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  1. Went down to sons place, had lunch with a doctor,rocket scientist and accountant,then shot down to the creek and before I could make a cast a storm hit. Lighting everywhere, thought I had better get my ass outer there, had to open a metal gate, very worried.
  2. Crazydeep avail most tackle shops,accounts for a lot of fish, runs at 20ft.
  3. Hoping to cash in a bit more this arvo, going down to sons place for lunch, taking rod just in case I have time for a little creek fishing.
  4. Her favorite saying is how come you are home so early.
  5. Its great how any pain floates away when there is a fish on the line. Never had one heavy shower all morning.
  6. I kept saying all week, if its rainy or overcast I am back in the boat. Well it was rainy and it was overcast so I ended up being spat on all morning. Applied some medical sunscreen I had, on my lip and off I went, casting to the edges and trolling.Yellas were on the chew and they love spinnerbaits.Picked up a few bass trolling as well. Managed 36 bass and 7 yellas. Dino
  7. Swelling gone down on lip, can still see stitches, coffee getting a little warmer.Done paperwork for back doc just waiting for appointment.
  8. I'll have to ask next time, I never listen to there big words, I forget what they tell me (if they tell me ) by the time I reach the door out. Dino
  9. Squidgee 80mm bloodworm wrigler, best flathead softy out. Dino
  10. They cut both out on wednesday and told me they got it all, test lab was right across the hallway, then thursday they sewed it up after they knocked me out.Dont know what sort it was.Swelling is finaly going down, just as I was getting good at poking food in my mouth without touching my fat lip.Even onto lukewarm coffee.
  11. Been climbing the walls, so decided to go for a quick flick this morning. Took me 17 mins to get to NPD and 24 mins to get home. Passed the new public kayak area at 6am and it was empty, passed it again at 7am and there was only one car. Anyway to break the boredom, had several casts with a spinnerbait and managed a couple of small bass. If I stayed longer I am sure I could have built the numbers up.But that risked the sun burning the lip. Talking about sun did you see it this morning, it was bright orange, before the clouds covered it. Dino
  12. I dont mind fishing with I , me and myself, sometimes the chatter puts me off.
  13. Dont think I would have much luck chatting up the nurses.
  14. I was tricked yesterday, had to go for a pre op interview forthe cancers on my lip,well I got a shock when they said yes we will get rid of them this morning.I said I thought my op was tomorrow abd they said yes thats right, we have to do the micro surgery then. So cut out yesterday and get stitched up this arvo.Still managed to get a bit of tucker down the throat last night.So guys and gals keep those hats on or pay for it later . Dino
  15. Thats your first life sentence over and done with .