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  1. Thanks mate. I'd really like to do the boat camping thing. Take the boys over (8 and 12)...and camp but have the boat close by. I guess the alternative is to just anchor up at Bulwer or close by the wrecks.
  2. Awesome report @Cobiaaddict and love that you released so many freakish fish! I am yet to catch any Snapper of worth in the bay...but I haven't put the hours in dedicated to it yet. Not looking for your marks (always welcome though) but from Clontarf were you still fishing along Peninsula or in the bay? Love that last photo! I'd vote that in for photo of the month for sure
  3. Great haul there mate! I have to give the SPB a go one of these days. I keep meaning to do the Bar Cross course before hand as well. With my Scout I should be able to handle the bar on a good day methinks.
  4. Actually headed out today. Just to blow some cobwebs off. Did the northern beacons from M4 to Spitfire and then did some drifting to donuts. Think I got I couple of nudges but was small. Also had the pots out in a new spot. Plenty in them just way too small. But good news for summer I guess. Was going to head north again tomorrow but going to Mud and Reclamation wall. Will report back
  5. Yep I have heard good reports about them but you never can beat a real world experience in our bay. By the way is it the runabout or the tournament? I can see the current specs has the fuel tank at 110 or option to go for 140, which one fo you have? and from memory they all come with transom doors?
  6. Hi AFO gang, Been a little quiet on the posting front for the last month or so. Have been doing some fishing here and there with a couple of great trips with @Luvit and @Luke Landrunner off Mooloolaba a while back. That was a pretty awesome day although bloody hell the weather turned shite really quick on the way back but the Grady White kept us safe! Thanks again @Luvit In between have been doing some basic whiting fishing north of Scarbs / Newport and the Cockle Banks with some pretty good success mixed in with some crabs. But I have some more time this weekend and with the weather looking the way it is I might take the Scout past the northern artificial / coffee rocks and try my hand at some reef bashing from Flinders up to Hutchies and around. Anybody been out there recently or heading out on Saturday? All the reports are showing fish fish fish and I'd love to get into some decent reef fish for a change. Cheers
  7. Welcome back and not a bad way to get back into the Bay! Great looking fish
  8. Good luck @fishingnut still haven't ventured that far south...always heading over to Moreton and then north. Will be a cracking weekend for fishing that is for sure!
  9. Thanks Alex. Actually on the look out and did have a look at the Tournament. Where do you do most of your fishing? How does it handle offshore...understand it's not fully fledged offshore hull etc.
  10. Hey guys ... silly question but where do you camp on Moreton? You have to camp in one of the designated camp areas right?
  11. So what do we call that? If it's not Master Baiting...Captain Cook perhaps? Either way takes a lot of practice and hard work Least it was on free spool
  12. Does make you think about using lures. How many fish out there might be like this. But I’ve never caught one with them in the guts.
  13. Couldn’t have gone to a better owner Wayne. Your passion for the product is obvious as are the results. Can’t wait to see the changes for gobblers. I’ll be making another purchase soon
  14. Sounds delish mate. Fresh fish is always good. There is always a method somewhere to make any fish taste great. I’ll have to give that one a go.