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    loves to get out for a fish ,likes camping going away for weekend adventures
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    berkely frenzy red tiger
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    fresh mullet
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    82cm snapper off the rocks at straddie


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  1. heading up to burrumheads next thursday for a few days fishing with the grand kids we entered the burrumheads easter classic should be fun,with the wind up,at this stage iam towing the new 4.2 blue-fin we wone in the oz-fish classic last year,will try for some bread and butter fish,and put a pot in or 2 and try for a nice muddie.if the wind dies down i will take the bigger boat up.thanks brad
  2. where is rooneys mate dont know witch boat iam taking yet might take the big one if not the bluefin
  3. i will be up for the burrumheads easter classic i hope to catch a few and chat to the locals up there so will let you know
  4. i know mine when i fully charge it its ok as the day goes on it plays up like that so the battery might be good but as it looses charge this may happen,
  5. i have a similar problem with my hook 4 i think mine is a battery problem maybe not enough power,i have now since put a rectifire on hope this helps keep the battery full of power,as mine was fine soon as the battery gets low this happends,
  6. i have it now where you said but still need the wedge to get the back end lower then the front,luvit will send me one then should be sweet.
  7. you have yours alot deeper then they say to put it,on mine they tell you to have it 3mm below the hull,you know how much yours is?
  8. this is were it sits now lance
  9. all sorted thanks Luvit, this is the pic i took as you can see its a bit high
  10. hey guys iam chasing the wedge that goes behind a p66 transducer my tranny is sitting too high of an angle, i did have one but must have thrown it out by mistake,any one got one there not using thanks brad.
  11. if the weather monday was a bit better was going to hit you up if you wanted to go and leave tonight for a friday morning kick off at the ramp and come back monday but it looks a bit ******
  12. didnt go out there the wind was under 8knts most or the day,the night was the windy part of the trip 15-20 most of the night
  13. found them there were a heap yesterday