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  1. Bass breed during the winter months. So at this time of year, bass (including those in impoundments) get ready to breed. Females in particular can put on some serious weight as their eggs are developing and can feed quite aggressively. Since they need acces to brackish water to breed, after a couple of months the females will reabsorb their eggs and the males their milt. When they're ready to breed, it's not unsual to have the males leaking milt when you bring them into the boat.
  2. Nice day, but maybe too glassy for a good edge bite.
  3. Some nice colors in the yellas.
  4. Koala Strait is a challenge in westerlies. Last time I had to slog up it, with both bowmount (55 lb) and transom mount (36 lbs) at full grunt I was just making 1.5 kmh. I'm glad I upgraded the transom mount to a 70 lbs.
  5. Last photo, was that heading back up Koala Strait?
  6. At least Dino you'll be able to use your boat. Thanks to the virus our renos have come to a standstill and with all the stuff in our garage, there's no hope of getting my boat out!!
  7. Great result and good on Seqwater to allow the release using an outboard powered craft. The dam's looking in good nick.
  8. Great support for the PRFMA volunteers.
  9. I assume it's all part of the "stopping un-necessary travel" measures.
  10. Just had a drive around NPD after shopping, people bank fishing at Tukuwompa Park and Forgan Park as well as someone at Forgan Cove loading a yak on their ute. Had it backed up to the closed gate to do it.
  11. Unfortunate turn of events. PRFMA's are access is easy to stop, just remove the lock that permit holders use. For the public access areas, I wonder what enforcement Seqwater will do. Just locking the gates to the various sites isn't going to stop some from bank fishing or launching yaks.
  12. From Seqwater UPDATE: To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, recreation areas at Seqwater-managed lakes and parks will be closed from Thursday 26 March 2020 until further notice. This includes all land and water-based recreation, including boating, walking trails, skiing and fishing. More details: We appreciate the public’s cooperation and understanding as we work to prioritise the welfare of our communities and employees and look forward to inviting everyone back to our recreation areas as soon as possible.
  13. The upgrades to the dam were completed in May 2019. There are still no recreation activities permitted at or on the dam.
  14. Hi Dino, how's the recovery going?
  15. In the early years of the dam there was plenty of space & food and although common enough, they hadn't as yet overbred and stunted. IMO being egg layers, as Ray said, the introduction of tilapia and catfish has resulted in very high mortality of eggs and fry hence their much reduced population. Historically, some of our fishing writers did comment that in some isolated river systems will low population of spangles they can grow to a good size.