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    Relocated from Vic for a lifestyle choice. Have done trout fishing to Game fishing. Started with catching bass and now enjoying mud crabbing, prawning and now getting into spinning for Tuna & mackerel. Getting into the offshore fishing Marlin,Mackerel, Mahi,Mahi and reef fishing.
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    Fishing camping
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    Offshore and Reef Fishing
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    Softplastic Lures
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    Jackal, Gobbler SP
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    Murray Cod 1.1m

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    Yellow fin 45Kg
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  • Grassy Sweetlip
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    Mako 55kg
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    103cm Golden
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  1. My Mate is not into trolling much so we'll have to see about a Sailfish. Most of the time will be the Estuaries I think, chasing Barra.
  2. Here's what you're aiming for. He looks a like more like you, than me.
  3. 1770 getting closer by the day for you.
  4. Thanks everyone for the good wishes. I hope the fishing is good locally and you all get amongst them.
  5. No need to travel far when you know how fish I'd go out just to catch the Mosses perch.
  6. Congrats on your first SP flathead. The more you use them the more your confidence will grow. One advantage is at a drop of a hat you can go fishing without having to stop for bait. Here's what your aiming for. 104 cm
  7. Just about sorted for the trip. Leave to Perth on Thursday and back end of August. See you all when I get back, might take a little while to write the report. Rods in a rod tube, now to throw some clothes and camera equipment in.
  8. Great session, Always satisfying to catch fish after a long time off the water.
  9. Thanks for your support Steve. PM sent
  10. It's never fun and I try my best to not have this happen on the boat. Just in a rush trying to pack and a small mishap.
  11. The boys had some nail pinchers which did the job.
  12. Thanks Steve, Predominantly in the bay for snapper the 3.75' jerk shads and 3' curl tails work the best on a 1/4oz jig head for most applications. 3 colours you could choose from are Mangrove Mauler,Tournament Snapper and Aged copper. (don't feel obliged to buy all 3 colours, just giving you a choice ) The Mangrove Mauler & The AGed Copper have color changing properties depending on which angle the the light that hits them. If it is overcast they darken and if sunny they take on a more translucent appearance. Here is a small vid I did last week showing the how they change. joined_video_ba4b2975fdf849a98e2f81c40c100aaa.MP4 Thanks Wayne (3) Gobblers Lures - Videos.html
  13. One week before l head to WA for the big Kimberley trip. It has been a busy time taking over the Gobblers business, doing some orders, flying to Melbourne for work and getting gear ready to pack. In the process of doing this l had my worst hook in the finger moment and I wasn’t even fishing. I had a hand full of lures and while trying to pick up my jig bag full of heavy jigs. It slipped and one of the lures got caught in it and then as it dropped the hooks pulled into the finger. Lucky they were small hooks. Kids cut it off for me and it pulled out easy. We have extended our 10% off sale till the end of month if anyone wants any. Use the code MYS19 at checkout. I want my wife to be busy making them while I’m off enjoying myself.
  14. We are up and running as of Saturday and have 3 orders already. As a new start special we are offering a 10% discount for a week for customers that would like to try them. Just visit our website and use the code MYS19 at check out and the 10% discount will be applied. (I sought Angus's permission before posting this and he is alright with it).