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  1. Casting around the ribbon weed near the edges I pick up one or two each trip, this one was a nice color so I took a pic.
  2. After a slow day on sunday I was hoping for a better one yesterday. Well I was pleasantly surprised, well I was until the sun came up. First fish was a nice 45 bass with a tag in it, then I cast back into the same spot for a nice 60cm yella.I was on a roll and really enjoying myself and then the clouds parted and out came that ball of fire, which put a end to the edge bite. Not to be defeated I carried on trolling and finished up with a bit of bait fishing. 26 bass and 3 yellas on lures and 20 bass and 3 yellas on bait.Went home with a smile on the dial and sore legs from standing up to much casting.I will have to have a go in the yak soon where I cant stand up. Dino
  3. Was a tough morning out there only cracked 21 mostly trolling,I only went as thought it was going to rain.
  4. When I joined the army years a go, they asked me what did I want to be the king of the shite or the shite of the king.(i wanted to be a plant operator) so I said king of the shite, so as I already was a pastrycook they put me in catering.Which was a good move as I was a corporal in 6 months.
  5. Well it had been a long time since I had a bait fish, so I pulled a couple of pots for some shrimp and headed on down the dam trolling.Picked up some trolling before doing some casting, was lucky enough to get a yella on first cast then another on second cast.Picked up some more bass trolling ,then had a nice little 30 bass session on the bait.More trolling and then home. All up 66 bass and 2 yellas, better than watching TV. Dino
  6. Sun was up bright and early yesterday, so the edge bite was down a bit.However there was still plenty of bass to be had jigging and trolling.Managed a few from the weeds on spinnerbaits, some casting blades and some trolling hardbodies.Sun ended up getting a bit hot ,so headed home early managing 34 bass no yellas. Dino
  7. I thought you were going to do a bit of freshwater fishing.
  8. Dinodadog

    Nrl 2019

    Simple Tonga done their homework, we didnt,they knew who to shut down and they worked as a team three in a tackle,forwards took their turn to run the ball, some of our blokes were missing in action, not good enough Mal.
  9. Apart from the constant drizzle it was a rewarding morning.Edge bite was slow so I moved around until I found a small school and then hit them with a few different lures mainly jigs and blades. All up 38 bass and one yella, last bass was a mossie **** away from 50cm a lean fish that was so hungry it swallowed the lure. Dino
  10. Sign what sign our entrance gate
  11. I put mine in the boat give it a go this morning.
  12. Dendrobium agregatum and vanda tricolor look great Beau and the hippies I knew I could count on you for some pics.
  13. They were on special a few months back so I grabbed one as I am doing a lot of casting. Where the upright axle goes into the floor receiver is where its a little wobbly, I fix this by placing both feet on the cross thwart seat in front of me.
  14. I already have one , havnt been game enough to get back on it yet, they are a little wobbly.
  15. Yeah its slowly improving 5 months next week, still gets sore when on uneven ground or standing or walking to long. Just like to have a whinge makes me feel better