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    Brisbane Fly Fishing Club, meetings every Third Wednesday, Prentice Park, Thistle St, Lutwyche.
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    Brisbane Fly Fishing Club, meetings every Third Wednesday, Prentice Park, Thistle St, Lutwyche.
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  1. I got a diagnositc done on my motor to show it was perfect. You'll sell it much quicker if you do tings like that and take some good photos. Sex sells!!!!!
  2. You shouda gone Tailor fishing with me Went up the sunny coast Wednesday night and got a nice 60cm flatty on a pillie and one measly Tailor. Nog
  3. what sort of charger are you using on it?
  4. Done, but I love surveys, they fill in the time between doing my head in with my work Remember, Aaron is only a Year 11 so lets help this generation by giving some of our time and hopefully acquired wisdom
  5. Damn, you would list after I've dropped my monthly bundle on fly fishing crap. That Terez/Tynos would be a great slow jig setup I'm guessing. Nog
  6. Can you load Genesis Community maps?
  7. Portable sounder for my yak. The transducer is fixed to a piece of flat alloy bar that is bent into a U type shape. One end is inserted into a rod holder tube whilst the other end is fixed to the transducer.
  8. Nog

    Navionics Or Cmap

    You stole my squid WayPoints
  9. Nog

    Navionics Or Cmap

    I have the Navionics "Fish n Chips" card, and has fine detail for Moreton Bay. For example the sou-west part of Mud Island looks like a bunch of spastic spaghettiti. I assume C-map can do the same but I'm running AutoChart Live on mine to map in greater details areas I'm intereste din
  10. So that's where "the" school was. Are you catching them or jagging them :0) Nice set of assist hooks you got going there Dennis
  11. Nog

    Boat For Moreton Bay

    secondhand polycraft, either the 4.10 which is more estuary, the 4.50 can hadle the bay on good days and get you home on bad days. They are a wet boat, but goggle how to fix it
  12. Nog

    Where Am I ?

    Think of the dude that found Oz