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  2. Yeah went way up in redbank. Got it on a yo zuri minnow qantas ,olour
  3. Just thought I'd put up a photo of my first barra for the year... caught on open day of the season... Two ratz caught earlier thanwe ventured away from the other 50 boats on the water and managed to get this fella just on dusk.
  4. yeah im gonna go with jack or scad mackerel because of the long pectoral fins
  5. Yeahh I was thinking some sort of tuna...after a bit of a read, its not a longtail??
  6. bmxdirtjumpa

    Fish ID

    Can someone id this fish for me...I thought it was a doggy mackerel...buuuut I cut him up and he had red flesh, not a mackerel lol, also didn't have teeth either..
  7. Crazy walrus - Yeah mate based in cairns Nadders - This is the only photo I've got of one but this is one of the smallest I've seen, mainly seen the big boys bit over 4m Fishingnut - I haven't actually fished the mulgrave for a while...with all the rain we had over the last few months its been totally fresh with not much happening... Also I knocked off work at 12 today and with almost glassy waters I headed to the frankland islands for a fish and a dive...the only cray I saw managed to get away up his hole and my mate got 2 parrot fish...while we were sitting in the boat there were some totally random boils goin on around us that lasted all of 5 seconds...Threw the first cast out with a little gold halco twisty and I was on! Boated a little 60cm doggie mack!! Heres a couple photos of the arvo A sea eagle we fed a couple of fusiliers to...awesome to watch Swimming with all the turtles down there was pretty cool
  8. Been fishing heaps lately too many stories so I'll let the pics do the talking! Did a bit of diving on an inshore reef from my punt to get these Did an overnighter to lakefield national park and got my PB barra...still not a legal one landed yet...they really know how to unhook themself 10knots and seas less than a metre...means I'm going to the reef this weekend!
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone Angus it looks pretty similar but isn't the black bass a freshwater fish? Henry - you could definitely do well landbased at mourilyan you can climb right out onto the rocks and its straight into 15-25 metres of water and when the predators are smashing the bait they get quite close. Tom - you musta missed the others! theres been a couple now...they're in the north qld reports section
  10. Very nice! buut im saving for a new 4by so I miss out
  11. Last week I was lucky enough to have 3 days off mid-week...poorer money wise but very happy fish wise haha. TUESDAY I headed to kurrimine beach to fish king reef which is about 400m from the boat started with glassed out conditions, perfect for my 4.40m punt. The fishing was not so great, threw poppers soft plastics and a dropped a few baits down for one legal red throat emperor and a legal parrot fish and a bunch of small cod and a variety of other species...I suspect its the heavy spearfishing pressure of such a shallow reef, ranging from 2 - 10 metres at most. Around midday the decision was made to get off the water in case of it blowing up as due to tidal restrictions I would not be able to access the ramp until around 4pm. Instead of wasting the long drive we launched at mourylian to hit up the rocks around the mouth, very very good decision. My mate OB missed a few on chrome, Samo was throwing a popper and I was using some big placcies. OB made the decision to continue throwing his slug and was hit deep within the rocks and got hung up on his 10lb after a bit of playing around he pulled out a nice sized reefy...some sort or emperor species we believe but not 100% sure Not long after Samo got monstered on the surface and lost the good sized fish to a knot! He was pretty pissed about that! After the amazing hit I switch to a big halco roosta popper and 2 casts later got a big hit and stopped the fish in its tracks brought it straight up to the boat and stoked to get a 77cm trev! The fishing died off a bit after this and we continued casting at the rocks. I tied on a chromie and hooked up on a little 55cm mack first fish on a slug so happy about that. The birds had no become thick and were feeding on the newly round up bait school in which we began throwing slugs and poppers at then WOAAAH HOLY &(*^& did you FU#$%% see THAT????? There were metre mackerel jumping outta the water at least 3m high! this got us pretty psyched up! Continued to cast randomly as they didn't seem to be feeding in one particular spot and I got absolutely smashed on the surface and after a screaming run I got done on the rocks!! oh well. Tied on a slug and continued casting hooking up multiple times and dropping them! Everyone wasn't doing so well when Samo changed up to a flatz rat? haha I sorta looked at him funny but first cast he was on and managed to boat a 90cm sharky mack! They went off the chew soon after so we decided to do a couple drifts with poppers past the sugar loader pilons but no takers. Awesome day...So good that I went back the next WEDNESDAY We headed back