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  1. Nog

    First Boat Purchase...confused

    From what I've heard from some in the industry over the years Seajay are very well built boats that you could consider. I'm not sure of their distribution but Stones Corner sells them.
  2. Nog

    south queensland Trip To Woodgate

    A mate of mine was up there few weeks ago as well and said it was the worst fishing he's seen in ages.
  3. The Black Queen. The best finicky Bream rod ever. You could feel the slightest nibble and they didn't Give to your kids or Grandkids, they'll be worth heaps in 20 years or so. Or I'll take them off your hand for $20 each Norm the Shark
  4. Nog

    First Boat - Which One ?

    Mate, I had a 4.55m Polycraft centre console before upgrading. Very stable, very seaworthy, indestructible, but wet. You have to do some easy mods to the front chines. Second-hand ones are pretty cheap, no rot, no cracked stringers. But I'm biased because I had one remember, like most other opinions you'll get. Go and have a look at a bunch of boats yourself as well of course
  5. Nog

    Do I Take The Doeruperer?

    Good luck if you bite the bullet Robbie. I have a mate who has a 50 foot wooden motor sailer and it's a cracker of a boat. But he's a tug boat engineer and knows everyone in the trade so cost isn't a biggy apart from dry docking every year for antifoul and grub detection. Handy to have when you're looking for coffee and cake after a mornings fish If you want to talk wooden boats I'm sure he'd be happy to chat.
  6. Nog

    To Add Bow Mount Plate Or Not To My Scout 175

    Is it a 24V system? If so, get a Trollbridge 24 system. Great piece of kit to keep your batteries charged. Only one rule with electrics, use the heaviest gauge wire you can afford. And plenty of heatshrink and solder
  7. Nog

    To Add Bow Mount Plate Or Not To My Scout 175

    First of all, congrats on buying a simply awesome boat. I had my eyes on these but the Galeforce came in much cheaper at the time. I only have three screws on my bowmount, but with a piece of starboard as my baseplate. Works a treat
  8. Nog

    south queensland Time For A Toga

    Vampires @Drop Bear of various colours. Mainly purple or green fished on a fast sink or sink tip line. I also cover the eyes with flouro coloured gel. Looks edible to me anyway
  9. Owner of Fishing Monthly, Bass and Bream Comp gun fisher, has a background in marine biology. What he doesn't know about fishing in the Brisbane region isn't worth knowing. He has one and swears by it.
  10. Nog

    south queensland Time For A Toga

    Got love getting a Toga. Nice one Got 1/2 doz on fly this morning before work Note to those reading. Please stay inside the zone, even if the school drifts out of it. This resource we have is too precious to loose. Rant over....
  11. Yep., blew over 20 knots the next day (not fun on the Northern Banks) so we just turned around and came back in. Sometimes I even impress myself
  12. A nice Longy on fly in crap weather 2019. Thready/Jew on fly from the Brissie River.
  13. I went out on Boxing day and the 30th and didn't see a scale. From the sand hills to cowan and back both times. but the amount of bait is incredible, I even caught a frogmouth pillie on the 40g raider. No Tuna either, very unusual for this time of year I thought.