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  1. Doyley

    fishing Oz Day Weekend - What's Your Plan?

    No fishing for me. We did find this spot for the kids to swim - western side of Fraser.
  2. Doyley

    south queensland Jacobs Well Last Tuesday.

    One of these would be a worth while investment. I have heard the breather hole outlet can sometimes take in water if facing forward.
  3. Doyley

    western australia Bloodworm

    We would place a rolled up keeper bag in the water with an aerator. Change the water regularly. The bag was to allow the worms to hide and just unroll the bag when we needed them for fishing.
  4. Doyley

    south queensland Where To Go?

    Mission Point camp ground.
  5. Doyley

    south queensland Where To Go?

    Neither. Believe it or not...a yabby on 6lb leader . Got busted off a few times so will be going back with heavier gear and livies next time. Got this out of the same hole yesterday. And a few other pics from the weekend.
  6. Doyley

    south queensland Where To Go?

    from Coochin Ck last Sunday
  7. @Daryl McPhee will probably have a few good spots for kids
  8. Doyley

    What Would You Do?

    Nice jump.....unfortunately the face plant may have loosened the front teeth
  9. 40ah battery = 20ah available until u start to effect the life of the battery. 18lb watersnake uses 15amps per hr flat out. I reckon you have roughly 2hrs with varying speeds. U will still have 50% left in the battery to get you out of trouble, but you will start to damage the battery. Will also depend on the condition of he battery and if you have it on a good charger to hit it with 14v to give it a full charge.
  10. Doyley

    for sale Surtees Profisher 575 Centre Console

    I’m happy to look after it for u while u r away
  11. Doyley

    fishing Wooli

    @Drop Bear were you down there not long ago?
  12. Doyley

    fishing My Fishing Experience Using Drone

    20mins isn’t long to fish. Keep at it. As others have said it takes a while to work out the best tide, moon phases, times of the day etc.
  13. Good luck. Other options are to put in at Bribie and go up to the Caloundra 12 mile, or launch at mooloolaba and fish all the reefs up here. To be honest I haven’t fished northern Moreton Bay since I started fishing the sunny coast reefs over two years ago. This weekend for me will be another Toorbul comp in the passage.