!
  2. natang

    Javis Walker Mansfield, Black Queen And Bonnie Doon

    I remember fishing wiht my grandads Black Queen, awesome bream and whiting rod with so much flex in it.... How much are you chasing for the Black Queen and ave you got pics?
  3. natang

    Luvit's boat improvements

    What a hot looking boat now!
  4. natang

    Moogerah Dam Social

    Looks amazing! UP here in Yeppoon it's a lovely stinking hot day. Wish I was there meeting all you lads finally!
  5. natang


    Mate I am a bit bigger then you and I have a Daiwa one that came with a rod but also have one for m BCF that fits fine...... Just stretch a little then put on noggin.
  6. natang


  7. natang

    south queensland Pussy Hunting

    I can work it out......
  8. natang


    I use a wide brim hat, face mask, wide sunnies, long sleeve shirt and spray on banana boat, mutagena ( spelling not sure its a yellow tin spray on and is awesome!) then usually barefooted or wearing crocs....Yes I like like a twat but I don't get too burnt compared to when I was a kid and being bloody reckless now looking back on it!
  9. natang

    south queensland Pussy Hunting

    Is that New farm park? I never thought t fish in Brissie river too much. Although I have read articles of big bullies and Jew being caught between Norman Park and University of Qld.
  10. natang

    south queensland Pussy Hunting

    Some nice pussy hunting there boys! Ellicat you look impressed with your catch!
  11. natang

    south queensland Greater Keppel Island Advice

    Sorry didn't answer your question. There is a tour boat from Emu Park and also one from the Marina Just south of Yeppoon not sure what it's called sorry.
  12. natang

    south queensland Greater Keppel Island Advice

    Mate at present I have been here for 2 weeks and I own a 470sf Haines boat and I wouldn't dare go out in this up here. Today I drove to Rocky and my 80 was being blown all over the highway...... ITs ****ed! I'm gonna try my luck at the Causeway this weekend as the beaches are so rough it's pointless!
  13. natang

    south queensland Greater Keppel Island Advice

    Hey mate, I have just moved to Yeppoon for 10 weeks and the weather for the last week has been bloody awful. Beautiful sunny days however the wind is very strong like more then 20knots every day so far. I was talking to a guy who has a 6m boat the other day and he said he hasn't been out for nearly 3 months due to the wind. Maybe just look into long range forecasts if there is any available for the wind. I've done a little bit of beach fishing since being here however haven't even had a bite or a bump on metal slugs..
  14. natang

    Dakar 2019

    Bloody tennis brats are certainly taking all the limelight off the young ones doing well at present with their snide comments to make reporters focus on them...
  15. natang

    south queensland Where To Go?

    What a beautiful spot.. I have been fishing Bribie since I was a teenager and I used to love sitting on the wall out front of Cornetts store and watching sunset over the Glasshouse as I have got older the camping and 4wding is amazing and I still love the place. Great fishing and amazing people. I will add this campsite as I have never been before. I am thinking of trading the fibreglass cuddy cabin for a tinnie how do you find the Renegade?