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  1. Yeah went with paternosta rig and pretty big lead as the current was ripping. Everyone said I was mad until I was landing fish while they mucked about untangling each others lines. We used squid and strip baits. A bit hard to find livies in the warmer water this time of year. Iron jaw was what Damo named it, pert of the job fish family. Will be interested to see how it tastes Thats a big mahwong in the tray. We tried to revive it and let it go but it was cooked so one of the guys took it home for his neighbour that he hates. The iron jaw is between the moses perch and the tuskies
  2. I got away over the long weekend up to my block at Agnes Water. I had booked a day on Hooked on 1770 charters run by Damo. (Highly recommend him, he works hard to get his crew a feed). We headed out about 20 mile to our first spot in nice conditions. A couple of Tuskies hit the deck at the first drop but that was it. We spent the next few hours working hard to cratch up a few fish. There was a heap of current with the new moon and things were tough. But as i said Damo works hard and he kept moving and we ended up out on the eastern side of Fitzroy and started to fill the esky. I ended up with 4 nice RTE, 3 trout, 3 tuskies, an Iron Jaw, a moses perch and a few hussar. Out of the 7 of us on the charter I reckon I did ok
  3. 4 inch gulp Minnow in green prawn. Killer for flattys and jewies love them too Seed&cgid=BCF035010#prefn1=brand&sz=60&prefv1=Berkley&start=26 4 inch Zman Streakz - Snapper lollies!! Also rig them weedless, fill the hollow belly with S Factor and chuck it out the back of the boat/kayak as a sleeper rig and wait for the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 5 inch Gulp jerk shad - Tuskies, pearlies, snapper, Nannygai etc White&cgid=BCF035010#prefn1=brand&sz=60&prefv1=Berkley&start=41
  4. Must admit I've been pretty slack. Heading up to 1770 this weekend for an offshore adventure. Weather looking awesome at this stage, who knows, may do another report
  5. We got 146mm of rain Friday night and into Saturday morning so when I set out for a fish as the tide came in on Saturday after the last of the scuds rolled through I didn't hold too much hope as I've learnt the flat ones don't fire up immediately after a big deluge. It usually takes a day or two. I decided to go have a poke around anyway. Seems I was right. Only one flatty landed that went 43cms. I let it go and decided to take the kayak out the next morning and fish the top of the tide in close to the mangroves. So I arrived at my launch spot at 4am and turned the car off. Then I restarted it and headed home because I had left my rods at hime. Luckily I only live 10 mins from my launch spot and I was back and on the water at 4:30am as the first of the light started to become visible on the horizon. There was plenty of bait around and there were swirls aplenty so I was feeling confident. By 5am I had my first flatty that whacked the 4inch Gulp curl tail grub as soon as it hit the water. After a fun little tussle on the light gear I had it in the net. A nice 58cm model. Into the keeper net it went and I continued to hunt around. By 6am I had bagged out. I caught a couple more and let them go and by 7am as the tide topped out they had shut down so I headed in for a cuppa.
  6. Yeah so have mine but mine cop a flogging ng and I must admit I could treat my gear a little better still I’ve had it a good 4 years and I’ve landed a few with it
  7. Yeah mate. 7ft 6in 1-4kg heavy. I run it with 6lb Nanofil and 8lb flouro leader. Casts a mile and handles decent size flathead without a problem.
  8. Hey there fishos, I've been a bit busy and haven't had time to put up too many reports but t here's a vid I made of Sunday's exploits before the bloody northerly wind got up and ruined the day.
  9. I’m up here at the moment relaxing on the land and it’s been very gusty all week.. I’m headed off to the Swains on a 7 day charter leaving Saturday and the weather looks to be coming good ( touch wood) good luck you lot
  10. Fishaman


    Welcome Dash, tell us a bit about yourself and what types of fishing you are into.
  11. Can’t recommend Hooked on 1770 charter high enough. Damo works bloody hard to get you on fish. If you aren’t pulling good fish up after 10 mins from dropping the pick it’s lines up and he moves. He is a quality operator that’s for sure.
  12. Heading to the block up at Agnes day before ANZAC day. Booked on charter Friday 26th so hope the weather improves. If not will get a bit of work done around the shack up there and relax.
  13. I use 6lb Berkley nanofil but it is hard to find so I guess they have stopped making it. I bought some Suffix 6lb the other day for $2.99 a spool. Will try it this weekend. One thing that is reasonably consistent across most braids is the breaking strain is generally overstated so 6lb is closer to 8-10lb etc. On leader I use Berkley vanish. Don't buy actual leader they charge extra. Just buy flourocarbon line. Its the same stuff.
  14. Gumtree is your friend Personally I would be looking for a 4.2 - 4.7 meter tinny (not punt or v nose punt) if you want to head to Moreton or out in the bay. Also wide gunnels. A Yamaha or Honda donk 50hp (40hp at a bare minimum. Don't even contemplate a 30hp). So this one below would be ticking a lot of boxes. Those 2 banger Yammy's are bulletproof. Looks in good nick.