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  1. Just not getting the use it needs, I tend to stick to the spinning reels.Purchased 6 months a go on special for $420, willing to part with it to a good home for $300.It has only seen fresh water about 3 times. Google it they are a magic reel. No more wind knots,overruns,tangles etc. Dino
  2. Where were you 50 years a go. I know a lot of you were not around then. I was just out of corp training in the army and was sent to Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton.When I arrived I found out that myself and 2 other privates had to feed 253 soldiers. As the oldest I took charge and one of the first things I got done was to get the walk in fridge cleaned out.Unknown to me a 20lb cod was taken out of the fridge and left on the table and got flyblown. Staffsargent that caught it was not very happy. While I was there I saw the moon landing on a 12 inch black and white TV. Few days later 4 of the top brass went on a fishing trip and caught 300 bream,They thought they would just dump them at the kitchen for the cooks to clean,wrong I said bring them back when they are scaled and gutted.Then the 3 cooks grilled them whole and each person got a whole fish and vegies.I thought I might get into trouble for making the top brass clean their catch, but they promoted me to corporal when we returned home. Dino
  3. Puts my 53 pounder off the south wall Ballina to shame.
  4. Do you want it for salt or fresh. Try Kings in Sydney they have specials all the time.
  5. Gee Ray you trying to hurry me up to get back out there,I cant even sit in front of the computer for more than 2 minutes, big think before I commit to getting the other leg done.
  6. I have caught 40cm bream in 30cm of water in a rock pool on the southern side of flat rock with massive waves breaking right in front of me.It is a nice place alright.
  7. Blooxy exercises are killing me,but I'll get back out there one day
  8. Alright alright you have me climbing the walls.
  9. Had my last shower heading for hospital in the next hour.
  10. Thinking of a shore based fish this morning or tomorrow but worried of scratching myself and no op.
  11. Passed my test at the hospital this morning, surgeon happy to go ahead with my knee op
  12. a little intro would go a long way