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  1. The possums would need to be earthed (touching the ground) to be zapped. Are you planning to put it around the plants or over the top?
  2. Nice one. Even old mate on the brag mat was impressed
  3. Mooloolah River bar (Mooloolaba) is the safest up here on the north coast. Hug the mooloolaba side wall and run towards Mooloolaba Beach for a hundred 100m and then head our to sea (red line). the point Cartwright wall builds up with sand which can extend out from the wall. Reef only a couple of kms out, so you can be fishing within minutes of leaving the river. You definitely won’t be the smallest boat out on a good day. Caloundra bar can be great one minute then the tide turns and it can get nasty. The deep channel along the tip of Bribie isn’t as great as it use to be. My boat is 4.6m (4.8 overall with a pod) 60hp. I’ve been over all the Sunnie coast bars with my boat and mooloolaba is by far the best. Fishing isn’t enjoyable if u are constantly worrying about what the bar will be like getting home. Mooloolaba u don’t have to worry. Let us know if u r heading up this way
  4. I have to remove the calipers, which can be annoying to line back up
  6. My boat was over the 750kg, so I’m guessing that one is well over. You can buy override brake kits off eBay. Simple to install but you will need to weld a plate to the axle to hold the brakes if their isn’t one already on your trailer.
  7. No, leave Sunday morning
  8. Few reports that they have started at Fraser. Good news as I’m there for the first week of the school holidays
  9. Top spot... we stay in that park for a week before Xmas each year.
  10. I actually thought she had a small ray. Her arms were sore by the time she got it to the boat.
  11. Fished another Toorbul monthly comp on Sunday. Haven’t been putting up reports each month because the reports will all be the same. Been averaging 10-12 legal fish each trip. Being the start of the school holidays and nice weather there were jet skis and boats flying around everywhere. The middle of the passage is a maze of shallow water and islands with the deeper water in some places outside the marked channel. The sound of outboards running up sand was constant. Jet skis fly through like they own the place, skipping over sandbars which would have boats high and dry. It was with great delight that I watched rider after rider drag their skis off the many sandbars. I managed to get the boat up some skinny water to where the fished weren’t spooked. Ended up with 10 good whiting all over 30cm, 5 average bream and a trevally. unfortunaley no prawns at the mouth of Hussey Ck, so didn’t venture up any further
  12. Anyone know if the prawns are still thick in the cab river. On holidays now so have the time to have a crack at them