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    Brisbane Fly Fishing Club, meetings every Third Wednesday, Prentice Park, Thistle St, Lutwyche.
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    Brisbane Fly Fishing Club, meetings every Third Wednesday, Prentice Park, Thistle St, Lutwyche.
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  1. Nog

    Electric Motors

    I've always had Minn Kotas and the only problem was a sticky foot pedal after 6 years of use. Now have the ducks nuts version with spot lock etc.etc. Great bits of kit. Spot lock is like the wheel being reinvented. Bowmount mate, don't go stern unless you just want to troll.
  2. Bonefish seem to be an incidental capture around these parts. They are in numbers up at Hervey Bay but only deep and not on the flats like other Bonefish destinations. If you could find a consistent shallow water Bonefish fishery you'd have alot of international sport fishos tearing down your door to get at them. Awesome fish on fly, go like stink....and slippery
  3. And I spent $5K on going to Kiritimati for fricking Bonefishing. Well done indeed
  4. That's why I love anchor on my leccie. I still have much to learn and only 20-30 years hopefully to crack the code
  5. About ten or so at Harries @Old Scaley. Tonnes on the banks (whiting?) I left the ramp at 4:30am and tried for livies around the channel markers for zip. Got a bit spooked of driving to Mud and beyond in the dark so hung around until first light. Not the hardcore Snapper fisho I hope to be aye:)
  6. Mental health day on Friday Tried a few spots around Mud early morning but only to be plagued by Pike so went to Harries/Tiwi Pearl for a look as I'd never never been before. Used the pike as strip bait but only got pickers. This bait game is still a bit new to me. Picked up a mackerel on the slow troll, some sandies and a few squids on way back home. Magic day to be out on the water alone Mothers day was beer battered Mackerel
  7. That's why i chase pelagics on fly 90% of the time in the briny. No chance of getting the vomitrons
  8. That's why only doctors, lawyers and idiots fly fish. I'm neither a doctor or a lawyer.
  9. Tim Rajeff form Echo fly rods mate
  10. Great stuff. A saw the crabbers around Mud in the morning. As I'm mainly a fly fisho I suck at bait fishing. Biggest was a 25cm Tusky my son caught
  11. Thought of that the instant I heard the crack @Drop Bear
  12. I'll tow one with the yak I just won't tell anyone where I drop it
  13. Those cheap 30mm Bunnings foam sheets are not suitable unless you cover it first as the resin will melt it. You need polyurethane foam
  14. Second fly rod break in as many outings Caught lots of these In amongst all of these But then I high-sticked an excited one and ended up with these