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    Relocated from Vic for a lifestyle choice. Have done trout fishing to Game fishing. Started with catching bass and now enjoying mud crabbing, prawning and now getting into spinning for Tuna & mackerel. Getting into the offshore fishing Marlin,Mackerel, Mahi,Mahi and reef fishing.
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    Offshore and Reef Fishing
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    Jackal, Gobbler SP
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    Murray Cod 1.1m

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  1. Great report. The scenery looks awesome in the national park. Looking forward to getting back to 1770 whenever time allows. Congrats on the PB CTrout.
  2. Derby is where we launched I’d have to do a measure on Google maps for the distance. I would estimate 350km from Derby.
  3. Here's a few more photos from the trip. Selfie Fueling up Langi Beach Land based Barra
  4. No it’s not Luke. It Bob from Hot Reels Pro Fishing Charters. I learnt a lot from him.
  5. Good luck all that go. I can’t go but I did get s fix on the weekend at Hervey Bay. I didn’t catch this but did net it. 12.7 kg amazing fish. Scarlet Sea Perch or Large mouth Nannygai
  6. I don't see a need for separate bin for discarded fishing line. There are already rubbish bins provided so, if discarded fishing line is not put in them ATM then providing a dedicated bin is not change the grubs behaviour. I think the money could be put to better use.
  7. No a small hatchet, We only took a few for a morning snack.
  8. Ok, I'm feeling guilty. Here is one of the highlights of the trip. We were fishing the incoming tide in a small inlet, I hooked up to a nice fish and then things didn't feel right. When the fish surfaced it had a croc attached to it. We played this for quite a while but, I have edited it down. Eventually we got the the fish alongside the boat with the croc still hanging onto it. Not to be beaten Brett persuaded the croc to let go after a few death rolls and splashing. This part somehow got lost in the editing process To our surprise the barra took off once the croc released it grip and I quickly got back to the boat and into the net. In the excitement I claimed the lure to be a 4" paddle tail, but it was a 6" I underestimated again. Remarkably the fish only sustained a small bit of damage between the gill plate and the wing fins. You will see that in that in the photo. We were only in 1.2 meters so it got the adrenaline pumping when the croc came up.
  9. I am sorry I can't be more active at the moment. I jump in as soon as I get a chance but don't have time to read the posts. Here's so more photos. Sorry Drop Bear. You need to be very aware whenever you are near the water up there.
  10. Ok, one of the highlights was hooking a Barra and the fight was strange. When we got a look at it a croc had the Barra in its mouth! I was not impressed, Brett started the motor and while I played it back to us and then finally got it beneath the boat. ( we were only in 1.2m of water) As the Barra came up Brett gave the Croc a little tickle with a pole and it released its grip. Much to our surprise the Barra took off in a flash only, he was still connected to the line. Very quickly I played it back to the boat knowing the Croc would be right back on it and our hoots of excitement rangout when we netted the biggest Barra for the trip landed at 90cm. Lost estimated 4 meter plus Barra's between us. We got it all on video so I will edit it and post it for you to see for yourselves. Here's the photo of the big girl. Unfortunately the croc had done some damage and you can see between the Gills and the wing fins. Otherwise it was in fairly good nick after the croc did the death roll with it in its mouth. More to come.
  11. I've got to back on here more. Missing so much, hard to beat the Whitsundays.
  12. Not me, although the wind is light I would expect the slop to take a while to calm down. (If I had the time I would still go)
  13. G'day everyone, I am back from an amazing part of Australia and have some stories to tell and things to share. There is a lot to catch up on with real work and the new lure business also, I will get to photos videos etc as soon as time allows. Rather than doing a full report with heaps of photos etc like i would normally, I will be doing small videos and releasing photos slowly to get whatever mileage I can to promote the business. (I don't expect I will be doing a trip like this for a very long time so I need to make the most of it). I am expecting to release small videos of the trip on FB and the Gobblers web site so if you would like to follow that part of the journey you can. One of the best investments I made before the trip was to buy that drone. It gives a whole new level of appreciation when you see where we were and the amazing places we saw. Here is a small sample of what I mean. Cheers Wayne
  14. My Mate is not into trolling much so we'll have to see about a Sailfish. Most of the time will be the Estuaries I think, chasing Barra.