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  1. riz

    Re-naming A Boat

    Hey everyone, finally have decided to bite the bullet and get a new (2nd hand) motor for my tinny. I had trouble selling just my hull, so decided to keep it and give it a new lease on life. I am very spiritual minded person and strongly believe in a proper re naming ceremony. The last trips i had in it did not go well, so i want to do it properly. Has anyone done it properly?
  2. riz


  3. Also forgot to add, can see running all tests are welcome
  4. Up for sale is my 2007 Electric start mercury. Unsure of the hours, have had all services done, had a major service earlier this year. All came back with good reports. I was going to sell it with the cmc trim and tilt, but a trip yesterday saw the ram get a stress fracture. I am selling this with the whole unit but willing just to do the motor. I am asking $1750 there is a photo of the cmc unit. Reason for selling is i want to upgrade to a 4 stroke when the right one comes up , happy to hear any constructive criticism. The motor is still on the boat
  5. Price has been dropped to $4900 ono all registered , just had another service
  6. hey bassybassybrus i do! shoot me a message
  7. Hi drop bear, yep it is a nice little boat. i might have to drop it further but i dont want to give it away.
  8. Re heating this!! price has dropped to $5750 ONO!!
  9. Putting price down $6250.00
  10. Hey everyone, Im putting up for sale my viper 4.2 meter tinny to have the money in my bank for a small fibreglass boat. This is a pressed plate tinny with 2mm sides and 3mm bottom with a electric motor bracket. It is powered buy a 30hp mercury electric start with electric tilt and trim on a seperate unit called a cmc. Boat, trailer and motor all 2007. Has grey scale lorance fish finder, gme marine radio, navigation lights and bilge. Im un sure of the hours of the motor, i was very biased towards yamaha before i bought it but this mercury has been awsome it has never let me down once, the only thing i have to do to it was get the starter changed this was done about a month ago buy coorparoo marine, always serviced even when i havent been using it all services have been done buy coorparoo, i also got them to change my wheel bearings, trailer lights and plug for the car. Im not going to say this this is the best offshore boat because its not however i feel if you re power, maybe add a hydrofoil or permatrim and distribute the weight it would be a good boat for this i have been offshore from the goldcoast a few times in the right weather and it has done fine with plenty of power with two dudes fishing gear etc, but it is an awsome boat for the bay and rivers i have regualry fished the bay and the broadwater in this. I had plans of re powering but im going to try and sell it when the right boat comes up next. I had many a firsts in this boat from catching my first coral trout, seeing crocodiles in the proserpine river, exploring hook and whitsunday islands, catching reefies off st bees and keswick in mackay, exploring islands off seaforth, dugongs in hervey bay catching my first mackerel and tuna in the bay and catching my first jack down the goldy. The work i have had done to it is i got Galilee marine welding to weld in a false floor up the front to store my esky, i built the under floor storage box and built my seat bracket and my friend whos an electrician him and i put in the radio. The boat does have a dent in the port side but this has not caused any structural damage. Boat and trailer in good condition and motor in very good condition, oh and the battery is new about 3 months old, i have not used it since its last service. Please holla at , if your interested an im more than keen in taking you out to see if you like it. Price is $6500 ono, i have already had a few offers and dude was supposed to come round but never rocked up
  11. riz

    Pumpkin Island

    nope none at all, just wanted to check it out and fish around islands
  12. riz

    Pumpkin Island

    we will be going in a mates 4.2 tinnie with a 40hp 4 stroke or mine of the same size with a 30hp
  13. riz

    Pumpkin Island

    Hey everyone, I am keen on checking out pumpkin island and doing a bit of fishing in the esturarys around yepoon. Myself and another friend are keen to check it out in about 6 -7 weeks. I was wondering if this time of year would be ok to get out to the islands? i remember when i lived in mackay a few years ago and this time was still quite windy for some reason, also would this weather be ok for fishing around the islands then? and would have the flood debris be gone buy then? Thanks heaps
  14. riz

    Oil Puddle

    Thanks ellicat I'll let her chill until the mechanic