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  1. Luc53

    south queensland Windy And Weedy

    Maybe float tubing is the answer. Be a good way to fish the weed beds and no toothy things to nibble the footsies
  2. Luc53

    south queensland Windy And Weedy

    Nice session. Lots of south/south-easterly wind over the next few days so bank fishing will be a good option. Yakers would be wise not to go too far into the open. A lot of them have pretty poor paddling skills.
  3. Luc53

    south queensland Windy Weekend

    Looks like a very windy weekend forecast. Good time for gear/boat/tailer maintenance!!
  4. Luc53

    south queensland Banking With Interest

    Only about half full when I went past. I think the wind put people of but looked like it was quite fishable within the Forgan Cove bay.
  5. Luc53

    south queensland Banking With Interest

    Gotta love those south easterlies Had a drive round the dam around 10 this morning, looked ok with a bit of wind protection in places. Whished I'd taken a rod and some lures!! Still nice to get out of the house after a bout of flu.
  6. Luc53

    nsw Fish I'd Plz

    Looks like a stripped trumpeter.
  7. Luc53

    south queensland Hot Bite In The Hot Sun

    Predicted 35c for Tuesday and Wednesday I'm sure they'd be dining on fingerlings but as we're releasing them is spread out locations probably not as bad as releasing fingerlings from ramp as we used to do. Maybe it's time to start some forky busting comps!!
  8. Luc53

    Electric Motor Storage

    Use Rayke's suggestion and add a quick release plate to it.
  9. Luc53

    Cheap Battery 12/24v Chargers On Ebay

    Should be no need to have a different charger for each type of batteries. My charger has a selection switch for whatever bateries I intend to charge.
  10. Luc53

    south queensland NPD Bit Quiet

    Maybe just too many hot days!!
  11. Luc53

    south queensland Hot Bite NPD 23/1/19

    Has certainly been hot enough to warm up the water especially the margins. Bass may have moved to deeper/cooler water. Shame the scarecrow appears not to be working.
  12. Luc53

    south queensland Red-eared Slider Turtle

    Usual story, cute babies grows up into agressive adult not wanted by pet shops so released into the local creek/lake/pond/river cause they can't bear to kill a pet.
  13. Luc53

    south queensland Red-eared Slider Turtle

    Another exotic invader let loose by an idiot owner!!
  14. Luc53

    south queensland Stunning Day On Lake Samsonvale

    The Pine Rivers Fish Management Association (PRFMA) stock the dam. Their website has articles about fishing Lake Samsonvale.
  15. Luc53

    south queensland New To The Area

    Welcome to the forum. Have a look at the Seqwater website for information about dams in South East Qld.