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  1. Awww thanks man. What channel you going to be on?
  2. First world problems I guess for some @Luvit might see you out tomorrow. Looks mint so going to try my luck yellow patch and beyond. Hope to see you out there
  3. Hopefully those washers will be enough ... although it did get a bit rough on the way out of the bay. Thanks for the tips
  4. Thanks mate ... held up pretty well. Better than fishing to be honest but will do a separate report on that. Launched from Scarbs and headed to beacons in the search of livies before heading to northern artificial. Bit of mixed swell / tides but the installation held up as far as I can tell. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hi all, Well I finally bit the bullet and grew some balls to install a battery charger for the MotorGuide on my Scout 175SF. I am not that the best at DYI ... and always a bit hesitant to have a crack myself on the boat...especially when it comes to electrical stuff. But after reading a tonne of stuff on the internet and watching the usual YouTube DIY guides I thought how hard could this really be!?!?! After a couple of long pauses over the last week or two thinking I will do it this way or that I finally decided on installing it on the front inside panel of my centre console instead of the right hand side. Thanks @Luvit for the suggestion to use the chopping board...fingers crossed I did this right The thickness of my centre console was just too thin so used an old chopping board a'la jigsaw. Then used s/s bolt and nyloc nuts, washer and spring washer combined with a liberal dash of marine silicon. Fingers crossed I have done the job right ... So far so good and the lights are telling me things are all correct on the 2 x motor guide batteries and crank battery. Although the unit does get pretty warm...hope it doesn't melt the high quality backing plate I am using Going for a spin in the rain tomorrow so will report back on the charge and also the fishing (need some protein!!!) Cheers
  6. Absolutely bucketed down here in North Lakes. Luckily power was fine but boat cover was a bit lose and turned into pool on the boat. Thank god for scuppers
  7. Phewwww...thought I was going a little crazy!
  8. I am in this year! Can't believe it's been 12 months already
  9. I might had a splash last weekend but I am definitely down!
  10. @Old Scaley sounds like a great weekend either way. I need some local places around the bay to do a boat / camp with my 8 and 12yr old boys. By all reports Blakesleys sounds pretty easy...I should be clear I am no outdoor camper but want to be given how much I love being on the boat fishing.
  11. Great trips by both you!! Bloody jealous.
  12. Yeah it was a cracking day ... but bloody weird! were you spinning / jigging in the bay as well?
  13. Hi all, Finally got a small window - family wise and weather wise - to get out for a fish...feels like months but it has only been 3 weeks or so. Was going to hit it super early but decided to have a snooze in and have breakfast with the family before heading off around 7.30 for Scarborough. The weather was looking pretty good with only a blow up from lunchtime onwards. Ramp was a bit busy but still managed to get on the water at 8.30 and just decided to take it easy and headed to the mile in the hope of some Macks...but to be honest I just wanted to get the boat on the water and cruise with the new Merc 90CT...having only 3.5 hrs on it makes me itchy. Highly recommend anyone looking in the 90 bracket to take a look at the Merc as well....bloody awesome, quiet and definitely a bit more downstairs in the torque department compared to the Yamaha 90 - which is a great block as well...and my previously preferred choice. Bit of chop on the way out ... nothing the Scout couldn't handle at 28kts got to the mile and there was only one other boat there anchored. Did my stealth crawl in with the motor guide and just keep eyeballing the sounder seeing ridiculous sized schools going underneath me. I kept spinning but to no avail...moved around the beacon trying to get some livies which was hard going but got two small yakka ... both out on a live bait rig but never touched Spent about 2 hrs with not much to show at all. The other guys got some small Macks but nothing else. Plenty of birds on the surface too with schools blowing up here and there. Had to head home feeling a bit down but still had a cracking day... check out this sounder image it was like for most of the morning.
  14. I didn’t make it in the end sounds like it would have been worth it. I did make it out to the mile on Saturday instead. Heaps bait fish, Macks and Toona around but couldn’t get a bite on any.
  15. @Drop Bear Caboolture River apparently ... It's only up the road for me ... well 30 mins. The ramp is not ideal ... not good for FG but I have hear plenty of Jacks being caught as well further upstream. Still going to hit the Pine tomorrow given the wind is looking crap for a beacon bash although keen for some reef fish...can't go Sunday doh!