there wednesday and started casting at the rocks again but after little action we decided to head up the creeks for some jacks which never really happened once we found a sandbar with no way around it. We waited for the tide to begin to come in and began targetting the flats with no luck at all . We gave this up and began to troll around some 6m+ diving lures and on the first circle Sam hooked up big time giving his new reel a hard time! I could tell it was a big fish with no regard for his locked drag. They had come on the bite, there were fish busting up all over the place! After a few close encounters with the rocks 15 minutes later up came a very nice golden trevally! We attempted to release it but he was pretty wrecked so we jammed it in the esky. We quickly got back to trolling and not 30 seconds later he hooks up again! to a much smaller GT this time After this one was released it was all over bite time finished so we headed back to the ramp. THURSDAY Today we decided to hit the Russell river and soon after realised my mates tip was snapped! So a quick stop to the tackle shop and plans had changed...there was a farmer who needed a hand...a barra farmer! He needed as many barra caught as possible! sounds good. We headed down to the farm and began fishing...first cast, on. Second cast, on. Third cast, on haha every cast we caught a fish, though not big good fun on the light stuff I've got a video to show just how many hungry barra there were. Afterwards we headed down to the Mulgrave to do some fishing...not catching Loving the freshwater surface action on went a popper and a few casts deep under the trees over hanging a nice eddie with deep snags and I got a hit by what looked to be a very very big barra! But could not get another strike so off to change to a soft plastic to stick it right in front of his nose...I was too slow but when I hear OB yell 'YEP.' a Good fight in the current and up came his pb freshwater barra! He was pretty stoked. And that was it for the day. Made for a pretty good week and with an overnight reef fishing trip planned for friday it was gonna get even better REEF TRIP Sadly there are no pics from the reef trip as no real good fish were caught but we got smoked many many times. My mate even bent some 8/0 owner hooks! Though some big fish were lurking. We were anchored up in a nice shallow 10m section when my mate yells "big GT over at that bommie" so with my SP tied on I landed a perfect cast and waited two little twitches a tiny little nibble strike and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.... nothing busted off on the coral... this thing woulda been huge. The trevally I caught earlier in the report took maybe 3inches and this thing didnt even look like stopping against the locked drag! Time to get some new gear! haha Anyway thats the latest from me and there will be much more to come!
  12. fishingnut wrote: Don't doubt it, I drove past 2 hrs before high and it was flush with the top of the ramp. May go to the mulgrave river if I get word that its started to clear other wise head out of the inlet and fish hills ck and the rocks near yarrabah
  13. Going fishing 2moro arv! hopefully get one
  14. Gday guys another report from the far north :woohoo: Headed out to Arlington reef last Saturday and it was a great day. Fellas I went with were all about the bait on the reef's and with my little bit of experience catching snapper down in brissy I was intent on proving my technique to a couple of very doubtful fellas. We were in 30 Ft of water and I rigged up a 7" gulp minnow on a 3/8 head and cast it out. Both the other fellas were watching closely haha. 2 more casts and a bit of a touch, paused, then I was on! After a short but good fight a nice trevally came up, my pb of 62cm! The other boys were truly amazed whilst they sat there not even getting a bite on their bait. We pulled up anchor and moved spots to about 80 ft and not having the right size jighead I joined the bait crusade. First drop left it for about 30 seconds got a touch, struck and I was on again! It felt pretty big but wasn't fighting at all until all of a sudden the 100lb braid and almost locked dragged started screaming. I was starting to get worried about being reefed but after a few more hard runs up came my first sharky mack! and measuring in at exactly a metre! haha now apart of the metre club! After this we moved around a bit and you would usually pull up something every time you dropped your bait down though majority of it was undersized fish. The only other legal fish I landed was a 50cm red throat emperor, fought exactly like snapper! And my mate also caught a 43cm coral trout. After we finished fishing we headed over to Green island for a swim and some late lunch (fresh cooked fish). When we anchored up we were greeted by a massive trevally swimming around in the 2m deep crystal clear water. We threw a bit of bait out and it was slamming it off the surface and soon enough we had 2 GT's and 2 Black Trev's...stupid green zones! I woulda loved to throw out a popper! Very good day and a decent feed for all of us. Dying to get out again!