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  1. Grmby

    queensland Plastics

    I’ve got in top in it of once
  2. Towards north east rocks
  3. Any one seen how the spider rocks go for if they a good spot to got them? cjeers
  4. Grmby

    queensland New Fads

    When are they expected to be in ?
  5. I will be heading up to Noosa this wknd, never fished the area, where is Woods Bays, can’t seem to find it on any map. Where is the best place to chase trevs around Noosa? Cheers
  6. Grmby


  7. Gday mate I moved up from Melbourne Last year, I found the search function on this site really good. Where about are u fishing?
  8. Gday guys heading down to Coolangatta in a couple of weeks and will be trying my luck off the rocks at the mouth of the tweed. Haven’t fished it before and would like some info on what to fish. Will be using plastics and surface lures and poppers cheers
  9. Gday guys just after some tips and possible locations around Northside of Brisbane/sunny coast to target tailor with lures. Never targeted them before, but have they are good to catch.
  10. I caught four on Anzac Day and dropped a couple more, have never previously caught more than one in a session. The initial strike from them is pretty good
  11. Have just moved to Brighton and are after any spots around the area to fish. Fished the pine river this morning at Brighton park, got a couple of mid 40 flatties, but had to work for them. Any info would be great, have heard the pine is pretty hit and miss. Cheers
  12. Yeah can see that on google maps. I think I’ll fish the creek before sunrise and move to the beach around dusk. Cheers
  13. Gday guys heading down to Kingscliff next week for a few days. Never been there, so after some info on where to fish, will be packing the light and heavy gear. The cudgen creek looks like an option with the light gear for some flatties and whiting. Any options for rock fishing around there? Cheers
  14. Do you know if it usually gets packed there on a Saturday before/around dawn