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  1. Very sad news, just because it’s a fresh water and a dam the risks are still very real ! Wear your safety gear and try and always take someone with you just in case something happens to you. Stay safe everyone.
  2. fishingnut

    Christmas 2020

    Doubt I’ll make it @ellicat I’m still in hospital, no lifting of twisting for 6 weeks and no idea on driving either. Have fun everyone make sore there is plenty of pics taken. cheers
  3. fishingnut

    Christmas 2020

    See what happens with my back, due for surgery in 30 days or sooner if I can I will.
  4. Nice one Dino. Skimming them over weeds reminds me of fishing lake k years ago. Find any lures ?
  5. Laid up with back pain. Still no good
  6. Lovely fish Dino very jealous.
  7. Nice one mate, any schools or just the odd show on the sounder ?
  8. What ever happened to the Prfma rainbow breeding scheme they had going years ago ?
  9. Nice one ray, I drool every time I get out there at all the good venison out there. A friend of mine makes the best venison jerky I have ever had ! I won’t be out the dam for some time till I get my back sorted.
  10. Nice one mate, shrimp have been scarce in my pots lately so a short session with the nephew the other day only managed 2 bass And had to head in as I have done my back, off to get some steroid injections tomorrow hopefully that gives me some relief.
  11. Got him onto his first ever fish on a lure the day before up at bribie
  12. Got bugger all shrimp in the pots, I fished lures and got bugger all they just weren’t interested. Get more enjoyment getting people onto fish and enjoying them selves
  13. The beard is gone mate I look 12 now !