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  1. Yep plenty up at Baroon dam.
  2. Getting old (older ), middle son turned 50 last weekend, thats now 3 children over 50. Day before yesterday was my 54th wedding anniversary, now I am feeling reel old. Dino
  3. I hope he was only using one hook.
  4. Yeah bit the bullet and got the other knee done.Seen doc last tuesday, he sent me for xray update,result left knee was bone on bone.So I said you operate mondays dont you, he said yes, I said good what time do you want me on monday,after he picked himself up off the floor and made a couple of calls he said OK. So in at 6am op at 7.30am and home sat morn. Missing fishing already and have got a few weeks to go yet.First pic is in hospital, second pic is of new wound and last pic is of the other leg I already had done 8 months a go. Yes it bloody hurts. Dino
  5. It is amazing what water they can cover, I caught one that had come from the bremmer river, out to the ocean, then up the north pine into the south pine up to eatons hill. Also had one go the other way, over the wall into north pine, out in the ocean, into brisbane river and end up at ipswitch. Niether of them grew to much as they were swimming all the time.
  6. I hadnt caught a silver for a few years, I think my biggest was low 40's
  7. Gave me a good fight, when I first sited it I thought it was a big tillie.
  8. Went for my last session for a couple of months, as I am back in hospital monday for a new left knee this time.Found it very hard on lures and had to use some shrimp. I was glad I did as I picked up a nice fat 44cm silver perch.For a fish that size it had to be stocked before 2008 as apart from 2017 that was the last silver stocking. Luke came along to hold my hand and to make sure I got no scratches, or no op. Oh and thats my hanky hanging out from under my hat as I forgot my neck sock mask. Dino
  9. Last minute choice this morning, woke up and no rain so went for a bank fish. Started lightly raining as soon as I got there.It was great, kept me cool and plenty of fish. Managed 28 bass, all on spinnerbaits for 2 hours fishing and home for breakfast.Each take was the same, I would get a bump followed by a savage hookup. It was like they were sampling it first.Had to quit as the pain was getting to me, legs,hips and back.See my ortho doc next tuesday to plan my next op, I think I 'll try a new hip this time. Dino
  10. Quick session yesterday before the sun got to hot.Fish were a little lure shy, managed to jig a couple early then they developed lockjaw.Anyway here is some from the session.9 bass and 4 yellas. Dino
  11. Nice overcast morning this morning and only got wet once. Bass and yellas were on fire managed 61 bass and 3 yellas most on shrimp rest on spinnerbaits and trolled lures. Dino
  12. Slipped out to the dam early this morning for a landbased session,5.30am till 7.30am.It was very muggy, and the fish were hungry. Decided to start with darker spinnerbaits like I used to years a go when fishing from the bank, seemed to work OK as managed 14 bass, one yella and one spanglie.Then home for eggs on toast, arh this is living. Dino
  13. Looked like it was going to be a good morning, overcast and looking like rain. But the rain never came and the sun kept bursting out from behind the clouds.Took till nearly 10am to get 11 on lures, then in the next hour or so got 27 bass and one yella on shrimp. So all up 38 bass and one yella. Dino
  14. Thats fishing, there are a few schools with lockjaw at the moment.