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  1. hahahahaha I see the funny goes with the name kennedy, being one myself.
  2. I think their spinning and baitcaster reels are made overseas to Alvey specifications but I could be wrong.
  3. I agree, I have a thunnus and two D series baitrunners, and the thunnus is a class above the baitrunners. Not that the baitrunners aren't a good reel. I have a 6 and also a 12 and I use them especially for threadies. I use the 12 out on the reef and it's got good drag. Nice and smooth. They're complicated to replace parts but I had to change the main drive gear in the 12 which was interesting. Ordered the part from shimano and that worked out fine. Thunnus is a really smooth reel.
  4. Those are a cod lure I think? Freshwater lures tend to have a violent action more so than saltwater lures which tend to shimmer more.
  5. They should be there. It's funny how some rivers seem to be full of jacks and some (like the mary in qld) they're quite rare. It might have to do with access to reefs as they migrate from creek and river mouths out to inshore and offshore reefs to mature and breed. This is possibly why north qld jacks caught in the rivers and creeks are much smaller than those in southern qld, and gold coast jacks are amongst the biggest. Just a thought.
  6. Yep and sometimes you'll find the low profile reels carry less than the others. Also for jigging some of the reels don't have the level wind which annoys the hell out of me but some love it, so watch for that. You also need to consider whether it will be used only for dropping or whether you want to cross over with it to do some casting as well, as some reels just won't cast at all well.
  7. That's outstanding economy
  8. I have read that about the thermostat, but then what does that say about the flushing option that yammies and others have to just run water through without starting the motor. Have read a few diverging opinions on this over the years. INteresting though, thanks for bringing that up.
  9. I think this was the issue I had with my 90 Johnson 4S, (rebadged Suzie 90) but managed to catch it in time. When I took it to the outboard machanic he knew what the problem was strgaight away, and fixed it with a weld maybe? Put me off suzies TBH.
  10. Great spot Burrum, lovely walk set up along the front.
  11. Jimmyjack


  12. Perhaps a bracket over to the rail combined with some sikaflex. I agree I would be careful bolting it on.
  13. yep, been through the steering thing, and basically just buy a new cable. sooner or later it'll probably go again if you leave it for any length of time. When you take it off, measure it so you know what size to buy. Once you have the new one on, make sure you turn the wheel every few days just to keep it from seizing again. Good luck,