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  1. 2019 challenge then for you, mine is first mangrove jack,,,and a dolly!!!!
  2. dedicated fishos v cruise boat owners v yachts (that were so big they looked like they wouldn't fit on a trailer)..wasn't a good mix and 8 vessels banked up on the jetty to get in - the usual 98% people are cool and polite and have a yarn, the other 2% suck s*@t
  3. awesome report and good international relations
  4. 10-2pm were mint, then it got a little choppy....but not as choppy as the boat ramp LOL
  5. awesome morning out on the boat (Pilfer) today, was just checking out a couple of secret spots around green island for the first time....and of course wetted a few lines, caught the gold spotted rock cod on a soft plastic - black prawn and tayt caught the 40cm lizard on a zerek fish trap - dinner sorted!!!
  6. sure you washed the blood off the deck being a new boat and all
  7. cheers mate, will persevere, Tayt and I are going out on our first night mission bloke said there are usually more bait fish around due to lights so will see how we go. Noosa looked nice, im sure you tucked a few Sugapens in with your undies?
  8. cheers mate, will give it a crack I think, may even wear a santa hat
  9. livies have been a real challenge for me this year, ive been around port and up to Mud (as im new to boating) - have an ok swing now on the cast net (from DB giving me multiple 4/10 for casts earlier on in the year), tried the sabiki rod (which I caught a squire on)!!, even one those little traps, all with poor results. I have some great locations, as advised by multiple fishos, but returns are poor - perhaps getting only 3-4 before a good session so they dont last long - not sure anyone can give me advice, but would appreciate any if you think I can do better on locations around the port or technique? Simon
  10. speaking of christmas fellas, im looking to take family out fishing in the bay tomorrow and the weather looks ok on paper, however ive seen the winds last few days and wonder if im setting myself up for a drenching? tides4fishing says 0.75 high waves in port, but it looks worse than that when i went down to lots and had a look out today...advice would be appreciated simon
  11. Sean, how are you mate, Fishing Monthly pages can be a good start: ..and I found a jet ski forum linked to fishing.... do you buzz round the whole bay (annoying fisherman) LOL or stick close to the shore?
  12. love to take you out in in over the break if you are around, or into Jan sometime