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  1. A wet bum to start the morning off, then later strong winds made casting uncomfortable. Fishing was fair, plenty of bass and 3 nice yellas,spinnerbaiting,chatterbaiting and trolling. Dino
  2. It is both sides of the barrier, blowing out of all the back alleys.
  3. Took a trip to the western end of the dam (NPD) just to see what the action was like.Managed to get into double figures on the bass and one yella.Change of scenery was nice but the fish were scarce.Went as far up the dam as possible, where I found the weed totaly blocked any advancement.This weed can change hundreds of meters overnight, depending which way the wind blows. Dino
  4. Started off in the paddock picking up a few bass on the flickashads, before moving down to the bottom boundary.It was blowing pretty hard so had to keep finding spots out of the wind. Spinnerbaits were doing well, but I felt the need for something new, so I clipped on a white Jackall tn60. Bass loved them.I also dropped a shrimp over the side while I was casting but the pesky bass kept biting while I was trying to castand when I got a bass on the lure the buggars would tangle up in the baitline. Dino
  5. My carer Luke has to work so back for more exercise tomorrow.
  6. Now now now, there is no hurry, I am looking after the fish.
  7. Headed out on my own this morning, everything went great, until I got back to the ramp.I hobbled my way up the hill to the car, reached in my pocket for the key, empty pocket.Old stupid had taken them out of my track pants and put them on the seat in the boat.Off I went all the way back down the hill then all the way back up.Had to hit the ice when I got home. On the fishing front, started trolling flikashads while there was still some mist over the water,it gives the bass a bit of security in the shallow water.After I had got 5 I headed off down the dam, nek thing out come the spinnerbaits.Got a few then started mixing it up couple of casts on spinnerbaits, then a couple on jackalls,bass were willing to join in and even managed a yella. Heat drove me home early. Dino
  8. Going to try it alone tomorrow, everybody is busy working.Walk up to get the car after fishing might slow me down a bit but the exercise should do me well. Wont feel it if I have a good session on the bass.
  9. Luke and I started off with spinnerbaits getting quite a few, then they seemed to go quite. We moved out a bit further into deeper water and while I tried jigging spoons, Luke tried a Jackall TN60. Well by the time he got to 9 on the jackall I thought I had better join him.With that much start it was hard to catch up, by the time he got to 12 I was only on 6.We kept getting them until it was time to go home. Between the spinnerbaits and the jackalls it was a real good session.I got the rest of my stitches out of my nose thursday, whiched revealed an ugly site, black and red, so had to cover up once more to go fishing. Dino
  10. Go west young man, so we did one young Luke and one old Dino. We found some calmer waters before the winds come up and also found heaps of choking weed that we were lucky to get through. On the fishing side we had a ball on the spinnerbaits and a few on flikashads. Found a few yellas as well as plenty of bass. Dino
  11. They only took the solid stitches out, have to go back next thurs to get the dissolving ones out or put up with them for 6 or 7 weeks.
  12. Yeah I usually head for the car park near the rangers hut, got my first donut there a few weeks back.
  13. Dinodadog

    Nrl 2019

    Tigers v Cronulla easy to see who the refs were going for, they were realy nitpicking the tigers.