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  1. Dazzamcgee

    Help - Oil sender on Mercury 40hp

    A very common issue with oil injected outboards! Theres only 1 way to be sure the engine is getting the RIGHT amount of oil = Premix fuel..!
  2. Dazzamcgee

    Sick of getting busted up

    Ever heard of a 100lbs line?? Well done with the Jack! Keep the reports coming I want to see ya land one!!!!
  3. Dazzamcgee

    Finally got him!!!

    Well done Ryan!! Some nice Bass coming out of that spot at the moment!!
  4. Dazzamcgee

    keen for a bass fish

    PM sent!
  5. Dazzamcgee

    The mosquitoes!

    50/50 babyoil and dettol.
  6. Dazzamcgee

    Freedom of speech

    Sure are!!!!
  7. Dazzamcgee

    Freedom of speech

    everyone should be able to say what ya want, when ya want, where ya want and if ppl don't like it well that's just to bad!! S&^T HAPPENS!!
  8. Dazzamcgee

    Cupla good days

    Nice cod Dino..!
  9. Dazzamcgee

    one way to beat the traffic

    Luv it....:woohoo:
  10. Dazzamcgee

    Boyne meets Awoonga wall

    Nice work Brian!! I thought you were MIA......:dry: Good to see that your back!!
  11. Dazzamcgee

    loch forbes monster

    Well done Guy's!! Good to see ya got a few!!
  12. Dazzamcgee

    Slowly very Slowly

    Well done Dino! Good to see that some of the creeks are returning to normal. What I've noticed is that some of the creeks seem to be in better fishing condition now than before the floods. I like it!!! My fav retrieve at the moment with the water the color it is, is use a bright colored HB(gold or silver) pull it down under the surface, stop it then with tension on the line make the lure look as if it's being electrocuted!! e.g small hand shakes like u have Parkinson's whilst slowly lifting the rod. Take up the slack and dive the lure a little more then repeat. The erratic action and flash drives them crazy......
  13. Hey how many pots u using and how long between checking them? Nice haul...
  14. Dazzamcgee

    currumundi lake 4/2/11

    Well Done Ferg!! Some nice fish there mate!