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    Hi all,
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  1. Hi all, I've managed to squeeze in a couple of sessions over the past month in Nerang and the broadwater. Ticked off a couple of first for me. A couple of squid on top water lures, and a flute fish, as well as the usual bream and flatties. Loving having a boat now and I can get the kids out a little more. We took them to CIW yesterday where the eldest landed 2 bass and the youngest a bream.
  2. Hi Angus. 
    I just this spam message from a member on here.
    Not sure if they're a regular member.


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      He has been removed.


    2. Angus


      Yeah looks like it was spam and has been dealt with :)

  3. Been back out to CIW again. Had a 2 hour solo session. Found 2 active patches and picked up 12 fish in 20 minutes. Most off of large hard vibes, and a few off beetle spins/plastics. cheers.
  4. Yeah mate, we've been getting a lot on white plastics with beetle spins or smaller profile white spinnerbaits.
  5. I've been hitting CIW with a couple of mates a bit in search of bass again. It's been pretty hit n miss in there lately, mostly only small fish. The number of Tilapia seems to be growing and there's several large goldfish up in the creek section as well. Also been up in the various creeks running in the hinterland, again not large fish fish by means, but they do put like to put on a show.
  6. keen_as

    Tinnie Build

    Cheers Ray, I looked at getting the Kota like most people would, but for the price of this one I thought I may as well give it a try. No complaints so far, it's quiet, pull's the hull along at around 5k sow according to gps with 2 people and gear, hopefully they'll make a retro fit system for the GPS model that would be nice.
  7. keen_as

    Tinnie Build

    I just screwed down the side sections to keep them in place. I ended up using some 17mm form ply and sealed all the cut surfaces with marine varnish.
  8. keen_as

    Tinnie Build

    Hi all, I've been slowly making mods to the little sea sprite that I purchased a couple of months ago. It's now a much more fishing friendly rig. New bow mount plate, fully welded front and rear deck frames, weld filled old transducer holes and added a transducer mounting plate, and added a battery tray. Also added a bow mount electric. I took it out for test run yesterday, sooooo much better to fish from now. Just have to play around with weight distribution but seems pretty good so far.
  9. Wow, that was lucky no one was hurt. Dodgy nuts or tampered with?
  10. Slightly hung over, and just 2 hours sleep. I was smiling on the inside
  11. Hi all. So I teed up a session the night before Christmas eve with a Facebook mate. His been trying hard for a long time to get an SEQ jack on a lure, so I thought we may as well go and have a crack at getting the monkey off his back. We set out around 4:30am and launched in Nerang, the air was warm, skies slightly overcast, and not a breath of wind. We made our down stream to one of the many rock walls lining the river, and began casting top water baits. A couple of casts in, my little zip baits fakie dog got smashed from hard up against the wall, but the fish spat the hook. 3 casts later bang, this time the hooks stuck, and after a few tense moments (hoping the 6lb leader would hold up to rubbing on the pylon,) a lovely juvenile QLD groper was in the net. After that, I landed a couple of bream in the mid 20's. We were getting plenty of interest on our lures, but the fish were swiping at them and pushing them away. After a while we moved further down stream and Reggie put in a cast that bounced of a rock and as soon as his lure hit the water there was a big commotion, the short fight ensued and he had his first jack on board. At first we thought he had Moses, but after netting it and seeing the smile on his dial there was no mistake. It was a Jack. We continued fishing top waters until around 11:30am, and the fish were all to happy to keep having a crack them. Reggie missed a big GT and a couple more jacks, I suspect my missed fish were bream. Some were taking 4 or 5 hits at the lure before turing away. Looking forward to hitting it again soon.
  12. keen_as

    Bought a boat

    Hi all, I finally bought a boat. Nothing huge or brand new, just little 3.7 Stacer sea sprite, with a 15 USA model Merc. I've been fishing from a Native Slayer 13, but after having multiple issues with it I sold it. I was going to get a Hobie PA14, but I started looking at tinny's as the Mrs and kids wanted to start coming out with me now and then. I've had a few outings in now over the past 3 weeks and so far it's been awesome. The kids are loving it too. I'll be getting casting deck frames welded in front and rear, and a new bow mount hopefully after christmas or at least in time for Bass electrics. .
  13. These light's a more just so I can be seen at night, as well as a bait attractant . I did a mock up and sat in the yak prior to finally sticking them down. They're well out of my line of sight.
  14. Hi all, I was looking into getting a lighting kit for my Slayer 13, and was lucky enough to win a SuperNova basic lighting kit on an online comp. I'll be purchasing another kit containing rear lights (same as front set,) and a smaller se of cockpit lights. The quality of these lights is excellent, the outer case feels tough, the backing tape sticks firm and doesn't feel like it'll peel easily at all. The kit comes with everything required, x2 light strips (in basic kit.) 1 rubber boot toggle switch, a cleaning pad with xylene for pre wiping where the lights will be stuck down, cable management clips, and 6' of extra cable. These are made in USA, and are nothing like the cheap Chinese ebay rubbish. The kits come in blue, green , red, and white.