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  1. Do$tylz


  2. return from the dead.... kinda. But just spent the lat 40odd (working) minutes reading all of the posts related to this. This is pretty bloody cool stuff and Rob, your kickstart and enthusiasm to make a positive change is awesome. Great work. I can't commit to being involved with anything but will help out when and where my planets, wifes planets and kid(s) planets align. Great initiative and thing to do.
  3. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Its been ages.
  4. Hey Richy, I've tried and tried and tried there on artificials and have not yet had any great success on whiting on artificials there. It can happen but it's been so inconsistent. Have tried classic small hardbodies like jackal chubbies, cranka cranks, and ecogear SX-40s. Have tried plastics like gulp nerus worms, gulp 3 inch pumpkinseeds, 3 inch damiki armourshads, 2 inch gulp shrimps. Have tried all the normal topwater lures that work on whiting as well - megabass dog-x juniors, ecogear px-45s, sugapens, bubble pop 35s, smith towadies. You name it, I've tried it. For some reason the usual tricks that work everywhere else, don't seem to work in the channel. The only thing I haven't given a good working is over the flats/weed beds on high tide. If you figure it out, please share
  5. Great prices for those who want a spare bait rod and they look in decent nic too. Got mates who come on your boat and don't have their own gear? or young kids just starting out? My pick would be - 3 abu muscle tip 6ft 3 to 6kg one piece rod with shimano 2500fi symetre reel $60 Could deal with 90% of the bait fishing you'd do in our rivers, lakes or bay. Good luck with the sale Dino and your recovery too.
  6. Could also head down to the northern NSW region. For the price of the barge over you could add an extra nights stay in an AirBNB/resort down there. Lots of relaxing and small towns to shop in for the wife, LOTS of fishing options for you. Have a look at Kingscliff, Casuarina, Hastings Point and Pottsville.
  7. My brother and I went for a 1 day trip up that way to have a look at buying some land for the future. Stopped in at Poona to have a look at cheap land near water. Not bad if you have a spare $74k to spend. 800sqm of land, 1 block from the water. But then we found that rates for said block of land with no town sewage and with power and water NOT connected would run about $1600/$1800 per annum. Better off just renting a house there for a week at a time for $600 instead.
  8. Oh man.. am only able to get out Sunday so will miss the cut off dates. Orrr...... we could extend by 1 day to allow for Sunday fisho's....
  9. Good to hear you're OK Lance. Rest up mate and we'll see you on the water soon.
  10. You could try Poona. Just north of Inskip and on the Great Sandy Strait. A town of maybe 100 people right on the water. The campgrounds/caravan park is right on the boat ramp. Nice flat water right in front. Kinda off the beaten track since not a lot of people go there. There's 1 cafe/shop in the suburb (I'd struggle to call it a town) and that's pretty much it.
  11. Welcome Ollie. If you would like to advertise your products, reach out to Angus to find out how.
  12. well spotted. that's exactly what they are.
  13. I've never really had the luxury of fishing particular tides. I just fish whenever I can a chance and will adjust location or technique depending on what's in front of me Particular spots will do better at different tides. For the beach in front of Australia Fair, I'm guessing bottom of the tide might not be the greatest but that's just a guess. I'd fish it anyway and see what happens.
  14. You will occasionally find some rogue tailor inside the canals but more likely to find them at junctions where the canals feed bigger tributaries. Same for trevs although they're a bit more regular inside the canals. Not a surprise to hook a trev when chasing bream in canals.
  15. nah. That gear is fine. Any heavier and they're not as fun. I just tie on a heavier tippet at the end of your leader. So, at the end of your 8lb leader, tie on about 15-20cm of 20lb to reduce the chances of getting bitten off.