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    loves to get out for a fish ,likes camping going away for weekend adventures
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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    berkely frenzy red tiger
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    fresh mullet
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    82cm snapper off the rocks at straddie


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    Motor Boat with Trailer

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  1. straddiebrad

    south queensland Tomorrow Looks Mint - Get Out There

    watch the swell it my come in earlier the expected iam working cant get out for a bit ,15th of march is when i have a chance to go off-shore i guess that will be up to the weather
  2. straddiebrad

    south queensland Burrum Heads

    we will be doing the burrumheads easter fishing comp so hope to have some fish to weigh in and some pics and who knows may win the boat
  3. straddiebrad

    south queensland Burrum Heads

    will know in a week been a long struggle
  4. straddiebrad

    sold Battery (sold)

    just brought 2 my self and have 2 good ones also but mine will go in the 2 tinnies,good buying for someone.
  5. straddiebrad

    south queensland Harvey You Little Trimmer - Now With Report

    get onto them rob have a ball witch i think you will
  6. straddiebrad

    south queensland Burrum Heads

    yer mate taking it down tomorrow arvo to tmc outboards at thornlands
  7. straddiebrad

    south queensland Burrum Heads

    the boat played up so i didnt get a chance to look around but got some bread and butter species witch was fun ,i did asked the grand kids what they love best for the weekend and the youngest one said the best part of the weekend for him was the pub i have to confess it was mine too.
  8. straddiebrad

    south queensland Burrum Heads

    he guys heading up to burrum heads on friday for the long weekend ,has anyone on here fished the area and like to share,as i will be fishing blind up there and would have a clue on where to start,well i plann on heading out and troll around to see what i come across,any help would be great thanks brad
  9. straddiebrad

    Do I Take The Doeruperer?

    i know a bloke that has done one of the old ferries that use to run in the river i will send you his number as he has done a heap of work on them you can chew the fat with him if you like .
  10. straddiebrad

    Turkey Beach

    yes it will just have to work out either to make it a rental or holiday let
  11. straddiebrad

    Turkey Beach

    Can't see why not I am taking the big boat up next week if the weather allows to explore
  12. straddiebrad

    Turkey Beach

    burrum heads its only a small house but its on 1100sqm 2 streets from the beach and ramps so that will do me,i tend to put either 2 houses or 3, 3bedroom units on it in the future
  13. straddiebrad

    Turkey Beach

    yer i heard that too got on the juice with some locals in burrum heads thats a nice place put an offer in on a small house on a big block so will know in a week or so if we get the place.
  14. straddiebrad

    Turkey Beach

    thanks mate but think thats a bit far to go so just waiting on the ok from my broker and i may have a place up in burrumheads.
  15. straddiebrad

    Turkey Beach

    would anyone one here know if there is a pub in turkey beach