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  1. Yep good fun and a few laughs Big thanks to Christophagus for organising
  2. You may have passed some of the good fish on the way out to woop woop........ I still remember as a kid fishing " Oi Dad , let's go out deeper for the bigger bream" Then when we re- anchored out deep and caught nuthin, i would cast straight back in to the shallows........ Turns out sometimes the bigger breamies were in the shallows the whole time anyways...
  3. Nice catch What.. no dead cows in the logan today ?
  4. sighhhh................... @ellicat well Brian, you will persist with using shite bait.... geeeeez if you put shite on ya hook, ya gunna get shite back hahhaaa WHATS WRONG WITH YOUUUUUUUUU......... LOL but woooooow glorious day !!!
  5. Hey Sam, some weighted to around the bottom and some a metre or two under the surface with floats we felt unlucky not to have had a better result on that trip, but hey, that's the challenge of fishing sometimes...
  6. Well, no big fellas tonight but thought i might share some interesting pics to help out those just starting out. Headed to a southern bay island late this arvo Pic 1 Find tbe bait ( notice the flat bottom with no reef) ( also notice the vertical lines on the sounder - thats a bait jig, with full string hookups) Pic 2 This is what was actually showing on the sounder - herring - millions of them. Pic 3 The result was a couple of small snapper with the best about 62cm, was hoping for a stonker but not this time. There were definately pelagics present too, our 20 pound leaders were being snipped through like cotton, upgraded some leaders to 40 pound but no takes (typical).... Anyway, just thought i would share, take the time to find the fresh bait and you shall be rewarded.
  7. hahhahahaa @Drop Bear yes they would I had all of may, june and july off work, but unfortunately i'm back at work and in my older years i dont have the energy to do a lot of midweek - after work night fishing adventures anymore.... Although I think there's still 2 weeks left to add some more 3 fingered fish pics, so i shall endeavour to get out there! But like many other species, that's the thing with bay snapper, of course they simply aren't at the same location all year round to be caught - that would be too easy . Locations that consistently produce bay snapper in june/july, are almost snapper barren at other times of the year.... Usually for me anyway, its not until november, december, january that i target some snapper around the more southern bay islands The new moon is coming - might be time for some BIG whiting and breamies in the shallows ay.....
  8. Im puttin some after hours work in here for the south.... our southern bay islands really do hold some great fish ! P.S note the 3 glow beads.....
  9. Nice pics and a good yarn fellas ! Love the dawn shot at the ramp That bream is pretty good goin too
  10. I think Clinton must be batting for northside.... So since its vermin, thats NEGATIVE 4 for northside But holy dooly Clinton - theyre sum huge catties !!
  11. Just thought us southside boys would be all gentleman like and start the northside boys off with their first snapper for the state of origin comp. Going to be hard for the southside boys to beat this one Didnt get a measure on it but a fine specimen and released to grow up for the 2050 comp...