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  1. Ray if you look at the correlation between when the PRFMA used to be able to do the recovery below the wall returning what we all knew were stocked fish, after that seq water took it on and they put what ever they caught below the wall back in. Just simply uneducated staff, I remember asking her what fish she returned and all she could tell me was perch. So if they don’t know the difference between yellas and bass how the hell are they to know the difference between eel tailed and forkies ?
  2. Not by him but one of the workers thinking they were doing the right thing, I used to know one of them and she ain’t too bright
  3. Bet it was them that put the forkies in there
  4. Plenty of good fish to be caught walking the banks, got this yella in my bday last week.
  5. Interesting ! My brother is moving to Longford next week so I have been doing plenty of research on trout and redfin, I will apologise in advance as our break up here are nothing compared to the horses you guys get down there.
  6. I dont keep many fish mate (dont eat sea food) nothing wring with taking a feed though. keep a few Flathead for the family when i target them tho
  7. Well done Chris I was up there today catching whiting on poppers, next time you see my ex tell her I said hi I wondered where she’s ended up
  8. Make sure you take plenty of pics during the process ! Well done on the new boat
  9. Well done on the silver mate I don’t recall many being caught at all ! Best of luck Monday if you need a hand with anything when you home gimme a call. Also if any of your lures get lonely I will happily take them for swim.
  10. Head to north pine dam, study this and you should get onto a few. Written by one on the best fresh water fishos you will come across and knows the dam like the back of his Hand. cheers
  11. No crabs or fish up there or tin can mate don’t bother lol
  12. Talk to duncan
  13. Well done fellas its nice when it all comes together.
  14. Dont forget to take some pics next time mate, what part of the river you you in ?