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    loves to get out for a fish ,likes camping going away for weekend adventures
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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    berkely frenzy red tiger
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    fresh mullet
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    82cm snapper off the rocks at straddie


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    Motor Boat with Trailer

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  1. yes i need the cash to buy another property,yes the gps marks wont sell with the boat.
  2. (SOLD) have by boat up for sale $48,000 if anyone is interested good solid boat with low hours good seaworthy boat.i have a 6.2 mtr procraft plate boat made by tabs 2013 150hp suzuki four stroke with 200hours on a tandem dunbier trailer,spare wheel,and 4 spare bearings and hubs, vhs and 27 meg radio,585 furuno sounder,garmin gps, live bait tank,140lt fuel tank,deck was,beilge pump all safty gear and epirb boat fenders,sea anchor,and more bits and peices,good off-shore rig very seaworthy and stable boat,if you know any one with a tabs boat you know there good boats any questions just ask.priced to sell,neg
  3. nice haul mate getting more reds each trip hope i can mate the trip and the end of the month
  4. Does wire weed grow that big its 6 meters off the bottom?
  5. iam off until next thursday so might wait until the wind drops a bit
  6. yes it has come up a bit since the other day when i checked
  7. anyone heading out off shore saturday with the westerly should be ok on the other side of the island
  8. yes only showing the first 6meters from the bottom been told it looks like bait and some fish but there not feeding
  9. that is a good spanish bet it got the heart pumping
  10. we had a pretty good start with 3 snapper and a nice parrot and a good cod but had to cut the day short as kurt got a spine through his hobit toe from a 50 odd snapper.any thought what this migh be on the sounder?
  11. might see you out there iam heading to the 33 s or around there,there was a bit on them last time i looked a few weeks ago
  12. mate found it hard to scrap up a feed went saturday couldnt get through the boaties channel close to straddie was a good 2 meters on the bar so went out the northern channel currant was 4-5knts at times but around 3.5 the rest,not many livies on the grounds,heard they were on early and went off the bite around 7.30 in the morning was pretty flat off point lookout the bar was still up around lunch with a solid 2 meters on it good coming in, but was crashing all the way along.
  13. nice fish mark good mixed bagg i might try to head out friday if the weather good