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  1. Joe Devereux

    Roof Rack Platform/basket Opinions Sought

    just remember that the load rating for most cars is about 100kg and that includes the rack too !!!! I see a lot of roof racks that have been over loaded and the roof starts to crack and most times is irreparable
  2. Joe Devereux

    Minn Kota............... Help!!!!!!

    nothing happens on spot lock...... no noises or indication the steering motor is working thanks for the link I will make contact with Darren
  3. Joe Devereux

    Trailer Winch Work

    why does it have to be full???? I would just put what I need on it and your done.... your winch rope should only be about a meter longer than your trailer with a couple of turns on the drum
  4. Joe Devereux

    Minn Kota............... Help!!!!!!

    I have a 55lb minkota ipilot riptide....... the weekend just gone the steering decided not to work. I have narrowed it down to one of three things the remote is not transmitting however all features seem to work I can control speed and turn on spot lock etc so I suspect the remote is working. the second one is the receiver on the unit it self, and thirdly is the motor that drives the steering. Does anyone know where I can buy parts and most importantly a work shop manual so I can more acutely diagnose my problem....... or maybe even a website BLA don't seem to have a parts listing.............thanks in advance
  5. Joe Devereux

    south queensland The Boy Borrowed The Boat

    I'm seeing red.......... well done love a good feed of trout
  6. Joe Devereux

    north queensland Land Based Spinning

    Try Lucinda jetty north of Ingham it goes alright some times
  7. Joe Devereux

    Boat Cover

    After many one size fits none.... brands I got a custom one made and haven't had an issue since. It cost a bit but was worth the money the primary reason is dust and the other reason it keeps thieves out of your boat in car parks etc
  8. Joe Devereux

    Keep Australia Fishing

    Please don't bring politics into such a good forum......... Everyone has their views and a lot are contrasting and some good friendships can be lost over politics. I have my views and won't express them here, and those that do consider the views of others and respect them its the opinion that they have, and its their entitalment .....................thats my rant
  9. I use a penn senator (not a good reel for casting) for floating baits for Mackerel and I use mother nature i.e. I blow a ballon up and let the wind blow it out It takes a while but It works.
  10. Joe Devereux

    northern territory Nt Gas Rig

    thanks for the tip ........ we found using heavy plastics was working well too ...........I have herd rumours it could be on the move............ I'm hoping its closer the 50k can be torture sometimes.
  11. Joe Devereux

    northern territory Nt Gas Rig

    Yeah................. not my trailer mates boat trailer blew a tyre............... mud guard was destroyed no big deal but you can't have smooth sailing the whole time and it always makes for a good story, and everyone needed to water the horse if you know what I mean mean
  12. Joe Devereux

    northern territory Nt Gas Rig

    Hi fellow fishers The past couple weeks have been magic fishing weather and tides so we have been hitting it pretty hard up here. A friend of mine told me about a gas rig about 50 k off the coast of darwin That holds monster mackerel and huge jewies so the BOM was set to favourites and checked regularly with baited breath and then everything lined up perfectly accommodation was booked and the weather gods were kind even on a long weekend (that never happens) so off we went and a sleepless night was had in darwin due to the excitement. The early morning start was a 4am one and there was not a breath of air, the water was like glass and gave us an awesome sun rise put us at the rig at around 6 am there was tuna busting up everywhere and that gave us some entertainment for a couple of hours. We were soon drawn to the rig for some flicking of plastics and hardbodies only to be busted off by big runs and line rubbing on the pylons, I can tie a fg knot pretty fast now as by the end of the trip I reckon I tied about a million of em the surface action was pretty good holding a stupid amount of long tom witch by the end of the day became very effective strip bait. dropping them straight down to a depth of about 45m and within about 10 seconds big fish were just inhaling them and they were in charge wherever they wanted to go they went we never saw much colour but we suspect they may have been big cod or sharks all in all it was a good week end The weekend before that we travel to woolianna on the daly didn't do as well as what we would have liked mainly small stuff and BIG crocs Cheers
  13. Joe Devereux

    Getting to know your outboard motor(s)

    I agree but you will be kicking yourself when you need those tools to get yourself going should you breakdown from something that was just plain bad luck. I once got some fuel that was contaminated with water from the servo and my 6mth old suzuki just stopped apparently the don't like water. But with a few tools I was able to determine that I needed a tow. I usually pack a shifter in a couple of sizes, a pair of pliers, vice grips, a spare prop nut and split pin, fuses, screw drivers, tie wire, and glow sticks I have never broke down from poor maintenance practices, so packing a basic tool kit should get any one out of trouble provided that their motor is maintained. and anything that is broken is fixed before the next trip. And ALWAYS tell someone where you are going so if things go pear shaped someone knows where to start looking
  14. Joe Devereux

    Yellow Waters Barra (girl Power) My Reputation

    Well its good news for the boys....................... but it wasn't looking good at the start. We left Katherine early Saturday morning with some mixed opinions on the time "the bloody sun isn't even up" we made a comfort break at the Mary river roadhouse and the old guy behind the counter was very cranky and it felt like we were putting him out I won't be stopping there again. Once we arrived at the caravan parkas Cooing at around 9 the manager made us wait till 10 to set up camp. So this meant it was time to do some research and the most common lures and colours were small green plastics. So when 10 o'clock rolled around we set up tents and caravans etc, and sorted out the kids and then it was lunch, when that was all sorted the boat finally got wet, and being the gentlemen that we are we let the girls have a go first, and it did not look good for the boys, the girls were catching Rat after Rat and Dropped some good ones, but nothing of any real size. at a guess they caught around 40 Barra, I was asked to take them home after a very close encounter with 2 crocs, the first one we managed to idle over the top of when we were trolling, and he made himself known to us he would have been around 3.5 m long, the other was sitting on the surface and just made a b line towards us it was not a very convenient time to get weed around the prop, all in all fun was had by all. So we returned to the caravan park and got ready for my wife birthday dinner and some beers. Waking Sunday morning the Dads were on mothers day duty and we quickly whipped up a "Gourmet" breakfast, packed up camp and put the boat in for a morning session and the barra had gone off the bite and our reputation was hanging by a thread, and I had almost conceded defeat, and then it was like a feeding frenzy we got around the same as the girls with Rat Barra after Rat Barra and then just before we decided to call it a day we got a few Saratoga Off to the roper this weekend chasing Barra
  15. Joe Devereux

    Canopy Ideas Update With Pics Curtins On

    have you considered putting a Airel mount and maybe an option for out riggers in the future, take into account the length of it you would want it functional and be able to get out of the sun. I have seen what i would call a "retractable extension" on some boats up here in the Territory easy to put away (retracted) when there is lures flying everywhere and extended when the cancer causing fireball in the sky is hot and you're turning red, very popular with the fair skinned redheads up here. have you taken into account the options of clears. This might sound a bit weird but if you get it built out of 25mm or any other standard size tubing you can use standard canopy fittings for mounts etc these can be usefull