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    Relocated from Vic for a lifestyle choice. Have done trout fishing to Game fishing. Started with catching bass and now enjoying mud crabbing, prawning and now getting into spinning for Tuna & mackerel. Getting into the offshore fishing Marlin,Mackerel, Mahi,Mahi and reef fishing.
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    Offshore and Reef Fishing
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    Murray Cod 1.1m

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  1. Going well thanks @kmcrosby78 so busy with social media stuff leaves little time for other sites now. Hope everyone else is still going strong
  2. All good colour choices, Hamish. I tried up loading a video of a Barra bow wave as it chases down a 6" paddle before smashing at my feet then doing some tail walking before I land it. It failed to upload I'll try again later.
  3. Redfin are very cannibalistic and we use to touch small Rapala's with red nail polish for the fins. Black & Gold is a good combination in dirty water for the silhouette, gold sparkle seems to work better than silver in dirty water. Looking at most spinner baits for cod they are gold because of this exact reason. They are very aggressive feeders and nail just about anything.
  4. This was sent into me yesterday by AFO member Shane Ovington who is in Bowen QLD. He said they got many around the 70 cm mark. I was grateful he took the time to photograph one for us. Solid fish. Hyper Bubblegum 4" paddle did the trick.
  5. Yes, would do it again in a heart beat.
  6. You're most welcome. I'm lucky I had notification still turned on otherwise I may have missed this. The places where you find Barra can be some of the best this country has to offer.
  7. Thanks for thinking of us. Our 4” & 6” Paddle Tails worked very well on Barra, Jacks, Threadfin etc Colours like Deadly Gold, Bronze Aussie, Aged Copper, Squid ink & Red Pepper we found the best colours. If you have any other questions you can message us from our website or email cheers Wayne
  8. I rang to see how you guys went but Lance must be screening his calls these days. You got some great weather and the small tides may have contributed to the slow bite. You still got some amazing fish to bring home. That's a cracker photo of Tugger in crystal clear water. I'm chaffing to get up there again. Got do lots of product testing @Luke Landrunner
  9. Cheers Davo, My advice here would be don't fish for small fish with Gobblers and hook the fish in the hinge of the jaw it saves bite offs. But seriously, the injection machine once set up would allow for me to shot 2 colour lures which we will look at down the track. I hope to get back on here and contribute in the New Year. Everyone please have a Merry and safe Christmas. Cheers Wayne
  10. Hi @davostephens, I have not been on here basically since we took over Gobblers 5 months ago because we have been busy working on improvements in many areas of the business. Receiving all feedback is the best way to do this. I do agree with you on the paddle tails being thin in profile and the jig head is larger when you look down on it. Ideally if I had designed them I would have made them thicker however, in saying that they have a great action and and when you lift them you can feel the vibration through the rod similar to a vibe. The Paddle style we have is more like a boot style which instead of just the tail moving it also gives the body a slow wobble roll on the retrieve as well. Offshore I'm the same as you I mostly use Jerk Shads and if rigged straight, on a fast retrieve the tails beat just like a real fish and look amazing. The Zman have advantages as each different brand of lures do, it's a matter if the advantages they offer are the best for your style of fishing. Yes, I understand what you are saying about the Zman being durable and not many lures will stand up to scissor like mackerel teeth. If durability is top of your list on what you look for in a lure then Zman is probably your best option. Some of the advantages our lures offer are; we have lures that change colour in different lights, you don't have to store them in there own individual bags to stop melting each other, they do not distort worm proof boxes, out of our 24 colours we have only 4 that have additives that will bleed on to other colours, you can store most of the colours together meaning far less storage requirement, we are available for questions and advice on what colour lures to use, we customize kits for customers, we will happily recycle plastics if customers would like to return them. The range of colour have been developed for the many varying conditions and bait fish we encounter in Australia. I have always been of the opinion that I spend a lot of money on the gear & boat, that when I throw a lure and want to catch a fish I go with what I think I have the best chance of getting a bite with. If this means I lose a SP on each fish I get I'm not so worried. I think it depends on the fish your targeting, I've caught 5 Trevelly on the one lure and other times I'll get 1 or 2 tuna on a lure where you have experience only one hit before having to replace them. I know of other brands I have tried and they are a lot softer than ours and every bite means a new SP, but many people swear by them. We have some customers asking us to make the lures softer and others that ask they be harder. Over the years the formula of the plastic that Gobblers has developed is a happy medium between action and durability. Way before I was even involved with Gobblers Lures I used Zman and they catch fish no doubt however, for me personally I found them hard to push the hook through straight and very bouyant requiring a heavier jig head weight to compensate. The TT jig heads were developed for the Zman's because they were continually slipping down the hook and they required super gluing. As I said earlier all different Brands have Pros & Cons and you spend your money where you think it is most value. After a while I have worked out which jig heads suit the plastics I use and the way I fish them. I do envy where you live with the variety and size of the fish you have available. We appreciate the feedback and thank you giving us a go. Good fishing to you. Cheers Wayne
  11. Great report. The scenery looks awesome in the national park. Looking forward to getting back to 1770 whenever time allows. Congrats on the PB CTrout.
  12. Derby is where we launched I’d have to do a measure on Google maps for the distance. I would estimate 350km from Derby.
  13. Here's a few more photos from the trip. Selfie Fueling up Langi Beach Land based Barra