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  1. We’re they with Sandgate ?
  2. I don’t eat seafood mate, but most of these were crumbed and he old man likes em plain and simple with just butter in a pan. 4 inch plastic hopped on the edge of the weed and sand bank, very basic stuff really haha there real thick this time of year so good fish to get kids into catching fish onto lures.
  3. Having the boat and my self out of action for a while I pulled my finger out and installed a new water pump and impellor, big thanks to Troy at minnkotarepairs for giving me a prop and a awesome service of my bowmount ! Took the boat for a quick “test” run up to bribie early this morning, well the boat absolutely flies along now gaining an extra 4kph and doing less revs so very happy. Would be silly of me to take the boat and not a rod, pulled up to a nice lil drop off and had spot lock working perfectly being able to work it with minimal effort and bagging afew flathead.
  4. Went past carseldine tackle shop today and she’s all but empty, I thought it was tied in that that mob at Sandgate? Must admit it was pretty run down last time I was in there, used to be a great lil shop to stop in and have a chat.
  5. Pics make a report Brian so take plenty or I’ll report it as spam
  6. Well done Dino ! one of my favorite places that dam, a fish is a bonus
  7. Nice one ray, update on the tagged bass?
  8. Well done Dino, ! Is there much lilies on the edge ? last time i was there with you the dam was well below the ramp, is there much water in there now ? Cheers
  9. Oh ok I see, na mate she’s old school welded on
  10. not too sure what you mean there drop bear
  11. Yeah im northside, just wanted to avoid them if i could cos they charge like a wounded bull
  12. Bought myself a 6x4 box trailer that needs a longer draw bar put on it, it basically doesn't have one at the moment and needs a straight piece put on maybe 500mm. i can weld no problem but would rather find someone that specialists in trailer repairs/mods as i dont want to ruin a perfectly good trailer. cheers
  13. Good day stuff! Have wanted to get into drones for ages, thanks for the vids !