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  1. Well done mate good to see you getting some miles in those legs.
  2. Well there’s a reason the pros are there...
  3. I’d say your in mud crab heaven up there mate, get out to the smaller creeks and less populated spots,also make sure the entry and exits of your pots face the way the tide runs same with dropping them in drains
  4. Got this fella the other day in a heavily worked area on a simple chicken frame there cheap and work well, put in the effort and you will be rewarded
  5. Looking at building my fitness back up after losing the top of my lung. Might as well try and catch a fish while I’m at it hey ! Show me what you got, looking for something stable and cheaper the better. cheers
  6. 5’10 3-6kg
  7. Looking for a bass raider if anyone has one collecting dust in there collection send me a message. cheers
  8. Go see Troy at he’s at Lawnton too
  9. fishingnut

    Weld Quality

    Wouldn’t worry about it, storm in a tea cup if you ask me
  10. Up in gods country there tugger, look forward to some pics mate
  11. I don’t eat seafood so she loves it ! Just wish she owned a pub and I would be set