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  1. Bloody bass, just won't do social distancing!!
  2. Looks like the ramp's getting shallow.
  3. Slowly fell by the wayside due to reduced demand for the rainbows. The over the top OH&S requirements required by the council bureaucracy before allowing access to the site finally ended it.
  4. Not much more than a car length.
  5. I've been left hand reeling since I started fishing 50+ years ago. Other than a couple inherited baitcasters, all my reels including Alvey are left hand winders. Easiest way to get proficient with left hand cranking is to practice winding while watching TV.
  6. Hi Greg, no fuel powered engine allowed on NPD at all. Electric powered crafts allowed for PRFMA boating access permit holders (see ) For other SeqWater dams see
  7. Luc53

    queensland Score

    It varies across various dams. On some electric only dams, you can leave your outboard on as long as you don't use it eg Lake MacDonald. Some dams have horsepower restriction and speed limit eg no engine over 60 Hp / 6 knots on Lenthals Dam. Somerset Dam has no restriction on outboard size & speed whereas Wivenhoe Dam has a speed restriction of 6 knots. It pays to do your homework before visiting a dam.
  8. Luc53

    queensland Score

    Given the size of NPD, you might get laughted off if you could launch your boat there (electrics only, no outboards attached). Mind you it wouldn't be out of place on a dam like Awoonga Lake near Gladstone.
  9. Luc53

    queensland Score

    Hweebe, have a look at the PRFMA website, heaps of info.
  10. Bass breed during the winter months. So at this time of year, bass (including those in impoundments) get ready to breed. Females in particular can put on some serious weight as their eggs are developing and can feed quite aggressively. Since they need acces to brackish water to breed, after a couple of months the females will reabsorb their eggs and the males their milt. When they're ready to breed, it's not unsual to have the males leaking milt when you bring them into the boat.
  11. Nice day, but maybe too glassy for a good edge bite.
  12. Some nice colors in the yellas.
  13. Koala Strait is a challenge in westerlies. Last time I had to slog up it, with both bowmount (55 lb) and transom mount (36 lbs) at full grunt I was just making 1.5 kmh. I'm glad I upgraded the transom mount to a 70 lbs.
  14. Last photo, was that heading back up Koala Strait?
  15. At least Dino you'll be able to use your boat. Thanks to the virus our renos have come to a standstill and with all the stuff in our garage, there's no hope of getting my boat out!!