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  1. Thanks @tugger for the reminder. Can’t wait to try the ones off Moreton
  2. @Drop Bear sounds like you had a cracker day in the end...I have to remind myself sometimes that catching fish isn't always what it is about (although it is hard not to feel a bit down). Still a good feed in the crate! Must admit have to spend some more time in the south as the north bay is just tough going ... although I hate to say it I reckon I have mastered the whiting fishing up here. One thing I definitely have noticed is that they won't bit much if the bait isn't moving. And generally speaking they prefer it closer to the bottom than floating - guess that makes sense as they are bottom feeders. They still amaze me how hard they hit when they are on. Maybe I should turn my whiting skills into Snapper skills with fresh bait!
  3. Yeah the whole weekend is looking bloody awesome! Hope to finally get some decent fish ...
  4. Can’t go tomorrow but off on Friday. It’s looking like a massive weekend with no wind or swell. Going to take the Scout out wide if I can Friday. Can’t leave until after 9. Might have a spot if anyone interested launching from Scarbs.
  5. Pro tips there for sure @Cobiaaddict! 18th season...that's a massive amount of investment and shows obviously.... Sorry to muddy the post but what Surtees do you have again and why over Bar Crusher?
  6. Hi all, I saw an ad for a JBS 5.2 Centre Cab drop into my FB feed. Seems like they were well built plate boats for their day with fine entry but a flat bum. Seems like a sad ending to what was by the sounds of it a fantastic local QLD boating company that has closed down. Anyone got experience or reviews?
  7. how'd you go @straddiebrad? Looked okay early on this morning ...
  8. what about the bay going and coming? I guess you guys down southside don't have to worry about it like us northies good luck and tight lines!
  9. Wonder if he used a Gobbler? Might have to switch
  10. @Drop Bear yep I did...ended up launching at Nudgee and headed straight for Mud. Have read before that the east side is best. There were some boats out but tried to not do a pirate so stayed away and with no marks just tried to find my own via drifting and chucking plastics chucking plastics ala @Luvit Gobbler style with a white jerk shad. Found some nice rubble patches and a couple of rises with some fish but it was slow going. I did have some whiting frames with me but really wanted to stick to the plan of getting better at the plastic thing (not the gimp suit). So I was pretty excited to get a hit but knew quickly that it was most probably a grinner ... which is was. Still it was good to be able to catch something. Got some more hits here and there a couple of small trash (almost smaller than the jerk shad) then finally landed my first flathead on a plastic! Was under sized but it felt pretty good....I look excited that's for sure. Wind was a bit stronger than expected so decided to pull the pin and head to the reclamation wall and try our luck. Didn't get anything for an hours worth of casting. Headed around to the mouth of River but not much luck either although my deckie finally caught a fish - small Flathead. Had to get back by 12 so headed in. The fish may not have been in the esky but it was a good day exploring and I can see some potential around Mud ... but not sure if I should spend time there or closer to home along the Redcliffe peninsula. BTW for anyone else hitting Nudgee it is bloody shallow at the mouth so take your time on a low tide. I draw about 35cm and got through with the motor trimmed out...
  11. Thanks mate. I'd really like to do the boat camping thing. Take the boys over (8 and 12)...and camp but have the boat close by. I guess the alternative is to just anchor up at Bulwer or close by the wrecks.
  12. Awesome report @Cobiaaddict and love that you released so many freakish fish! I am yet to catch any Snapper of worth in the bay...but I haven't put the hours in dedicated to it yet. Not looking for your marks (always welcome though) but from Clontarf were you still fishing along Peninsula or in the bay? Love that last photo! I'd vote that in for photo of the month for sure