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  1. Nice mate! Looks like a great feed!
  2. Thanks @Dinodadog i had it in mind @Binder just time poor at the moment, I shall get it done this weekend!
  3. Name is Dave. Contact number is 0433 028 322
  4. @Jimmyjack he will be doing from Brisbane down to tweed, as I say he's only just starting out but I'm sure he will be willing to travel the extra few k's for a bit of business!
  5. Awesome @Luvit well I'll definitely give you a shout in summer and we can go grab a feed! @Junky thanks heaps mate I will definitely be taking some advice from your post! Much appreciated!!!
  6. Hi guys unsure on where to post this. my father in law is in the process of starting his own business as a mobile marine mechanic, obviously there are a few fisho's on here that own boats, if anyone is chasing a marine mechanic for both services and engine issues please feel free to message me. I will make sure you all get a discounted price. Thanks, Danny
  7. More experienced than someone who has never been crabbing or prawning before
  8. Sounds amazing! The wife works most weekends so any experienced deckie on board will be amazing. Thanks @Luvit much appreciated mate.
  9. I've actually never been crabbing nor have I been prawning! It's something I'd like to learn, as I love eating both as does the missus! Just wish she'd hurry up and stop being sick so we can get back out on the water haha!
  10. I agree, the boat unfortunately is the easy part, catching the fish on the other hand..... yeah it's funny the wife already wants to upgrade after seeing the boat my parents bought this weekend, a long way to go but until i start to understand the water a little more... my tinny will do just fine for now!
  11. Thanks @Luvit considering it's my first ever boat i don't think it's that bad
  12. As well as Nav lights, anchor lights and all the little stuff. I have all the necessary equipment just haven't had time to fit it yet
  13. Ok guys so I know it's been a while since the "week 1" of working on the boat but here it is...unfortunately been unable to work on it as often as I thought due to the wife being in hospital but the only thing left is my electric motor and my fish finder to be installed (getting done professionally) please let me know if there is any ideas you would like to plant into my head. Thanks, Danny
  14. Have a look at this, it will give you an idea of where to drop a line. Thanks, Danny
  15. Hi Bennyl, I've had a few reports lately of tailor being caught around the north wall and a few under the bridges at paradise point, the eddy the drop off and the face of the north wall seem to be the most common areas with both live bait and lures, also north wavebreak wall seems to be getting a lot of action, if you sit under the bridge between paradise point and ephrim island you'll be sure to catch a few there also. But if I could give you my advice it would be to sit on the north wall of the seaway, hope this helped. danny