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  1. Hmmm... update. Seems park is closed for feral animal control until end of November then it’s shut for wet season.
  2. wow, I wonder why they did that? Usually it’s open til December and shuts for the wet.
  3. Hey Hamish, thats another great little write up mate. Keep at it and you will be writing for the fishing mags before you know it. Plenty of good tips here about that knob that hassled you. Next time when someone asks where are your parents just say. Dad's just gone to the dunny and should be back in a minute. That will buy you some time to suss the situation and get an escape plan ready. Keep up the reports mate.
  4. 4.2 Renegade with a two banger 50 and a 4.29 Stacer with a 50 four stroke
  5. The motor and leccy were 100% wrapped up so only cosmetic issues for boat. we had a **** load of wind so managed only two days offshore the rest was creeks however it wasn’t mind blowing as far as action went. The journey in and out was a real adventure.
  6. Recently returned from an epic trip to Cape Melville here’s a quick summary for anyone interested
  7. I am heading to the Cape for 3 weeks. Leave this Friday. Should bump into a few big ones hopefully. I'll let you know how the gear I take works. Biggest reel I have is a Saragosa 10000 with 80lb and the Twinpower 8000 with 79lb. Jump onto youtube and look through "Pelagic Pursuit" vids. He loves his Daiwa gear, for jigging he uses 50lb line and lands plenty of good fish.
  8. Built more for casting and fishing shallow (hence light weight and less spool capacity) but has the grunt to turn fish It's light enough to use all day , trust me they are awesome
  9. I have it matched to a Shimano Game Type J PE5 jigging rod.
  10. Ocea 8 PE braid in 89lb has a diameter of 0.315mm. The specs say you can get 275 meters of 0.37mm braid so you can load it up.
  11. Nope it's legit. Also with good quality braid you can get over 200M (I have Ocea PE4 on mine)
  12. Have you looked into a new TwinPower 8000 vs a Stella? 28kg of drag. Light weight. Awesome reel. I got one for my Cape Trip to stop the big ones. Look around and you will get them new for $750 Marry it up with some PE4 Ocea8 Braid and you'll stop almost anything
  13. Driving up towing the 4.5m tinnyr. Crab pots beer and one spare spot left
  14. Cheers mate. Not a family trip. Purely fishing with the lads. Will put your tips on the list of alternatives. Thanks again