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  1. Had a really short bank session this morning, 5am until 6am. Last saturday plenty of fish, this morning only a couple. Dino
  2. Dinodadog

    south queensland On The Weed Again

    They should be starting soon, at least they have certainly absorbed last years roe. Dino
  3. Dinodadog

    south queensland NPD 20/2/19

    We need a few proper FADs like the tree with the floats, its saved our ass plenty of times.
  4. Dinodadog

    south queensland On The Weed Again

    Might have to try a one hour session from the bank
  5. Dinodadog

    south queensland Windy And Weedy

    I have ordered some new legs so I can venture a bit further. Dino
  6. Dinodadog

    south queensland On The Weed Again

    It does get a little warm out there,thats why I have been going home early. Then when I get home I get, what are you doing home so early, a feller just cant win.When winter comes it will be how come you are out there that long.
  7. Dinodadog

    south queensland On The Weed Again

    I thought because the sun was up early, I would have to be satisfied with some trolling. Well the trolling was OK and so was casting to the weeds. I would move over to an edge, judge how far out the weeds were growing and then put a long cast lengthwise along the weed edge. It paid off I managed 48 bass with 2 very skinny over 50cm models. Dino
  8. Dinodadog

    south queensland F Day

    Well I'll be forked, roll on winter, so these mongrels go hide.
  9. Dinodadog

    south queensland Banking With Interest

    Only about 20 metres.I do the old side step,2 steps to the right and cast,over and over,then turn back with 2 steps to the left and cast.I have to stay close to the set bait rod.
  10. Dinodadog

    south queensland Banking With Interest

    passed forgans at 4.45am plenty of empty car parks,
  11. Dinodadog

    south queensland Banking With Interest

    I took plenty of heavy spoons etc for long casts but the fish were fairly close
  12. To windy for the boat this morning, so I grabbed some gear and headed to the dam to do some bankside fishing. I took about 20 shrimp with me as a backup.When I arrived I found I had forgot my bait rigs, so had to put a shrimp out under a float.While I was setting up my casting rod the shrimp got attacked, a nice medium size bass,so I baited up again and it was fish on again before I had my casting rod ready, another nice med size bass. I thought to myself this is going to be great, but alass that was it on bait not another hit. Finally getting my casting rod into action I was pleasantly surprised to be right in the action,using 1/2oz spinnerbait I soon passed the bait tally by a mile. I kept trying different lures, blades, spoons and micro jiggs, but the bass were only interested in the spinnerbaits.Managed 2 on bait, a dozen on spinnerbaits and a 50+ yellabelly as well. I started at 5am and finished at 7am and was home having bacon and eggs at 7.30am ( I coulld not stand up for another minute).I had to get the frozen peas on both knees when I got home. Dino
  13. 20 of the 27 cost $110 each, other seven from a private pond.
  14. Dinodadog

    south queensland Fingerling Release NPD 13/2/19

    Some thickhead forgot to put his batteries on charge tuesday night so couldnt go to far yesterday to release fingerlings. This also resulted in very few fish. Dino
  15. It was a very hot morning out at NPD this morning, I had to head home early as I started melting.On the fishing side, a few bass have come back into our area again, so I had a good time this morning, casting, trolling and some jigging.Have a look at the sounder pic, only problem they are all forkies. Dino