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    loves to get out for a fish ,likes camping going away for weekend adventures
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    berkely frenzy red tiger
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    fresh mullet
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    82cm snapper off the rocks at straddie


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  1. not sure only got the marks from ran on friday,but i think shane has got some good fish on them at times if there the same containers as i got the marks for 5 only will look next time iam up that way
  2. i managed to get 5 of the marks for the shipping containers that fell off the boat pacific venture i know there were 31 containers that fell over so will not know how many i come across untill i go have a look anyone have any.
  3. should be flat as a tack the next few days any of the channels will be good i guessing your going out before lunch witch means you should have an in out tide so be sweet as on the bar all week ,iam heading out thursday and saturday maybe friday too let us know what the temp is if you go out.brad
  4. be a few taylor around i would say and jew
  5. might go down for a look see you down there
  6. some great fish guys waiting on the chance where everything lines up for me to get back up the good size rt there too
  7. yer mate alot of just under snapper,might get a chance to go thursday,and have another crack at the spanish the water is getting a lot cooler though
  8. head out off point lookout saturday to try and get a spanish,seen dropbear out he pulled some in too, got a mixed bag off reefies some good size moses in spot x,got one blistering run on a live yakka big spanish biggest for me anyway it had a few good runs and one big run at the end and went around the anchor rope after cutting through 2 strands of the rope it broke off only to see the big siler sub swim to the depths next time,was so hard to keep the boat in a straight line with the wind direction we would face out too sea then to straddie but thats fishin .brad
  9. any chance going earlier then sunday?be good to head up friday night
  10. 1770 this weekend for me if we get good weather
  11. lot of good answers thanks guys will let you know what i choose
  12. just for a 4.2 blue fin,not looking for anything special just enough grunt to do some shallow water trolling,so doesnt have to be bow mount but either would do i say
  13. i got too the boggy creek ramp but left my rain jacket at home waited a bit for the rain to go but it didnt so i came home and yes the creek i wanted to fish cant get in at low tide
  14. looking at getting an electric motor for the tinnie and was wondering what anyone on here uses,it will be for trolling the shallow water of the creeks and river entrances any help would be great.brad