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  1. shortie

    Starfish ID

    Great advice Having handled only my own I'm not an expert
  2. shortie

    Starfish ID

    And what would the correct handling technique for this creature be?? Apparently when in doubt pick it up by the head :whistle:
  3. Power has been off here since before 7pm last night
  4. Got a text from ant He lives Less than 100 mtrs away Do you have power he asks Lol I have plenty of power do you want me To run an ext cord Whilst I'm sitting watching a movie being run from the generator My house is lit up like a Xmas tree Have had 3 neighbors knock on the door so far
  5. Currently running my generator off 2 year old fuel No probs Would not run my outboard off anything older than a few weeks
  6. Bugger just lost power here
  7. there was just a news bulliten. Brisbane will flood again going by current modelling 2011 flodds reaches 19 ish mtres current modelleing worse case says this ytear 15 ish mtrs And that is without wivanhoe being let out. bremer and lockyer flooding will cause Brisbane river to flood. maybe they will come to their senses about the 2011 floods and realise it was unavoidable and stop trying to blame someone.
  8. fuel flow sensors fix that problem HDS or mdern sounds have the ability to connect a fuel flow sensor.
  9. Ray, I just asked mum what she could remember. Its possible it was option on the imp or just an upgrade that they did for the track. Either way, they were essentially the same vehicle with different badges. Sunbeam actually called there earlier verion imp as well. MAybe is could alkso be a singer chamois. I will go look at dates that that model.
  10. Yep you are correct Laurie. Had a few mates that used to race their holdens at Lowwood. Twin carby,port and polish on the head,ivan tighe cam, sway bar on front and stabilizers on the rear masking tape on headlights,pull the hubcaps off,block of wood under the bonnet to raise it 2 inches to increase airflow,number plates off in case you bent it and got your photo in the paper and insurance company saw it and off you went. Cheers Ray Actually i think its a varient of the hillman Imp. Its actually a Sunbeam Stilletto. you can tell by the duel head lights. I will have to go look through Dads books. He was a fanatic used to race them. Shame he is dead would be able to tell me exactly. But i could be wrong im going back many years since i used to sit in the pits at the races with him.
  11. /> That's a Prity bad mistake but i definatelly seen your comment comin was their any need to tell meh
  12. The dam is currently at 91.6% its capable of double this capacity including flood mitigation. They are panacking
  13. It's a shame they have to resort to being a floating freezer to recoop $ that a pathetic government caused them to Lose In the first place
  14. It's being released against advice from seq water
  15. The floodgates have been opened Are they panicking is it to early