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  1. You're assuming this was an accidentally bad placed cast.....
  2. 3 fish in 20 years, maybe you should consider taking up lawn bowls. In all seriousness, Ormiston reef has produced a lot of nice squire and sweetlip over the years for me as well as good tailor off Cleveland point. Maybe try a different approach such as catching your own fresh bait, fishing lighter and fishing at dawn and dusk.
  3. baydog


  4. baydog

    fishing Small Lies

    Looks good. The only thing i can think of is in pic 4 you can see a gap between the hull and the. Bracket. May be creating bubbles.
  5. baydog

    fishing Small Lies

    I've got two boats with p66(changed one to a tm260 now) and have nailed the installs perfectly each time and they read at speed well. Judst had alook at mine and i can't be sure but they don't look to be as low as yours. Does the corner of that adjustable bracket c come below hull level?
  6. Crazy. It's this in Moreton bay?. I don't recognise that beacon. Cheers
  7. That lure is known as a slice. A spoon is different. Cheers
  8. Sorry mate it's definitely a grass or purple tusk fish, parrot will have a beak type mouth where as tusk fish have peg like teeth. Those tuskies are common in the bay but are not often over 30cm where as the black spot tuskies grow quite large.
  9. I think you read it wrong ellicat he clearly said his squire was 35 but I though you would of picked up that he has caught a tusk fish and not a parrot which is a wrasse and has a min of 30cm. All good malt by thanks for sharing mate cheers.
  10. Got about 5kg today at Nudgee bet it was bloody hard work, yesterday was the day apparently. there were bout 60 boats today.
  11. you wont 'see' them cos the doggies are usually down deep. pilly with a 4 ball does the trick.
  12. picked up 3 doggies on saturday at teh beacons on pillies [img size=800]
  13. picked up a few prawn this arvo down russell way. [img size=800]
  14. baydog


    Embarked on what turned out to be a fruitless spotty search yesterday. Wello-green-st helena- harries-sandhills-tanga-four beacons then a nice long back breaking and wet ride home. Anyone else have any luck? Drifted some livies and pillies past the four beacons hoping to get a cobe or mackeral but nothing. I could only catch squire, bream and a whiting for livies, are these any good for cobes? Can anyone give me tips for catching good livies, like maybe yakkas or slimies, where can i go? and is this technique of drifting past the beacon with a livie successful or should i be anchored?. I had a rather large sinker on to get it down. Would appreciate any tips as i am so very keen to catch a cobe. btw not one bird diving on the whole trip and yes i know I should of gone today