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  1. this will give you a number of marks up the coast
  2. Hey mate, I have a Garmin striker and a lowrance hook both on my boat. Transducers are beside each other and they work fine.
  3. The ball stops the rope catching in the water when the tube overruns the rope. The rope can get slack in it when the tube is out wide. Can give the riders nice whiplash if the driver doesn’t notice. We never used one, and still don’t with my kids. You can learn to drive and adjust throttle to stop the rope hitting the water. I would get two single tubes. Don’t know if the first one would get airborne with that weight, unless going crazy speeds.
  4. @rayke1938 @Dinodadog will have the answer, but I believe you can trim up on some dams. Remove the fuel tank or if u can’t be removed disconnect the fuel line. I think Baroon pocket is one.
  5. That boat is too flash to get fish blood on it!!!! As @kmcrosby78 mentioned I’m part of the toorbul fishing club which is estuary fishing. There are a couple on Bribie and the Sunnie coast which are both inshore and offshore.
  6. Doyley

    Weld Quality

    I would be paying the $200 for the repair. You will lose far more trying to sell it with a crack which needs repair.
  7. Doyley

    Weld Quality

    The repair looks the goods to me. The area around it may be a bit weaker now but the weld beads look good. The higher crack, probably from the original impact, will need some attention. What size boat is it?
  8. @Drop Bear any chance of an online briefing next year? I would enter and support the comp, but can’t justify the trip down from the coast for a 5min briefing.
  9. Saw in your profile you are yeppoon. I would be heading to the Rosalyn bay fish markets. Fresh and local
  10. Yeah if you aren’t relying on it to start the outboard, one battery would be fine. What battery do u have now?
  11. My electric battery is in the front hatch. The weight of it and the electric is like having a small adult sitting up the front. Don’t notice the weight on the water, only when moving the boat at home. I also have a 25lt tank close to the front. The battery has coped a bashing through moreton bay and offshore mooloolaba numerous times and is still going strong 3 yrs later.
  12. The possums would need to be earthed (touching the ground) to be zapped. Are you planning to put it around the plants or over the top?
  13. Nice one. Even old mate on the brag mat was impressed