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  1. Binder


  2. Good ol Biggles won it eh? bet the blokes who spent all weekend paddling around chasing the fish were impressed he sat round the corner from the ramp the whole time for the win!
  3. What was the Ramp like Dino? They suck water out of there that fast these days you never know what the conditions are going to be like.
  4. only place I have ever seen a decent meal served in a hospital is to mothers with newborns in maternity wings. Everyone else is fed slops.
  5. Pretty common practice if you end up in a decent tangle, but there is no rules covering the situation I am aware of.
  6. Binder


    Most of the murray darling system would kiil the tilapia off in winter, they cant handle water temps below about 10 degrees. But the upper reaches certainly could sustain them year round.
  7. be careful sharpening kitchen knives properly, leads to band aids and grief in my experience....... I only sharpen fishing knives to a proper state, kitchen knifes I buy Wiltshire staysharps, they stay sharp enough for the missus without getting me in trouble.
  8. None of them should ever be allowed to play again. Ever.
  9. none of those, "topics I have not read and posted since my last visit" is what i have bookmarked and its pretty much all i use.
  10. Elimbah creek, launch from Way St boatramp Ningi creek, launch from the Moffat St esplanade boat ramp Caboolture river weir, launch spot behind the tennis courts burpengary creek, launch from the boatramp in O'Leary Avenue, go downstream. South Pine River launch from Bob Bell Park on Learmonth street and go upstream North Pine River launch from Petrie Park there will be old stories of mine fishing most of these areas by kayak on here.
  11. dont forget the "new 100%" is only 80% of the actual dam capacity. They should allow it to go to "100%".
  12. went out today to see if I could find my pots, they were still there luckily. Only a few shrimp in them, lots of red claw. Barry was there and warned me about the forkies plague, so I fished everywhere but where I would normally fish for 2 bass, an eel tail and 4 forkies. Nice and pleasant day on the dam though. Overcast and cool with a gentle breeze. No forkie survived this trip......
  13. bugger, floats on my pots going to be under water, if not lost.
  14. naagh - probably just thought SEQ Water had kept their word about extending the fishing zone .......