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  1. Chilly morning to start, that gave some fish lockjaw. Lucky there was still a few around, with a nice yella first up and then when the sun showed up the bass were on. Managed 61,trolling,jigging, casting and baiting, with 3 bass right on the 50cm mark and all nice and fat. Dino
  2. Good sessions are the norm at the moment, some schools are hungry and some wont touch a thing.If you move around you can find the hungry ones. At the moment the bass have started to roe up and most are of a good size, I caught many just under the 50cm mark and with full bellies.It makes for a good session when the bass are all over 40cm. Managed 41 with a lot caught early.I keep forgetting to take a selfie so you dont forget what a handsome bloke I am Dino
  3. He doesnt need much help, just steered him in the right direction
  4. I was going to head north yesterdaybut was unable to reach my deckie, so headed out to NPD late (9am start ) Headed out intothe main channel and run into a couple of PRFMA blokes that had just added a couple of more fads to the water. While having a chat I noticed the sounder lit up with bass everwhere. Bowled over 40 on bait then continued down stream.Ran into this fishingnut talking to himself in the middle of nowhere, he said he was finding it hard so I gave him some info. I then carried on determind to get some on spinnerbaits, I just love that kaching when they attack the lure.I picked up a few trolling crazydeeps before heading home. As I rounded the last corner there was Beau having the time of his life, so I stopped and increased my score by a few more. 76 all up, jigging, trolling and baiting. Dino
  5. My 2 favourites, a take on a spinnerbait and a take on a surface lure in a creek.
  6. Started with a rush this morning, 30 at the first spot, then off down the dam looking for the schools. Once again they had moved on, so hit the edges for a bit of fun. Managed 51 bass all up, 40 on shrimp and 11 on lures. Dino
  7. An indication of how the fish move around, where Ray told me he found the fish was void of any life the day before.
  8. Norries spoons were the winner, color didnt matter,would of liked to stay longer, but the new knee was to painful.
  9. Slightly winday on the dam this morning and as hard as I tried I could not find any fish. Nek minute I look at my watch and its 8.30am and not one fish so far. I was casting to the edges for zilch. So I headed off trolling looking for a school and bingo, up popped a nice school. Its the first school I have seen for ages. Managed 50 before the leg was telling me to go home. Dino
  10. Gee the lawn looks neglected in that pic with the dog
  11. Yes it was a pleasant morning for a change, first bass came from out of the weeds.
  12. It was good to get out with Luke to NPD for a low wind day after all the wind lately. Fish were hard to find early, one rat up until 8.30am. We stuck to it and was rewarded as the morning wore on.I was raising the bass tally and Luke was on the yellas again. Might have to increase the bait fishing as the lures are getting harder, well until the schools show up. Dino
  13. Good to see you out and about and a toga as a reward, well done.
  14. This is the type I use all the time, only problem is the wire rope, it bites you after awhile, I will be replacing it with the strong rope next time.
  15. Casting we fished the edges.