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  1. With sounders, I started out with my sounder years a go, with my settings on fish ID. After awhile I could pick a yellabelly couple on the bottom, by a small symbol for the male and a big one for the female,and on several occasions I would catch one on bait and the mate would come up with it, if my reflex's were better I could of had 2 for the price of one.
  2. PM sent Have a yarn to Ray as well, he has been through a few.
  3. A quite morning made good at the last minute. Started off very slow with a couple trolling flickashads and then put in a thousand casts to the edges for very few fish.I had been hitting up a lot of back alleys and was in the last alley when I noticed a big round blob on the bottom under the boat in 10ft of water,so to investigate I quickly put down 2 shrimp rigs,well hell broke loose, first one rod buckled over, then the other rod.First up came the blob which was a whopper yella, next was another whopper a 51cm bass.Well the scowl finally left my mouth and I was able to get a smile on the dial again.Managed 21 bass and the one yella,so a lousy day turned around at the last minute. Dino
  4. Not my son a mate who likes to have a fish with a cranky old baxstard on rare occasions. Luke = Basshunter
  5. Thats why I laugh sometimes when someone says they got a fifty, when blind freddy can see that the head and body just does not prove this.
  6. Its been that long that Luke thought he had forgot how to catch fish.Well it didnt take him to long to bring back a few memories. We trolled up a few on flikashads to start with followed by quite a few on bait, before we headed for the edges to do some spinnerbaiting, casting and trolling.There was some big yellas around along with plenty of good bass, Luke managed an over 50cm model, we got pics of it on the mat but forgot to get one holding it. All up managed 41 bass and 6 yellas. Dino
  7. He said he had a rough trip on the way up.He also has just had a center style keel thingy added to his cat, looks like an upsde down canoe stuck between the hull, because in choppy seas the big flat area in the middle was really hitting hard.He said he was very pleased with it. I asked how much did it cost, he just laughed and said you dont want to know.
  8. As I mentioned once before, these bright golden colored ones come from a group of 140,000 we put in 3 years a go, some of which are starting to hit the 50cm size.
  9. I said to myself I think I'll troll the shallows with some flickashads and myself said OK. I hadnt gone 50 mt when I got a double hookup, surprise. Then while I was taking a pic I looked at the sounder and there was another surprise, fish all over the place, so stopped and had a quick baitfish. Then off down the dam further to try the edges, managed a few more along with yellas casting and trolling spinnerbaits.All up 47 bass and 3 yellas. Dino
  10. HeCalled in to see mummy for morning tea and we got an esky full of fish and mum got a bag of nice prawns for mothers day.
  11. Got my mobile back, just have to get a new glass face for it.
  12. I am trying to talk him into trying plastics, but he uses bait only.
  13. My little boy took his 44ft cat up to the sunny coast, he takes it up there each year for 3 months and goes up whenever he can. Here is some of the catches, hope I can get some of them. Dino
  14. Cant see the lilies at the moment as the dam is full, had a few casts to the edges for nil results.
  15. Slipped up to Baroon for a change of scenery this morning. I was up that way yesterday having lunch at Ricks Garage Palmwoods and I will be up that way again tomorrow as I put my mobile on the rear bumper and fogot to take it off, thank goodness someone handed it in to the police station at Maleny. On the fishing side, I had to hide in amongst the fog for the first couple of hours and was lucky enough to hide where the fish were. By the time the fog cleared after 9am I was already on half a ton. I moved off to a couple more locations, some were OK and some the fish got spooked when I put a bait down.Along with 94 bass was 3 extra large eel tail catfish.Most bass were on shrimp with a couple caught trolling as well.I was surprised to get 3 undersize bass as the rest were between 40 and 48cm, couldnt crack the 50cm this time.I now have some very sore fingers as these bass have muscles in their shite. Yes I did put my thumb in the right hole. Left when I run out of shrimp. Dino