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  1. Big fish being caught there lately, the Wivenhoe classic was on last week have a look at the reports there.
  2. Nice one ray, what’s the go with not tagging in npd?
  3. I have been going to Freddy’s at brendale a bit and also anaconda, they have far more soft plastics than bcf
  4. Paid mine early this morning, see you out there ray. cheers
  5. Is that on the bom site ? Awesome weather make the most of it fellas call in a sicky if you have to !
  6. post up a few pics dino, just to help me NOT buy it ! great reel at a great price and i know how much you look after your gear. shouldnt last long at all at that price
  7. perfect weather, awesome li dam that one well done keep up the reports
  8. Im at the gap benno but i work at stafford if that helps?
  9. Picked up a tackle box second hand and has these goodies in it, since I have zero use for them I thought someone on here might! I want to keep the trays tho
  10. Weather looks great this weekend, looking at taking the tinny over if anyone is Keen? Will be going over in the dark and working the tide as it comes in.
  11. Best thing you can mate so easy and only 60 bucks
  12. And here I am thinking I did a pretty good job....
  13. You won’t regret it, I wouldn’t go fishing again with out an electric ! Just make sure you don’t skimp on a quality battery