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  1. I def will mate. Never tried it
  2. Especially on light gear they fight well for the size
  3. More fun today on the little atomic arowz 1000 reel Zman yabbies again. 7 trevally , 4 over 38 cm and lost a bream under the jetty nearly had it in the net too! It would easily have been my pb too.
  4. For the messing around with fish cakes it ain’t worth the trouble. plenty of good eating fish in the ocean
  5. That’s gold mate I don’t eat the filthy dogs either
  6. Not a pro mate I live away from the coast. only get there every 3 weeks to a month for about 4 hours
  7. And no. I’m really been **** for years until I took ur advice ...
  8. I’m on an arroz 3-8 lb rod and a 1000 nasci reel I only have 6 lb mono with 10 lb leader so o bust a few off mate but I catch way way more than I loose it’s is sooooo much fun on that!!! 4 nice trevally today, that salmon took some getting on this and the flatty yesterday was awesome just drifting the sp yabbies in the channel off the jetty and 50 m from the pub
  9. Well mate after being a really **** fisherman for years I’m finally getting a few on this new setup
  10. It was a good fight on a very light rod and 1000 reel I tell ya!
  11. No mate catch and throw back as I didn’t have my eski. I don’t like salmon anyway
  12. A few more decent fish on the exact same set up as yesterday ..
  13. Cool mate let me know how u go. Bream smash them as well as anything that sees them. I use gulp scent on them to mask foreign smells