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Since Getting the new rig


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11 hours ago, Cobiaaddict said:


Got the new boat on the water end of October 2023 and what a ride it's been, done plenty of trips to break her in, mainly chasing squid and chasing Tuskies which I loved doing in my teens with my Dad.

1st trip was on the tuskies was 2 weeks before I got my boat,  i headed out with a good mate in his boat to see if any of my old hunting grounds still held the elusive blackspot and wouldn't you know it 2nd drop with a rather large sleepy crab wich spells big trouble at this spot in some rather ordinary seas off Moreton Island I was on,  under locked drag, with 80lb braid and 120lb leader I was hooked up to a dinosaur of a blackspot Tuskfish that was running hard for the coffee rock ledge, after some very intense spool thumbing and some grunting I'd managed to to turn this fish and have it heading my way until it decided it wanted that rock some more ,  with a few ugly rod angles and a few more grunts I managed to get him boat side for netting and my 1st blackspot in 20 + yrs was on the floor of the boat and we was in absolute awe of the colours this fish went, ended weighing in at a modest 10.2kg after being bled. 

Enough rambling, I'll let everyone enjoy the pics

Cheers Josh <><20231014_095155.thumb.jpg.74736680173c989691ef430228d57247.jpg20231021_124516.thumb.jpg.6e85ac92733496fafd2edcb8d18a554d.jpg20231021_124456.thumb.jpg.957fb84596281de0bae185239b750514.jpgIMG_5463.jpg.24a48b307da703583e1f3b36c6e4e23a.jpg20231021_124456.thumb.jpg.957fb84596281de0bae185239b750514.jpgIMG_5462.jpg.f4c53b258540a1d9edc2f41b7f3ae9ac.jpgIMG_5456.jpg.b6992bce7a6d24e1a6c43303a24cb0a7.jpgIMG_5344.jpg.a2558f2efe197bf34ac9ab486211e2db.jpg


Great rig, great fish, how do you cook em up

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