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  1. yep good ole trumpeter for sure.. did they make a sound like a croak ??
  2. pig fat works a treat, but obviously wont take scratches out.
  3. which harbour mate ??
  4. great fish mate ... maybe you could change your name to sawmilly ..lo ..
  5. maxi

    Charter Boat Cairns

    these guys know the game mate, i have fished with ashley many times, best skipper and a great bloke ..
  6. what awesome fun switchin is .. as tugger says .. the transom action is just mind blowing .. conditions have to right though ...plenty of bait and plenty of predators .. some guys have been throwing flies at the little blacks in the sandy straights lately,after teasing them up with hookless skirts ...its the ultimate sight fishing experience ...
  7. maxi

    Rugby League Shame

    awesome stuff ..
  8. maxi

    Gel Coating

    2 pak the lot of it ..
  9. maxi

    Polishing advice

    use 1000 grade wet and dry (or finer) with plenty of any ordinary soap, then buff polish.
  10. this is worth a look .. />
  11. if u heading down the coast, 10 ks south of ballina at Wardell go left 20 secs off the highway.... not the bp servo !!!!! go past and left for the best pies in aussie .... trust me .... he moves 1200 a day so must be good ...