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  1. Fishaman

    First Boat - Which One ?

    Gumtree is your friend Personally I would be looking for a 4.2 - 4.7 meter tinny (not punt or v nose punt) if you want to head to Moreton or out in the bay. Also wide gunnels. A Yamaha or Honda donk 50hp (40hp at a bare minimum. Don't even contemplate a 30hp). So this one below would be ticking a lot of boxes. Those 2 banger Yammy's are bulletproof. Looks in good nick.
  2. Fishaman

    south queensland Where To Go?

    My girls got their first ones on soft plastics in the Passage. Great fun on 6lb
  3. Fishaman

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    I'm hanging around home (Caloundra) Will fish really early Sat, Sun and Mon and be back in before the terrorists are out and about.
  4. Fishaman

    What Are You Up To?

    I’m hooking the boat up and heading off with the missus for ten days up on our 4acres at Agnes Water. No dogs, no kids (well actually my daughter will be up later in our stay for a few days) We hope to get some crabbing done and maybe a play offshore depending on the weather. I’m booked on a charter for the 27th so fingers crossed for good weather. I need some reef fish in the freezer. merry Christmas all.
  5. Fishaman

    south queensland Report - Glorious Day Offshore Brisbane

    Thanks for putting together a top read. A great day by the sounds of it
  6. Fishaman

    north queensland Please Help Me Identify This Fish.

    Looks a bit like a rock flathead to me
  7. Fishaman

    Very Cheap Braid.

    Thanks mate. Just bought 3 reels of the 6lb at that insane price!!
  8. Fishaman

    south queensland Noosa Tips And Tricks

    Bugger. I’m off to 1770 on the 22nd and back on the 2nd happy to take you for a flatty bash in the new year if you want @Drop Bear ?
  9. Fishaman

    south queensland Noosa Tips And Tricks

    What dates you be up this way?
  10. Fishaman

    south queensland Noosa Tips And Tricks

    Up in here (-26.4228811, 153.0492225)
  11. Fishaman

    south queensland Noosa Tips And Tricks

    Not sure where you’d get it in. Small tinny be ok. 5 M might be squishy
  12. Fishaman

    Best Knot To Tie Swivel To Heavy Braid?

    I go with seven. As long as it cinches down neatly it’s fine
  13. Fishaman

    south queensland Noosa Tips And Tricks

    Try Eenie creek in the yak. Might get a jack use google maps for some access points mate
  14. Fishaman

    fishing Help For Pairing Rod And Reel

    I have exactly the same reel paired up to a 7ft 6in Shimano Terez 30-50lb rod. I am running 50lb Power Pro depth hunter braid. Not a lot has dusted me on this outfit so far. Here is my mate using exactly the same outfit catching a few quality fish .