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  1. Mine took a week, that place looks like it does good work but it’s in Victoria, big far to take to boat lol
  2. Now I have your attention ! Having installed the trailer winch I am looking for ideas to keep it covered (I was thinking canvas bag) so if anyone knows someone or is handy with canvas please let me know or if you have a better idea to keep it covered and protected let me know about it, just want to keep it covered from the sun and just looks very “exposed” the way it is. cheers
  3. There were some thumb busters amongst em. Even the small 38cm fish are packing a punch.
  4. Some people use them for redclaw bait, just kill em and return them for the shrimp and redclaw to eat. Kill everyone one you can!
  5. I run bearing buddies Too ray, wiped out all the excess brown grease and filled her up with fresh stuff.
  6. Exactly ray. I give every single one a short back and sides
  7. Just a quick tip and reminder for everyone here, while ducking outside to check on the battery chargers in the boat i for what ever reason decided to give the wheel a quick wiggle, well one of my wheel bearing were loose as a goose ! A quick tap with a rubber mallet released the bearing buddy and revealed a horrible brown mess (water and grease). A quick tidy up with a whole heap of rags revealed the bearing was still OK and good to go, a guick repack and tighten and im back on the road again.Just goes to show what I thought was good trailer bearings nearly bit me in the bum big time so just goes to show its never too late to give your nuts a wiggle and make sure there up to the task. Cheers
  8. yeah its a new reverse tagging thing there doing lol
  9. Would have got a similar tally if I wasnt parked on today thanks for giving me some space. seen you zoom past me today on the way back, do you go full power when traveling about ? my rear motor is being repaired cant wait to get it back
  10. Yeah it was tagged back in 2013, thats by far the biggest catty i have caught and happy to dispose of it too,beautiful day out on the water, days like these a fish is a bonus. Oh and the new trailer winch is THE best thing since sliced bread too should have got one years ago !
  11. Well what can I say, weather was picture perfect and the fish were happy to play the game too.found three different schools and caught them on as many techniques. Also managed another pb for npd. Still chasing a a yella out there they have eluded me for a while but I will find em. Will let the pics do the talking, 36 bass and a whopper forky. cheers
  12. 100m is heaps for what your after, unless your chasing tuna then you will want more, as a experiment tie on a sinker and get your mate to run 100 meters you will be surprised how far it really is, a lot of people over estimate how far fish actually run and how far you can actually cast. try it you will be surprised !
  13. click rules then marine parks (recreational)