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  1. marty

    south queensland Burrum Heads

    Bad luck about the boat Brad. Yes, the pub has good meals (and cold beer) - plus the bowls club is very popular on schnitzel (wed) night too - massive meals.
  2. marty

    south queensland Burrum Heads

    From memory I think it was around 10m deep. I just sat on my electric with spot lock so don't have the memory of pulling in the anchor burned in my mind. There is a resident dolphin out there that covers ground very quickly when you hook a fish. Had me dancing on the deck trying to quickly land my fish. From all reports the dolphin doesn't take your fish off the line, but hangs around for the throwbacks. Marty
  3. marty

    south queensland Burrum Heads

    I was in Burrum in September. Fished 8-mile reef and got schoolies - surprisingly we got them close to the bottom. Just fished mono with a sinker and 3 hook gang - lost a couple to bite-offs but others around us got nothing so think the lack of wire helped. Use the gps mark to find the reef (or look for the boats) then sound up some fish and bait - the reef seems to be nothing more than a gravel patch with no outstanding features from what I saw. Also got mixed bag up the river but no particular spot, just keep moving based on tide, wind, etc. New ramp is awesome - vast improvement over the old two ramps. Marty
  4. marty


  5. marty

    south queensland Fishing The Gold Coast

    What are you looking to chase - what type of fishing do you prefer? If you like mackerel fishing the Spotties should appear on the inshore reefs (Palmy and Mermaid) sometime this month and hang around for a few months at least. You can find the gps marks via google, but if the fish are on just look for the boats!
  6. marty

    Weight Limited Offshore Boat

    Don't forget the towing weight limit you are talking about includes all the gear you have in the boat too - battery(s), fuel, fishing gear, anchor, esky, etc. Starts to add up and can easily push your bmt total weight over the limit.
  7. marty

    south queensland Reports On Prawns In The Bay Yet

    When the prawns are on just follow the crowds! I generally look anywhere from Jacobs Well to north to Redland Bay marina. Popular spots are Saltworks (bottom tip of Macleay island, western tip of Karragarra island, Jacksons (about halfway down west side of Russell island, the Powerlines (deep channel between Long and Russell island - southern end), the channel opposite Rocky Point, Stieglitz (around the moored boats), channel between Stieglitz and Jacobs Well, and the moored boast at Jacobs Well. There are a few spots in between these more popular spots - having a good sounder and being able to recognise prawns on it is the real key. Finding a spot away from the crowds is gold, but follow the crowds initially to learn the popular spots.
  8. marty

    south queensland Wahooooooo

    Cracking fish - and look at those conditions!
  9. marty

    resolved Photo Gps Link

    I just checked your first pic from your post "Maiden Voyage for Quampie" and while it does tell me the phone and model used (Samsung G930F), the time taken, focal length, exposure, etc there was no GPS info in the pic. Not sure if this pic had GPS info when you posted it or not though. Some websites automatically strip GPS info from pics for security reasons - not sure if AFO does though?
  10. marty

    Quampie Needs An Eski

    Have you considered using the esky as you seat - get a marine cushion made for the top? I did this with my Hornet - had a 110l Waeco ice box and it was just the right height to sit on and could take fish up to a metre long. plenty of knock offs out there that appear to be rebadged and sell for cheaper.
  11. marty

    2017 Seq Suburbs Of Origin!

    born and bred in the south (yes I bleed blue) - room for a deckie too (if my wife lets me go fishing haha)
  12. marty

    Gold Coast Fisho

    Hey Angus. Haven't chased them at all lately but the cold weather (and dirty water) should slow them down a little. I know the ocean temp has dropped 3 degrees and with all the fresh running in the creeks they must have dropped also.
  13. marty

    Gold Coast Fisho

    Been fishing on the Goldy for many years and more recently hare started to venture offshore. The two guys I used to fish with have respectively moved away or taken on new interests so I am looking for a new fishing mate (or two). Over the years I have lost umpteen hours of sleep chasing Jacks and Fatties on lures, plus more recently chasing Pelagics offshore on bait and lures. Have been madly renovating the last couple of years so haven't fished much, but it is time to get back into it. I currently have 2 boats (one will appear in the classifieds soon) - with the newer one suited for inshore and offshore. All the gear and some idea! Marty
  14. marty

    Kingscliff Scouting

    Only advice I can give for Wooli os to try the Oysters from the shed that is right on the edge of the river - best I have ever had, Wooli is one of the cleanest rivers I have ever fished - plenty of Fatties around the weed beds upstream.
  15. marty

    Red Dog Days

    I reckon I know that spot and have heard stories of big fish there - but thought it had been fished out. Gets a fair bit of pressure - especially on the run-in. Never had much luck there myself, but haven't put too may hours in. Cracking catches.