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  1. Great spot Burrum, lovely walk set up along the front.
  2. Jimmyjack


  3. Perhaps a bracket over to the rail combined with some sikaflex. I agree I would be careful bolting it on.
  4. yep, been through the steering thing, and basically just buy a new cable. sooner or later it'll probably go again if you leave it for any length of time. When you take it off, measure it so you know what size to buy. Once you have the new one on, make sure you turn the wheel every few days just to keep it from seizing again. Good luck,
  5. They're all wet in side on stuff aren't they. Impressive figures. How's the freeboard?
  6. Unusual to see a 5.5m+ boat with a single axle trailer. How's it go in the rough?
  7. I do have a little bit of a torch fetish, so if I had the coin, I probably would.
  8. I bought one for my brother and it is a brilliant bit of kit. I would buy one every day of the week. As far as I know he's had no issues with operation etc.
  9. pass on my regards. The things he'll do to avoid the symposium...
  10. gotta say if it's not drip proof that's a big fail for me. Temp regulation sounds pretty schmick though.
  11. If you get a 6 inch stormwater pipe you can make a good sealed toolox but putting a cap on one end and a screw top on the other. Throw in a rag soaked in lanolin or add some of the little bags discussed earlier in the post and you'll be good to go.