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  1. Awesome great feedback thanks guys. Just getting excited about my new stessl that's being built. Once I get experience I am keen to do a trip out the north west island. I know that all the water drains out from the island so by the looks of it the boat would sit on sand. Was tossing up whether to take the barge with my smaller 4.3m boat, or to take the new 6.3m boat when I get it later in the year. Would actually be awesome to do a big meet up with whoever is keen from the forum up there
  2. Hey, If you leave an alluminium plate boat (around 6m) where it gets low tide and the water completely drains so the boat would be sitting on the sand, could it cause damage to the boat? Are there any dangers of doing this? Cheers Ryan
  3. Haven't taken my boat into the mouth as I've been concerned about the tricky channel / rocks. I'm assuming you're familiar with the river, but I know that the logan and albert can be subject to some pretty extreme flooding. You can still see debris half way up the trees from water around nearby roads of the albert up from the weir. Must have been some serious water to push stanmore bridge over!
  4. Awesome thanks guys for all your replies, it has mechanical override brakes will be interested to see what it weighs at the weigh bridge when loaded
  5. Yeah OK cool thanks then it seems like its not a matter of of it has brakes, but what type of brakes. Do mechanical override brakes generally require any special fitments to the car, or does it work completely outside of any electronics?
  6. Hey, Looking at a 6.5m plate boat and am thinking it might sit around the 2 tonne mark at a guess. I have a Triton to tow it. From my little reading, it looks like you need trailer brakes of the loaded trailer if above 750kg. Is that right? Very new to the idea of trailer brakes, are they are pain to maintain, and how much should I be expecting to pay if the trailer doesn't have it already? I'm guessing the ute will need to be modified to support it as it wouldn't run through the trailer plug? Cheers
  7. I did the exact same thing with mine hook2 7 tripleshot. Went back to bcf and swapped it for the model with the maps.
  8. Cheers yeah I opened up the connector and sprayed some innox didn't have wd40. I tried to open up the led trailer lights but there's no screw or obvious access to open it up - kind of looks sealed. Is that common? @rayke1938 @ellicat Couldn't see anything loose in the connector in any case. How does it ground if the white wires aren't secured to the trailer itself.
  9. Thanks @ellicat and @rayke1938it's a flat plug. Doesn't have any reverse lights just the brakes and indicators.
  10. Hello, My driver side indicator stays on (continually, not blinking) when my brake lights or parkers are on. A bloke at the boat ramp mentioned its probably a grounding issue. I'm a newb at this kind of stuff. My understanding is there should be a white cable secured to the trailer, but I can't find it? Is that with both old and newer trailers? It's probably around a 2012 model dunbier. I've tested it using two cars and both times I had issues. Any hints on how to fix it would be much appreciated! Cheers, Ryan
  11. Hey, Haven't fished for bass in an impoundment in winter before. Thinking of hitting one up in SEQ while hopefully the skiers aren't around! Am I best focusing my efforts in the more shallower bays, or do they hang in deeper water during winter? Cheers, Ryan
  12. Wow thanks for the replies. I've usually been getting back in to the ramp half way down the run out tide as I didn't know what it was like lower than that. Does anyone know of you can launch off the beach at cabbage tree during the top half of the tide instead of using the busy concrete ramp? Have a 4.3m tinny
  13. Hey, I'm particularly interested in what the weinem creek, Victoria point and cabbage tree boat ramps are like at lowtide, but while I've got a thread going I thought it might be helpful to share what your favourite ramps are like at low tide. Cheers, Ryan
  14. That's really exciting @Old Scaley it looks great you must be stoked!
  15. You're welcome @Old Scaley . Yep indeed had to get the bow rail removed. Hopefully you can avoid it if possible It is an anderson plug - that's exactly right it allows me to remove the minn kota easily with the quick release bracket. Not too sure on the battery box, but that's prompted me to think about putting the battery in a box myself - seems like a sensible thing to do!