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  1. Don't have a yak or a boat unfortunately, so I'm land based.
  2. Did a bit more Tillie culling at Lake K yesterday and this afternoon. Tillies caught on worms and Maccas fries. Couldn't eat them all myself so I stuck a hook in some of them. (the fries that is) Turns out Tillies like them as well. Total for the two afternoons: 23 Tilapia (yes the little one counts), 2 Bass, 1 Tandan, 1 Garfish
  3. All good mate, they were out of the water for about 2 minutes. Swam away quite happily.
  4. Haven't posted for a while so here's and update. Found a spot on Lake K where the big Tillies seem to like to hang out. Mostly they're 30 - 35cm, with the odd 40+ tillie thrown in. The hard part is getting them through the lillies and weed to the bank. Don't know how many I've lost after they got stuck and then they find a way to throw the hook. I started out with 6lb line and a 10lb flouro leader but I've found that their teeth are very abrasive and have since upgraded to 20lb leader. Here's one afternoon's short session. If they're on, 20 or 30 isn't out of the question. My pb at that spot is 43cm. All caught on worms. I've also tried corn kernels, but the Tillies don't go for them and I've only caught Turtles with corn. The Tillies aren't always there, but the good news is, when the tillies aren't in the area, these guys show up.. I got pretty lucky with the Toga as they all tended to jump just before the weed and lillies and I could ski them in over the top of the weed. The toga were caught on black cicada lures, one of them with a worm under a float. I've also landed quite a few bass and Tandans at that spot, mainly on worms. Also caught a smallTarpon in the upper reaches of the Pine River. Saratoga put on a nice aerial display, but it's nothing compared to a Tarpon. These things go nuts!!!
  5. Tried chasing Tilapia at NPD last night with worms, but unfortunately only managed one smallish one. We got heaps of bites which we couldn't hook up so we downgraded the hook size and found small Spangled Perch after small Spangled Perch. Our worms were hit almost as soon as they hit the water and we ended up recycling the worms catching 3 or 4 per worm. The only decent fish caught on worms was a 50cm Tandan, which put up a fairly decent fight. We saw a few fish slapping the surface and as we just couldn't get through the spangles, we decided to switch to top water lures, hoping for some Bass action. Turned out we couldn't get through the spangles there either. These little suckers punch way above their weight class, the lures were almost as big as the fish. Might try corn kernels next time, hopefully Spangles don't like it
  6. Sp3ary

    Deeper Fishfinder

    Was looking around some of the online tackle stores today and I found this little gem. Deeper fishfinder I'd be interested to know if anyone has used or seen them. Seems a great idea if you're land based like myself and if you're on a kayak, as you don't need to stuff around with batteries and running leads etc. And it seems reasonably priced as well. I've downloaded the mobile app to my phone, which is obviously not a great help without the device, but it does have some handy features such as maps, weather info and a calendar which you can use without being connected.
  7. I'm also no expert on soft plastics, but now that I have pretty good idea of what I'm doing I land my fair share of fish. I used to go fishing with bait a lot and always took a few SP's with me. Caught fish on bait and nothing on sp's for almost a year and thought that SP's were a complete waste of time. I finally figured it out: "If you want to catch fish land based on SP's, leave the bait at home." You need to be mobile to find the fish. Persistence is the key. Be prepared to put in a couple of hundred casts. It certainly helps to understand fish behavior as well. Fish will sit facing into the current and hold in eddies. Cast up current and bring the plastic back towards you with the current. You'll find your catch rate will improve. The important thing is that your lure needs to get to the bottom, so use a jighead to suit the current. I've found that it's better for me to be able to see the line, so I use bright yellow braid, don't know about anyone else, may be a personal choice.
  8. Yeah I know. Every now and then you gotta let the young fellas have a win I guess. The Barcoo was on his phone. Here it is. Barcoo Grunter aka Jade Perch and my first Tandan from tonight's session. Session cut short by a couple of idiots who decided that the area where everyone was fishing was also a good area for a swim. Flicked a couple of lures at them, no hook ups unfortunately.
  9. My son in law and I had a nice river bass session last night. 13 Bass landed in a couple of hours with countless near misses and a few hooks spat at or near the bank. My personal tally was 6 with a couple of 40's including my new pb Bass . Also, one Barcoo Grunter caught, which I still have trouble believing. The mouth on this fish was way smaller than the lure. All fish caught on cicadas in various colours with the black ones getting the best results. Might have to have another go tonight, if there's no storm.......
  10. I started to have a crack at top water fishing for Bass a couple of weeks ago. Tried all sorts of lures from poppers, to walk the dog, to jitterbug type lures with little or no success. Then I found some cicada imitations in the bargain bin at a tackle shop for around 6 bucks each and they seem to do the trick. Even 'though they are cheap and really don't swim very well compared to the more expensive cicadas (seen some for 30 bucks a pop ), most nights they get as many or even outfish the expensive ones. Nothing beats seeing a fish slam your lure topwater and it's damn addictive. Haven't really touched a sub surface lure since I found the cicadas. Couple of photos of decent bass caught this week and one little fella who must have been hungry.
  11. I tried a new spot tonight at Lake K which I had never fished before. My plan was to fish top water as there were masses of lilies near the banks, but I saw no surface activity, so I decided to give the favourite shallow diver a go. I got there at 4pm and only had an hour, so the lack of surface activity wasn't entirely unexpected. I managed to find a couple of spots where the lilies weren't overly thick and 5 minutes into it, the rod seriously buckled over. I first thought I might have cracked the 50cm, but the head shakes soon made me think it wasn't a bass. After 10 minutes of a screaming reel and me nearly ending up on my backside in the mud a couple of times, I landed a 95cm Eel. It weighed pretty close to 3kg. If someone had told me before today that I would catch an Eel on a lure, I probably would have called BS. After I let him go, it took me another 5 minutes to get all the Eel slime off the brag mat. Landed 3 Bass in the next 25 minutes, all around the 30 cm mark. Can't wait to get back there when I can fish till dark. I reckon there's a good chance of a Toga in that area.
  12. If you're talking about the weir near the pump station, I used to go there a bit when the kids were young. SEQ water has fenced it off and closed it. Probably after the 2011 floods, I would say.
  13. Finally had a chance to go to flick a few lures into the river again. After the locals had finally disappeared from the rope swings and the river calmed down a bit, I managed 3 Bass in fairly quick succession. Had another hook up on a top water lure but unfortunately it spat the hooks .