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  1. elops


  2. Pretty much it Ray. Darren is right over the other side of Cooroy. Hinterland is one of the 3 commercial hatcheries that supplies Mary fingerlings. He also volunteers at Gerry Cook. Small numbers of fingerlings stocked across SEQ last year. LAFMA stocked a good amount with SWFSA and EMFM also stocking. 7500 into the Mary catchment from Gerry Cook. Sorry for the late reply got busy.
  3. elops

    Togas on the bite

    6ft long and approx. 700lt is that a 6X2X2 ?
  4. elops

    Togas on the bite

    Was wondering how that Toga went did it heal up ?
  5. You are the only one who would respond Ray. Trailer paid for its rego a thousand times over with the amount of free or nearly free fish that it transported in one season alone. Add up the total benefit to PRFMA and other groups that received fish transported in it(yes Barry I delivered over 150K Bass to other groups for free in it) and it staggers me that such a resource(purchased with a grant from the Community Benefit Fund) has been sold to a commercial operator. I would also add that in the pics from the release I see one single member who supported Project Kurwongbah from the outset. Plenty there who were against it (voted against it and stopped the first attempt to get it off the ground and subsequently) now taking credit for Shaynes and others hard work.
  6. Well done to Binder and Ferg for getting the Mary's into the Caboolture catchment today. Gave me great pleasure to send these off this morning and finally bring to fruition the hard work done by Shayne D all those years ago. Wish that there were enough to do a full stocking.
  7. Why does Hanwood now have a trailer that was purchased with a grant from the Community Benefit Fund by a Community Group Ray ?
  8. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you James been busy. Not having a go at you just trying to educate. Immediately is because male fish may abandon the nest, less than 20 seconds on one observed occasion and the nest was abandoned. Nest that I got the screen from today in the hatchery pond I saw the male swim out as I approached it. Got closer and saw the spawn, took me ten minutes to prepare to get the screen out, the male did not return to the nest. Carefully as late stage females will reabsorb their eggs if not handled very carefully. Best thing to do if you catch one in closed season is to net, remove hook in net and let it out without lifting it from the water. I do not collect broodstock or handle females after 1st of July. In your pic you can see the weight of the gut cavity hanging down unsupported, this pressing down on the ovaries is what should be avoided. Unfortunately the people you have fished with have no real understanding of the biology of the fish, or how to handle them during breeding season.
  9. Algae pond is for the zooplankton to eat, which the fry eat not the actual algae. EM/Baroon guys are coming tomorrow Ray so should be fine. Trying for another spawn pretty happy to get 3 from 2 pair though. Makes you wonder how old mate could not get a spawn with 8 pairs.......... ps those LED lights you made for me for the plankton harvesters work well.
  10. You could release It "immediately and carefully" there is a good reason the regs are worded "must be released immediately and carefully" a net is handy if you are not confident without one, much better than lip grips.
  11. Reg change was posted on here many times, you in fact thanked the poster twice that I can recall. Looks like a girl, late stage at the end of September, most likely reabsorb her eggs. />http://www.australianfishing.com.au/queensland-freshwater/442489-changes-to-freshwater-regulations-from-1-2-2015-important
  12. Can not understand the reasoning behind this Andrew, take fish out for a commercial operator to sell fingerlings back to you. That is if you had money to buy them. Where are the replacements going to come from ?
  13. Its closed season James, what are you doing ?