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  1. fishingnut

    north queensland Cairns Beach Fishing

    Havent been up there for afew years, looks like a great way to spent the arvo !
  2. fishingnut

    south queensland Exploring New Public Access Area

    Secret is safe with me mate !
  3. fishingnut

    What Are You Up To?

    Take the tinny out ans much as i can, Also head down to goondiwindi and shoot some foxes pigs and cats on a mates property, looking forward to the sorghum harvest in march
  4. fishingnut

    south queensland Wet Behind The Ears

    Well done LGM i do recognise that tree ! Theres a good message there for any young fellas that want to catch fish.
  5. fishingnut

    south queensland Any Lure Will Do The Job

    yella on a jig... well done mate
  6. fishingnut

    south queensland Lake Wyaralong Carp And Tilly Bash

    Pretty keen to come along to this, is it electric only or is there outboards allowed ?
  7. fishingnut

    south queensland Unwelcome Visitors.

    Hope this is posted on facey too
  8. fishingnut

    south queensland Unwelcome Visitors.

    Was always going to happen, was talking to a a customer at work about npd and he said his kid and his mates go up past the marker in his kayak and has no worries about it as "whats the worst will happen" to em was his exact response, they simply dont care as its just a free for all now its open to kayaks. Looks like a well worn track behind the young fella in the fist pic.
  9. fishingnut

    south queensland NPD Drone

    Excellent drone footage ! something I would like to get into one day
  10. fishingnut

    Venison For A Hungry Drop Bear

    Great stuff mate keep it coming! love the paddock to plate reports
  11. fishingnut

    south queensland Finally The Smell Of Bass

    Good to see you up and at em mate glad the bass recognised your boat and came and said hello
  12. fishingnut

    south queensland Against Doctors Orders

    Good to see you up and about, hows the goldfish/carp situation ?
  13. fishingnut

    fishing Help For Pairing Rod And Reel

    Shouldnt be a problem, what are you targeting with this combo?
  14. Was a top notch feed ! my pumpkin carving need some attention but jeez they were tasty as was everything else that got cooked up, definitely a highlight