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  1. That could be fun...shredded prawns in a mono vermicelli style salad
  2. Yeah I thought a reefy would be a bit weird in that colour water too I take it dusky whaler are good to eat but need a bit treatment beforehand...
  3. Next time I will be taking one home with me
  4. Thanks @kmcrosby78 for the ID ... I thought it might be a reefy but that far into the bay and around the nautical mile beacon? Not that much reef around at all. I love flake (coming from down south), but never confident on how to sort the shark out from the fillets I believe you have to cut the tail off and let them bleed out that way....
  5. Hi AFO'ers, Hit the nautical mile on Saturday to give the new MotorGuide and Merc90CT. Happy to report that both work well and the Scout is even better than before. I can now see why they say an electric will change your fishing forever. Being able to move around the beacon without anchoring quiet as a mouse is just awesome. So easy to catch live bait this way.. I was hoping to get onto some Macks but they seem to be somewhere else apart from a stray undersize. Had a couple livies get smashed hook line and sinker ... Then this ol' chap decided to grab and run...he / she might have been the original culprit as well. Doesn't look like a bull shark anyone got any ideas? Was released for another day. Pulled up stumps and headed towards Tangalooma to get some more hours on the engine. Could see some bust ups here and there but could get anything to take a bite. I knew the engine upgrade was the right choice when I was sitting on 4400 and was doing 26kts and had to keep checking the engine was on! Also love being able to use the Lowrance to control the motor guide ... bloody handy with that shark as I just hit a couple of arrows and took myself away! Not the most successful day but loved it anyway! Tight lines
  6. Poddymullet

    south queensland Offshore With Luvit In Luv-it

    What a trip guys! Love the vid...have to be one of the best I have seen of the Cape! Thanks @Luvit and @benno573 for the footage.
  7. Poddymullet

    south queensland The Pine Fishing (prawning Report)

    you read my mind @Luvit got 4 of them ready to go...I hear you don't want to leave them in overnight? Tomorrow is looking mint on the bay...
  8. Hi all, Been a while since I wrote anything beyond quick replies here and there. What you get for the start of the year and being to flat out already... BUT ... I have spent a fair amount of hours on the new old boat (thanks @Luvit for the advice on the Scout). Have to say I am still totally in love with this boat...took me 3 to get there but I am now. I know my decision to get an open bay FG boat was the right one for me now. I've been across the bay, cockle banks, north artificial and more recently spent a couple of outings in The Pine - trying to pick up the skin of soft plastic flatty fishing and checking possies out for Jews. But more importantly I've now had 2 sessions cast netting for prawns and I have to say if you haven't caught your own prawns before you have to give it a crack. I watched a stack of YouTube videos and still was pretty **** on a 8ft nylon but got a feed, second outing I started using a 10ft top pocket and upped my game. I can see how / why this is so addictive. Coming from down south where you can't use a cast net and spend hours wading through the run out on a full moon with a hand net .... well that is just shite. I've had a couple of comments about using the Scout for pawning but I just laughed and said I don't wear boat shoes so it is all good to get dirty and then just wash it out. Heading out this Saturday / Sunday to the reefs in the morning. Will post some photos and a report! Here are some recent photos over the last couple of months Tight lines all!
  9. Poddymullet

    Luvit's boat improvements

    @Luvit inspirational mate!
  10. Poddymullet

    south queensland Harvey You Little Trimmer - Now With Report

    Great report @Drop Bear ... have to get a trip planned for HB....
  11. Poddymullet

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    Sorry to hear that @benno573 ... I kind of feel your pain. I ended up heading out Saturday morning and Monday... Plan was to hit the nautical mile for a bit of mack action with my eldest son (11), but it was blowing a bit harder than predicted when we go there ... didn't see a lot on the sounder and 2 boats already had primo position up / down current and they weren't getting much either. Made the call to head back to North Reef as drifting up and down the beacon was giving me the S#$ts and my son as well. I kind a new I'd miss the peak but thought I'd be able to rouse up some bream but there wasn't much around so headed to the cockle banks ... 8-10 whiting on board and then called it a day. I've been really keen to try Peel etc but opted for a Pine River session with the new open boat. Can't see we got much action at all but I finally had a crack at cast netting for prawns and whilst I can't my casts were worth sharing I did bring home 18 prawns for about 45 mins effort and lots of excitement from my boys. Have to say fresh caught banana prawns by my own hand are F@#$%ing unreal and I can now see what all the fuss is about... Finished off the afternoon with a 500g ribeye and about 8 beers before passing out on the couch....my kind of long weekend although more fish would have been welcomed but it's all about time on the water.
  12. Poddymullet

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    Was planning on hitting the artificial reef again north of Moreton but the wind is looking bit suspect all weekend...early morning still looks the best time... So Plan B might be some more time drifting across different patches of the bay trying to find some elusive special patches Plan C ... was thinking of hitting the southern side of the bay around Peel and doing some Brisbane River sessions...still to hook a thready or a jewie up here. Whatever it is ... don't care as long as feet are above water and not on land. Happy Australia Day to all
  13. Poddymullet

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    @benno573 if you get a chance share some sounder pics too with all the fish you catch
  14. Poddymullet

    south queensland Any Prawns Happening?

    @Old Scaley full moon on 21 Jan .... reckon The Pine should be good? Water is warm that is for sure
  15. Poddymullet

    To Add Bow Mount Plate Or Not To My Scout 175

    How hard is it to do on your own? I am always wary of mucking around with anything electrical that might lead to failure on the water.