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    I am a music teacher. I love fishing and 4wding.
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    Mangrove Jack
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    80cm Flattie, 35cm Bream, 1.5m Shovel Nose Shark.

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  1. BUMP really need her gone. I have too many cars!
  2. Well done, glad to hear you got on to some! The catties in the river up there cat huge and a load of fun on light gear... Used to catch them at the second weir at Mt Crosby on Gar strips. Gets hot up there though with no breeze and little shade.
  3. Mate if you have a car a short drive to Colleges Crossing (20mins) is a good place to start soak servo prawns, garden worms or some soft plastics in worm or crawfish shape. Mt Crosby Weir is about 5 min drive from here also the Junction and Kookaburra park are all good spots catties everywhere!
  4. Try clearing cookies and search history and start again.. Otherwise go into hard drives and do a disk clean up an de frag.
  5. Not trying to high jack thread but I am now in Childers was in Yeppoon Term 1. Anyways I have been to Woodgate a few times off beach with minimal results. Using metal slugs and sp's. I might try bait but any advice would be great. I did a search and it came with many negative comments. tworowsofeight keen to meet up at some stage and try our luck at Bagara I am about a 45min drive away.
  6. Catfish are more when you cast out... The bream, near the bridge are close in you should be able to see them... Weir wise they are near snags........ I usually use small lures or fresh worms.
  7. Mate fishing at College's crossing Mt Crosby yields bass, bream, bull sharks and catties. Use the catties as bait for live bait for sharks on a 5/0 hook. Otherwise Kookaburra park near Karana Downs Golf club is good to as well is the junction. Use live mullet if you can catch them in cast net.
  8. Awesome video! I thought you were bloody nuts till half way through! Good comic value.
  9. Mate I lived in Yeppoon this year from Australia Day - a week before Easter. I used to fish Farnborough beach most afternoons at the top near Corio Bay. Had success there with big Dart, little trevally and blue salmon and some juvie queenies. Also off the rock walls behind the boat repair business at the marina. Little things down at the man made area I forget it's name about 15mins south of Yeppoon towards Emu Park. I just used pillies and metal slugs. I had students that used to catch Jacks and the odd Barra at the river mouth just near the open air water park at Yeppoon water front. I never fished there as too many students were always there. But the water gets very deep and there are loads for yabbies to be pumped and little mullet to be caught in nets.
  10. Welcome back am really looking forward to your tales!
  11. natang

    Nrl 2019

    Agreed a knock back is always called a knock on....... A knock on goes forward off a players arm from the elbow down is what I thought..... It's becoming touch football and I agree with Gus saying he is worried that in 5 years time we will be watching glorified touch football.