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  1. Rusty_Nail

    The New Boat

    Hi Greg, the first prop was the 3 blade (Eco Enteria 19P) - great prop but probably not as well suited to the boat as the Rev4. The prop I've got now is the 4 blade (Revolution 4 19P) which should the same as yours as I picked it up on Saturday and H mentioned he was supplying it for new customers with the same motor. A pic of our boat anchored at Pelican Banks off Fraser at Xmas. By the way, what are you doing for a bait board as have been looking around for one that will mount on the ski pole?
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  4. Rusty_Nail

    The New Boat

    Hi Greg, am a first time poster on this forum, but I've had the SS64 with the same motor (V8 200 Pro XS) since late last year and have done around 30 hours so far, mainly skiing and wake-boarding with fishing hopefully happening more once the weather gets better - you won't be disappointed in terms of performance and handling! In terms of props, I started with an Enertia Eco 19P, but have just changed to the Rev 4 19P. I've also got the same radio although have yet to install it.