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  1. Hi @straddiebrad, don't think you missed too much. I haven't been out in my boat for a while either and had an uncle that wanted to hit the reclamation rock wall. Original plan was to meet up at Nudge Boat Ramp was for 5.30 but the rain kicked in and we ended up pushing off around 6. Weather was still like soup with some heavy showers but we headed out anyways. It's times like these when you really miss a cabin in the scout. I reckon you would only be able to pass into the bay on the top half of the tide....I might be missing some local knowledge but I went over some 30-40cm spots using the nav! Looked like it might clear up as we headed south across the front of the airport and river mouth. Literally pulled up dropped the electric and threw some soft plastics for a couple of hits before getting pissed on from the side as the showers really kicked in. Son decided he had enough and asked to head in after a solid 25 mins of fishing It didn't look like it was going to get any better so thought about the asking why our son has a cold and decided to head in. I am glad I did it but sad we didn't push through the weather. Was home in a hot shower by 9am!
  2. Great report @christophagus glad to hear you ticked Moreton off your bucket list. As @DropBear mentioned they are great to eat. Just new to cut the blood line out.
  3. Great result! Must have got back early Friday as if was messy lunchtime onwards.
  4. @aussie123 that's a great idea! Should make the job a hell of a lot easier than trying to cut marine ply to shape. And gives me insulation to boot! Now just need to find the bloody time
  5. You are right..it's not the driest but was thinking of putting some kind of lid on the front part. Just trying to get a bit more storage
  6. Thanks mate. I hear they are pretty good
  7. @Drop Bearthanks for the tips. I’m going to have a crack myself. I’ll post how I go over the coming weeks
  8. Thanks @kmcrosby78 ...I will let you know how I go!
  9. Hi AFO members, Looking for a bit of advice on doing a DIY storage job on my forward storage box on my Scount 175SF. It's a 100L plus storage area with great installation and is the forward deck when closed. IT also directly drains so it can be used as a great kill / ice box too. But I want to convert it into a couple of compartments: 1) tackle storage 2) kill tank 3) dry storage. I don't want to change the interior by fibre glassing directly so was thinking of creating a mould that I can just drop in. The bung is on the bottom right hand side so thinking the kill tank on the right hand side (allows me to add some ballast to balance the boat as required. Middle for the tackle storage (I am thinking of 5 large Plano tackle boxes and then just space for other stuff. Lefthand side would be dry storage. The other option is to make the kill tank the width of the bottom Have looked around the forum but can't find anything. What does everything think? Keen to get feedback...or should I go somewhere to get a custom job? The roto moulded stuff looks pretty cool too instead of mucking around with fibreglass but really wanting to do this myself if I can.
  10. What a great report! Thanks @kmcrosby78for sharing. Kids obviously loved it and by the sounds of it they have the sledging already down pat!
  11. Yeah I know ... but they are super keen. Didn't complain too much about not catching fish believe it or not. They are even getting really proficient at fixing their own birds nests! It's great to see them say 'look Dad I fixed it!'
  12. Bugger @Luvit but what an insurance policy! How much does it cost by the way besides the $79 ?
  13. Well...spent close to 11 hours on the Pine for 0 fish...I'd almost say it would have to be my worse fishing trip although the kids really loved it. Gave them 2 bait casters and they did pretty well considered but just couldn't keep the plastics on the bottom I think.
  14. Thanks mate. They love it although there is a fair amount of stress at times between the boys...funny to watch them test each and grow.