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  1. Absolutely love your passion Hamish!! I enjoy reading your reports ☺ Like i taught my boys - the golden rule - if you're gonna keep it you gotta eat it ☺ Keep up the good work matey, and Happy Birthday !
  2. @ellicat I would say using lighter line gets a better bite rate for sure - as is the case with most fishing, but if you want to consistently land each snapper in the boat a bit heavier would be wise. We did get 4 in the boat but got busted off on others, but today was a bit of an experiment and to up the challenge.
  3. My son and i headed out this morning for another snapper session. Although this time we decided to change it up a bit, so we left our normal spots alone, and also this was a catch and release session. The challenge was on to try some new ground even closer to the boat ramp and we both decided we were only going to use little 2-4kg bream rods with 8 pound line. I had found some interesting spots on Google Maps at home the other night, so after a short 10 minute trip from the ramp we arrived and sounded around and settled on the likely spot. Baited up our little Shimano Raider bream rods and little Sienna reels, sat back and before too long the little reels are peeling line off ! We managed four Snapper between 60cm and 74cm and then ran out of bait but had a ball, and needless to say we have a new mark to fish at and to research ☺ All fish were sent back down to swim another day.
  4. Great fish Josh ! ☺ And beaut pics too mate Love the beer in the drink holder hahahaa life is good
  5. I use Spotters brand "Cristo" Glass/carbon lenses Awesome $250 a pop though...
  6. Geez fella's you's got to have somethin to figure out for yourselves lol
  7. Cheers @ellicat and a big thankyou to @Hweebe Good luck to all and look forward to seeing some pics on here
  8. Hey @ellicat Loved ya fishing video.... funny as Whole squid Strips are for bream Ask @Hweebe if he can post the link from my bushnbeach article from April/May, im old and dunno how to do it
  9. Yer kmcrosby, sorry i meant still do some more fishing, but switch attention to other species soon thats all
  10. Yea Hweebe and Hamish, the excitement and the challenge keeps us all going back! Catching bait is fun and can be a learning curve in itself. Josh @Cobiaaddict, I'm sure you're not finished with the snapper this season quite yet Notice i crop the background out as best i can? Lol sorry mate couldn't resist hahahaaa
  11. Well its getting closer to Snapper shutdown, all conditions were right on wednesday so decided to head out midweek to a favourite spot near green Island for the last fish for me for awhile. Spent some time the night before having some fun loading up with some locally caught fresh squid. Headed out at around lunch time, with a dead flat bay , and wasn't long before a 75cm snapper on board, and then another 69er After a hectic bite period i sat down pretty much exhausted and i looked up in to the sky because it was so bloody hot for a winters day, and i still thought how crazy it was to be catching snapper in shallow water (6m) at near midday. ( plus i also believe in shallow water once 1 or 2 snapper have been caught the school is spooked for awhile) Oh well, i shrugged my shoulders and decided it was time to crack open a JD and celebrate For shitsngiggles i put the snapper gear away, and baited up a 1-3kg bream rod which i usually use for catching squid on. Deployed a bait down on it and whammo ! The reel starts screaming on the bream rod with only 8 pound line on hahaaa ! The sporting aspect was great fun, although it took about 20 minutes to see colour and a big beautiful 70-80cm snapper came up through the clear green water near the boat. Okay by this time i am huffin and puffin and before i could slide the net under it....... ping goes the 8 pound !!! Lol Off it swam so graciously back down which sorta made me feel all warm n fuzzy inside ☺ Well maybe i had one too many JD's Cause as i packed up to head home i maaaaay have forgot to reel in the bream rod and it flew out of the rod holder into the drink..... wooooooops Still though , gotta be happy with 2 in the pink and 1 in the drink. Until next winter, Green Island Snaps....
  12. Its all good, i found them thanks And good to see the pic back up again
  13. Hahaaaaaaa Wtf? Lol , wat happened to moreton island and the port of brissy lights in the background? Dunno wat ya friends are makin all the fuss about, its only a snapper... Cant seem to find the pics either on here of the ones you's caught this time last year Josh?
  14. Nice snapper lads ! Its christmas in June/July again ay Shweeeeeet ☺
  15. Nice flatty! And hell yea, Yuummm