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  1. I got to the dam at 4:30 and snoozed in the car Got half-a-dozen before I went exploring new ground. Sat on a stacked up school at one stage that refused everything I threw at them.....Go figure
  2. Now worries mate. Get out there whenever you have a chance (Mine are teenagers now so I remember Dad duty well). Norm
  3. Awesome stuff James. Bream are not an easy target on fly so kudos to you mate. "Gratuitous plug" . If you want to improve your casting you would be most welcome to come to our club as we have many excellent casting instructors. In fact our first meeting for the year is tonight at 6:30pm at the Wilston-Grange AFL club in Stafford. There is also a club down the Gold Coast if that's closer, SEQ FlyFishers. Also a really great bunch of guys. Keep at it mate, it's the only "proper" way to fish
  4. Cracking day on fly yesterday. Schools everywhere and eager. Eventually they started to shutdown so I just slowed the retrieve rate to suit. Not that it's a contest but Dad (that's me) scored 30+ on fly whilst the boy only managed 9 on lures
  5. You could replace your starter/house battery with a big deep cycle down the back. Just make sure you use heavy gauge wire (minimum 6AWG) up to the leccie as it draws lots of amps at full tilt.
  6. I have the Bird 9 and love it. All sounders are good I think it's just personal preference and budget. Mine is linked to my Minn Kota which is even groover ( but that option mighty put you over there 1K mark on a 7.
  7. Hey @Benasi I've been a passenger in both boats and own a 5.5 Galey (so compeltely biase dof course). The Haines is probably a better riding hull as it's also a bit heavier from memory but has lower freeboard. In the bay I'd feel safer in a Galey but it can be a bit wet. In the dams, maybe the Haines as it won't be so wind effected. To be honest, both are great, the older Galeys are a bit rough around the edges but probably cheaper to buy. The Galey can run pretty shallow (~ a foot), not sure about the Haines. Norm
  8. Nice one mate. Good to see they're still around. What's your secret bait?
  9. I use a 7000 for throwing 60-80 lures up on Fraser. Matched to a Snyderglas FSU 4120 rod. Perfect match and really cheap if you can find one.
  10. Great stuff guys. I was on the Eastern side with similar results with a 43cm gold spot....yummy:) Although the sledging was limited to fart jokes with three 15yo boys on board.
  11. No fine, just being asshats by trying to intimidate me. There was no legal reason I could see for being harassed, I was well outside the exclusion zone........or maybe the sudden appearance of a large moon got them all excited
  12. That's what I was looking for Nice fishes mate. We popped out Saturday arvo from Fisherman's, (got charged by obviously very bored water cops for being too close to the SS Reagan....). We were 30 metres away from the exclusions buoys by the way. Anyway the kids had some excitement. Picked up a reasonable Goldspot on a live Pike and a thousand baby Snaps and various on servo-prawns (kids loved that). One son got a but queasy so we bailed before the sun went down too far over the horizon
  13. Not wanting to be a snob or anything, but you will have so much more fun if you learn how to fly fish for trout. There's a reason why fly fishing for trout is so successful. You can't imitate a caddis or a mayfly with a lure or a soft least I haven't seen one yet Sorry to not answer your question...
  14. Not me!!!! I was referring to the non-gimp suit poddymullets determination to keep using plastics. Same goes on my boat. If you take a spin rod you might use it. I don't take spin rods.
  15. Spare a thought for us fly fishos. A mate and I donuted totally Sunday. I've also noted some pretty iridescent green algae on the edges. Water quality might be going down