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  1. That sucks Ray. If it does get hot like that again, you can put a fan blowing over the top of the tank to keep the temp down. It'll will exponentially increase water loss, but it will keep temps down around the mid 20's in 35+ days.
  2. Flouro all the way through will be OK. If your topwater style is heavy on long pauses and your particular lure/style doesn't like to be dipped below the surface on each re-start, I'd consider having the mono leader. Otherwise, generally I like when my topwater does that little dip underwater each time you re-start the retrieve. Allows for more movement while keeping the lure in the hotzone which is sometimes what tempts the fish to come out of hiding or stay in a location where they aren't spooked (shadows).
  3. So the google maps is now unfortunately showing Lota at high tide (which can also give an idea of how it can be deceptive if you tried to wade out at a high tide). But the area in red is where I'm guessing the kid was. The area in blue is where you want to be to fish at the low tide. A channel forms and you can walk the muddy bank to fish. As the tide drops, there are small feeder creeks that form and empty out the flats into the main creek. I'm guessing the kid walked into the back end of one of those feeder creeks without realising how soft those can be.
  4. Was telling a few of the crew at the AFO Christmas gathering about this clip from the other day so just d/l'd and sharing here. Story is a kid got stuck in the mud and needed the chopper to get him out. 126092306_183215503402405_4874617268470887449_n.mp4
  5. Mate that bar looks doable in the tinny Looks like a cracking weekend getaway. Just beautiful colours in those waters.
  6. ha whoops. Totally missed the detail that it was a yella and not a bass. How good is that massive grin in the pic
  7. 1391 days (3.8yrs) for a growth of 2cm. Was is a healthy looking bass Ray? Also - is this growth rate expected when they get to this size? That bass must have had a look at you and thought to itself "not this bloke again"
  8. Do$tylz

    Christmas 2020

    i may or may not have my kids in tow. Don't cater for me though. Got a kids party that morning so we'll be pre-loaded with delicious greek food and lollies.
  9. and if you think the AU line up of reels for Daiwa is too much - you should have a a look at their japanese catalogues. Same for Shimano. Gotta keep releasing new models to stay at the top of the game - or at least look like you are still staying on top of the game. Some of the new models will get new stuff that actually makes a difference, others not.
  10. For the top end daiwas and shimanos etc there are only a small handful of manufacturers that can actually make some of those rods. In fact, the manufacturers are the same for them. QC process, quality, components and design can be unqieu, but the build is done in the same place same people.
  11. QC is always a tough one when you are dealing with 100s/1000s of rods. I think it has always been a problem, its just customers now have higher expectations. And we are probably seeing more problems because of the sheer numbers being manufactured. Also, for some of these rods, the margins are actually quite high when going from cost of manufacture to the time it gets to the customer hands. Issues can come up in a number of different ways for rods throughout the manufacturing process. Parts, carbon pre-preg, epoxy, rolling, baking, guides, glue, shipping, storage etc. Seems like such a simple thing to get right (line up the guides) but in a product that has so many components, suppliers and steps, it's understandable that there are occasional product issues. As long as the company sorts out any manufacturing issues that you find as a customer, it should be ok.
  12. Brian I've seen more fishing reports from you in the last 3 months than I did for the first 8-odd years of BFO days And catching fish too... amazing Good to get out mate. The forecast this morning I read to be almost a glass out first thing. Was it?
  13. I'd also recommend a small waterproof tuppaware box that you can take with you to put in used hooks/swivels/sinkers. During a fishing session, you will probably change rigs once or twice and you probably want to re-use some of your gear rather than bin it. DON'T put it back in the tacklebox with all of your new/dry gear. It will very quickly start rusting out all of your new gear and you will be buying new gear again soon. Put all of your used stuff into the small tuppaware container and then when you get home, empty, rinse and dry away from your other gear. Once dry, then you can put it back in your tackle box for re-use in future.
  14. Hey Robbie - yep. I think I have 2 more of the 9ft scouts. Light favourites - maybe not. I'll have to look.
  15. The seaway is a breeze. I've popped out maybe 3 or 4 times now in my 4.1 low sides tinny. Have never run far offshore - at best 100m chasing birds, but it's definitely easy to visually gauge the safety of crossing that bar when you turn up. An easy indicator is watch all the tinnies parked up along the northern wall near the end. If there are none parked around the tip of the rockwall, it's probably a bit rough ... or you are a lucky fella and found the blue moon where no one is parked there