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    Hi there, I moved up from Victoria in 2004, still learning different spots in Queensland. Always had a keen interest in fishing and used to work in a government owned fish hatchery in Victoria.
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    Fishing, gym training, hunting
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    Security officer


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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing
    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Mangrove Jack
  • Lure Types Used
    Hardbody Lures
  • Favourite Lure
    G vibe
  • Favourite Bait
    live shrimp


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    Motor Boat with Trailer

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  1. Aaron H

    Aaron H

  2. Thanks for a great day as always Ray, made me realise how little I fish these days compared to a couple of years ago. I will have to rectify that I think
  3. Aaron H

    Leslie Dam

    yeah nothing like the Leslie dam breeze no mountains to hide behind to get out of the wind
  4. Aaron H

    Leslie Dam

    was there Aussie day weekend mate water is low, few yellas around though
  5. Aaron H

    Leslie Dam?

    g'day glenn, I have fished Leslie dam quite a bit over the last couple of years and have had a lot of success on the yellas there. I always call into Tackle and Tusk on the way there to get the rundown on whether they are on the chew and also love the range of native lures he has that are hard to find in Brizzie. Most successful lures I have found are lipless crankbaits (Tungsten vibes and berkley frenzies in particular cant afford Jackalls) either casting or trolling around the edges. not a lot of structure in the dam so be prepared to motor around to find them, the old creek beds I found to be the best bet.
  6. Aaron H

    motorguide parts??

    Might struggle mate last I heard Mercury had stopped bringing motorguide stuff in u may have to try ebay USA
  7. damn I thought I was her one and only
  8. ha ha thanks for a great day mate went and had a look at Kurwongbah while I waited but a lot of weed and to cold to go wading
  9. Just went to Bunnings to pick up new tap washers and noticed Logan Albert Fish management association have the fundraising sausage sizzle going out the front so get down and donate towards a very good cause all you other loganites.
  10. Thanks for a great day out mate.
  11. Nah mate need Ray to install satellite tv into the boat, put the dish next to the ipilot
  12. yep 2 for 80 odd when I left North Pine then 8 for 92 by the time I reached home :woohoo: Keep going for the jugular aussies !!!!
  13. I used to have a 54lb thrust watersnake that copped a bit of a hiding, these would be your cheapest saltwater models available I believe Ray gets them off Dinga.com
  14. Aaron H

    Condamine river

    I have camped at Yarramalong weir a few years ago its near millmerran, quite a nice spot with plenty of trees. Caught a few yellowbelly and some monster Carp in there