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  1. bootyinblue wrote: What your post is still here?
  2. Feral

    2010 Moreton Bay Classic

    noname wrote: While its always possible, I think June is one of the best months for weather in the bay isn't it? Otherwise you can always fish the Marina or sneak in to Tinnie creek! Those with boats can always find some shelter somewhere in the southern bay.
  3. Well I reckon we should designate a few spots where everyone can toss their Dillies in after April 1. The local Mayor up here is always whinging about the shopping trolleys lying around the streets, maybe I can offer to collect them all up and put them to good use in the same spot! Somewhere a bit closer than the sites the Govt has picked, so maybe someone in a smallish boat can actually get to it! Maybe we can extend the fishing are at the old barge at Vicy point or somewhere similar!
  4. Feral

    resolved cant log out

    I haven't logged out since 2007......
  5. That would explain it being made in the US and ending up here, yanks probably left it behind when they ran home with their tail between their legs.
  6. Yeah, you think the tackle shops would be taking advantage of it. But prices of imported gear have not dropped at all, even though the dollar is now buying nearly 50% more than it was 3 or 4 months ago.
  7. Not even there at my local Aldi, typical. All they have is fireblankets for $10
  8. Probably dont want to be compared with the prices at the tackle show.
  9. AZZA wrote: Doesn't matter a toss, fire extinguishers in boats are for legal compliance only.
  10. Top job there! I reckon if someone made an esky that size they would sell like hot cakes. Your definately right about commercial ones just being two bulky once they get over a metre. Probably one like you built is not the most "efficient" for keeping stuff cold, but its the size most fisho's would want!
  11. tomca wrote: Ha, that's all right mate, she probably still believes all those boats at Rob's place are his as well! :evil: :whistle:
  12. Nickers wrote: I have to read you posts dear.... it's the only way I find out what our weekends are going to be like!! Unfortunately you will have to miss this one on Sunday..... i'll remind you for the 100th time that we have Catherines 40th on Sunday!! :kiss: :kiss: Just as well she doesn't know your "secret squirrel reserve log in" then isn't it!
  13. definitely be up for that when I can paddle again!