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  1. Slipped out to the dam early this morning for a landbased session,5.30am till 7.30am.It was very muggy, and the fish were hungry. Decided to start with darker spinnerbaits like I used to years a go when fishing from the bank, seemed to work OK as managed 14 bass, one yella and one spanglie.Then home for eggs on toast, arh this is living. Dino
  2. Looked like it was going to be a good morning, overcast and looking like rain. But the rain never came and the sun kept bursting out from behind the clouds.Took till nearly 10am to get 11 on lures, then in the next hour or so got 27 bass and one yella on shrimp. So all up 38 bass and one yella. Dino
  3. Thats fishing, there are a few schools with lockjaw at the moment.
  4. I was forced to play cricket at high school and not allowed to go swimming,so got turned off it.Maybe I did play up a little.
  5. Got up this morning and it was pouring,sat down in front of TV and off to sleep, woke up and was on the dam at 7am.Bass were a bit shy, had to work hard to get 18 trolling and spinnerbaiting. Dino
  6. I just hope that all those that blamed the PM for the fires, remember to thank him for the rain, fair is fair.
  7. Used to take home a feed many years a go but let them all go these days.
  8. Luke and I decided to brave the weather yesterday and have a fish.We were half way down the dam when the skies opened up. I said to Luke are you not going to put your raincoat on, he said he wanted to feel the rain on his face (forgot the raincoat) anyway we both ended up with a wet face and ass. Fishing was great due to the rain and overcast conditions,spinnerbaits done the trick,managed 21 bass and 4 yellas fishing the edges. Wife not happy with me as the outside pergola area looks like a chinese josh house with all the wet gear spread out.Luke got a 53.5 bass and we both got over 50cm yellas. Dino
  9. Thick as, you could nearly stand a spoon up in it
  10. Headed up to Baroon Pocket this morning and found a couple of kindy schools of bass.They were happy to take plastics, blades,hardbodies and a shrimp lookalike lure I had. Managed 47 most small to medium, left them hungry as the sun got to hot to stay and the maleny pie shop was calling me. The clear area to right of ramp in last pic is the pool area, only its all sand at the moment. Dino
  11. Trying to work out new camera, it was facing into the sun.
  12. Yeah most of the pain has gone, been 7 months, still have some pain after walking esp on uneven ground.
  13. Bass were to shy to take a lure early, so I had a bit of a baitfish, then finished up with a few on the troll.Managed 51 bass with one over 50cm and tagged. Dino
  14. Usually about 15lb braid, if I was a bit younger and steady on my legs I would of gone in after the lure I lost.
  15. They were close to same size, I dont think any has been put in there for awhile. They will brick you in a flash, you have to get them in quick or lose a spinnerbait like I did.