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  1. All barbless for my freshwater fishing
  2. Got any scientific references to back that up Luc?
  3. Similar to @Drop Bear Unfortunately, we live in a horribly complex world and us mere mortals are only scratching at the surface trying make sense of it all. But there are some inescapable facts. 1. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is definitely rising at rate never seen before, based on direct measurements or other measurements, like ice cores etc. 2. The commensurate increase in temperature is pretty bang on in-line with rising CO2. The ultimate effect of this is where we all have theories and hypotheses. As I said it's a horribly complex system with all sorts of crazy positive feedback loops that are almost impossible to predict. When you a complete and utter moron like Trump asking where is global warming when cold snaps hit the US I think scientists really need to get their message out better, (would be even better if the press had any idea about science as well) What I do know is that in the not too distant future the Earth will go, "gad what an annoying tick I had on my back for a few hundred thousand years, I'm glad I eventually got rid if it"
  4. Hey mate, If you're launching from Forgans, try and fish out from the points (~20 foot of water is usually a cheery spot, however you count down to bottom with your lures), either side of the "drop-offs". Bass will usually be around these somewhere, a few casts only then move on. There will be a bunch of yakkers on schools so be respectful, say g'day, get your sob story right and they might invite you in Norm
  5. 5wt mate. Sage have a fantastic warranty service. That's why they are the only rod I buy these days. Loomis sucks since taken over by Shimano Was fun fighting a large fish with 4 foot of rod :)
  6. Hey Drop Bear. There are four commercial fisherman, a retailer and a charter operator. There are four rec representatives, a conservation rep, two QYAC reps and a science guy. I reckon it's a pretty even spread myself, but yes the rec sector is a large economic proportion, and also a large ecological impact to boot. I'm just there for the GPS marks myself:) Norm P.S. the shellfish reefs were mentioned as a positive
  7. So long as they don't get spiked
  8. Latest news from the working group for bedtime reading Norm
  9. A mate suggested we go for a fish last Sunday, then he had too much jungle juice and bailed. No biggy, thought I'd explore another part of Lake S with the tube. Bush-bashing with 1.5m wide tube on the back is interesting to say the least. Anyway, got through the scrub without a puncture then on to the lake. Second cast snapped my brand new second hand Sage rod in half. So I summoned my inner Rod Harrison and kept at it casting a sinking line with a 4.5 foot rod. (Not easy!!!) Glad I did, a nice 45 plus Bass, one similar size dropped at the tube plus a few more However the bugger spiked my tube so I listed badly most of the morning until I thought I'd better bail:) before i sunk Oh and first tail hooked bass. #givenormanewsagex #50plusbass?
  10. From what I've heard from some in the industry over the years Seajay are very well built boats that you could consider. I'm not sure of their distribution but Stones Corner sells them.
  11. A mate of mine was up there few weeks ago as well and said it was the worst fishing he's seen in ages.
  12. The Black Queen. The best finicky Bream rod ever. You could feel the slightest nibble and they didn't Give to your kids or Grandkids, they'll be worth heaps in 20 years or so. Or I'll take them off your hand for $20 each Norm the Shark
  13. Mate, I had a 4.55m Polycraft centre console before upgrading. Very stable, very seaworthy, indestructible, but wet. You have to do some easy mods to the front chines. Second-hand ones are pretty cheap, no rot, no cracked stringers. But I'm biased because I had one remember, like most other opinions you'll get. Go and have a look at a bunch of boats yourself as well of course
  14. Good luck if you bite the bullet Robbie. I have a mate who has a 50 foot wooden motor sailer and it's a cracker of a boat. But he's a tug boat engineer and knows everyone in the trade so cost isn't a biggy apart from dry docking every year for antifoul and grub detection. Handy to have when you're looking for coffee and cake after a mornings fish If you want to talk wooden boats I'm sure he'd be happy to chat.