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  1. Hey hamish yeah will show the video to the mechanic on the weekend and see how i go from there i realised the other night the post was from 2016 just thought old mate might of still been on here and had a answer thanks every one for your help ill post up the outcome when i get one
  2. Thats what i was thinking too. Yet to investigate though
  3. Yeah only happens in gear but also happened on start up when pull starting
  4. Hey bigkingy ive done all of the above but the bastard still makes that noise. Only thing i havent done is check out the flywheel
  5. Hi terry i have the same outboard and the same thing has been happening to me but the little squeel noise stalls the motor, this noise also happens when pull starting after it stalled. It doesnt happen in neutral. what did you do to rectify it? ive changed plugs, new fuel line and tank, new filter and a recent service thanks mick
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