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    Love to fish but still a newbie. Going from bait fishing to soft plastics and have no idea what techniques colours etc to be using. But its all trial and error isnt it.
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  1. jhedrick

    Jumpinpin Pointers

    I've already been. I will put up a report tomorrow. I can definitely say that 50km winds are not as fun as they sound. I will remember this for next time though. I just caught heaps of herring which don't live that long.
  2. jhedrick

    south queensland Choices Are Hard

    I was thinking about chasing some mud crabs but I only have limited freezer space and they aren't girls favourite food. I love them though. I definitely want to catch more cod that's for sure. So tasty
  3. jhedrick

    south queensland Whale Shark Video From Saturday.

    I love this video by the way it's amazing
  4. jhedrick

    south queensland Choices Are Hard

    Yeah I'm pretty unsure what to do. I think this wind is going to stuff me up but if I can hold on till the next morning it should be good fishing. I'm actually trying to target anything big.and tasty. Apparently there is some wreck in the bay I might check that out.... Or I might just go to jacobs well lol. Might just be easier
  5. jhedrick

    south queensland Choices Are Hard

    Hmm that's peel
  6. jhedrick

    south queensland Choices Are Hard

    Good morning guys, I finished work this morning and have had a couple, but I'm thinking about taking my boat out and sleeping on it for the night tomorrow night. I've recently just brought an underwater light to attract bait/squid but I'm so torn on where to go. Last time I went out I hit up jacobs well and had a lot of success. I was thinking about doing the same again and testing out this new light, with the hope of a jew fish... But I'm also thinking I could go out tomorrow during the day and sleep in horse shoe bay but have my light on to attract squid near the western side rocks. Then once it hits an hour or two before high tide maybe hit up a reef or something. I don't know what is going well in the bay at the moment. All I know is that it's never as productive as I think it's going to be. Anyway I know the wind my be an issue at points but I suppose what I'm really after is someone to tell me where to go. High tide is during the night and just on sunrise so I probably need to figure out what I should do. I'm unsure where to catch live bait in the bay but I know plenty of places in jacobs well. All suggestions welcome guys. Hope everyone is having a good day Cheers Jordan
  7. So I grilled the cod up that night. All I can say is that I want to catch 2 decent size so I have a couple of fillets for the freezer. Words can't describe how amazing it tasted with just butter oil salt pepper garlic and fresh parsley and lemon. I want more
  8. jhedrick

    Jumpinpin Pointers

    I think I might give this a shot next week. I have never caught a jew before
  9. Anyone got any GPS coordinates where I should anchor?
  10. So I went out for a fish the other to try and catch a threadfin. This is my 8th attempt at doing so and no luck. I couldn't catch any prawns as bait but caught a bunch of herring. I fished right up against the pillar almost into the "no go zone" as my anchor decided to take me for a ride. All we got was a nice cod and a sting ray. Any advice on better spots to anchor up or what bait to use for threadfin? I think I might need a hand with this one. Anyway here is a photo of the little fella
  11. jhedrick

    Do I Take The Doeruperer?

    Oh jebus, I know someone who did something similar but just kept. On paying the money to keep it at berth and didn't have time to fix it. Then when he tried it was more money than its worth. I know I would be staying clear of it. But if you think that you could potentially make Money from it in the future then why not do it. Good luck either way
  12. jhedrick

    south queensland Jacobs Well Last Tuesday.

    I asked the dude why and he said it happens all the time. Which sucks when you are putting in premium. Either way I could still get around with one cylinder cranking. Better than getting marine rescue out
  13. jhedrick

    south queensland Jacobs Well Last Tuesday.

    So my boat has been serviced and there was water in the fuel tank. I've replaced most of the gear my mate lost but haven't got a new cast net yet. I was planning to go out next Tuesday to the same spot but I'm thinking I might do some work on the boat and wait for some stuff I ordered to come in before jumping the gun. I've got a piece of allum that will support my bait board and I have one of those green underwater lights to attract fish coming in next week. Plus a pressure washer to make things easier for when I come back after taking the boat out. Anyway I'm thinking about going back to there or spending the night out in Moreton Bay. Has anyone ever slept the night out there on their boat? Any good spots to anchor up. I was thinking peel Island. Anyway how good are boat accessories? Hope everyone is having a good weekend because I know I'm working. Cheers Jordan