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  1. After being in lockdown for a week I was keen to get back out to the dam, a little to keen. First of all Ibroke a tooth off at the gum eating my toast, then when out at the dam, I pushed the boat off the trailer to a great bang, I had forgot to lock the trailer to the towball (could of caused an accident if came off on the way out), Then lucky I had my wide back belt on as my trailer is very heavy, first attempt I lifted it up and because the chain was still attached it ripped it out of my hands, so had to lift it again ( at this moment touch wood my back is still OK) then to top it off when I caught my first bass the blxxdy camera was flat, what a day. Anyway on the fishing side, Iwas going to save the shrimp as I am taking the neighbour out through the week, but after all that trouble I said to myself buggar the neighbour and used the shrimp to catch 24 bass.In at 11am and home by 3pm to watch the footy. Dino
  2. Went to the doc last monday with a sinus problem, bleeding from the nose, had it a hundred times. Result you better have a covid test, next result you are in lockdown until you get more results. Next result a phonecall 5pm friday, all clear. I blxxdy knew that,OH well it gave my sore back a chance for a rest.Now planning next fishing trip, you ripper.
  3. Seen the doc about my back and a sinus infection, result I am in isolation now after they done a covid test on me. At least I have time to get my back right waiting for results.
  4. Sometimes if you are lucky the spool has slits or holes in centre of spool, then you can tie off to this and backing not needed. I use backing on all my reels as I have had line slip before.
  5. Do you know where the lure come from.
  6. Back is giving me hell might have to have a rest.
  7. Slipped out to the dam early this morning to have a few cast to see if I could hook my lost rod. No luck with the rod but the bass were hungry.Lucky I had been saving shrimp for my outing with my son and as Ihad a few left over and a few more in my pots I decided to make a morning of it. Managed 54 bass with one 50cm and a couple nearly 50cm and the rest were all OK as well. Dino
  8. He likes the fresh, as thats where all my kids started, in northern NSW. Trip he just got back from with the older brother wasnt up to par and caused nearly $6000 damages to the boat, welds broke on most of the stainlees steel.I still ended with a bag of fish.
  9. They put up a good fight, only trouble is they dont stop if you bring them in the boat, you can end up with half your gear in the water.Grandson took a pic of it in thewater on his phone.
  10. Took my son and my grandson out for a fish this morning.It was a costly exercise, my grandson hit the end of the rod he was using while trying to net a lousy catfish for his father. Result rod overboard and poppy $200 out of pocket,last 2 trips he done with me only cost $30 each time for tangled braid.Anyway we had a good morning with bass, yellabelly,catfish and even a lungy. Dino P1000359.MP4
  11. Taking my son and his son out this morning, hope they can use lures as the shrimp are hiding.
  12. It was a bit chilly and windy out at the dam yesterday, so I made it a quick session and was home for smoko.Trolling,casting and jigging, I managed 28 before it got to windy and cold. Dino
  13. Looks like I will have to brave the wind if I decide to go in the morning.