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  1. Nice one Jon, sounds like a Monday we'll spent. Curious what spb stands for?
  2. Absolutely! I thought you guys might like that feature. For anyone interested here's the model I got http://www.12-24voltovens.com.au/travel-buddy-12-volt-marine-oven/ It's wired to my two batteries. Some people put them in their cars as well
  3. Nice spotting I live north of the GC but I was just driving through the area to suss out the ramps after picking her up
  4. Thanks @Drop Bear absolutely the wife can easily fit too. There's extended cushions too which isn't in the pics so if you did want more length they can extend the sleeping area right up to the helm seats
  5. Does tectyl stay sticky? And does it collect dirt and sand like fish oil? Innox is nice to use but in my experience with innox is it just washes away after a few dunkings.
  6. Thanks @benno573 sounds good I'm definitely short on fishing mates. Always keen to learn from more experienced fishos!
  7. Thanks @Old Scaley haven't decided on anything yet but am keen to give it a name
  8. Thanks! it will be 112lb with 72"shaft
  9. Ryannnnnnnn

    My New Boat

    As promised, here's a few pics of my new Stessl 630 Coast runner. Have taken it out twice and am absolutely loving it. Super stable (thanks for the larger reverse chines that was introduced in the platerix 2 hull design) it ploughs through the chop compared to my 4.3 tinny. It has a 250l fuel tank and is backed by a 150hp yammy. With the centre cab design you can easily walk around the entire boat and the cab has enough room for me to lie down comfortably (I'm 6ft). For when it gets choppy I have a front clear I can attach to enclose the gap between the windscreen and the roof. There's a big auto deploy minn kota coming as well We also put in a travel buddy marine oven, which is mounted in the under seat storage so we've been smashing hot croissants and pies while on the water! Amazing being on the water and smelling something cooking up. Another cool feature that's just been implemented is on the inside edge of the gunwhale there's a track which supports all kinds of rail blaza accessories. Haven't used it at night yet but there's nice lighting (white and red) on the roof of the helm and inside the cab. I haven't really ventured far in my smaller boat so excited to get out and do some longer trips! Any suggestions on some live bait grounds around moreton and where to flick them are most welcome! If you see me out on the water come say hi
  10. My shed is a bit dark and gloomy so I'm planning on getting a few more pics in the daylight the next time it's out in some nice light I have a nice feature on it I think you guys will appreciate
  11. OK good to know guys will try the trailer roller again and see how I go. Most of my travel will be on roads around brisbane so nothing too hectic. Thanks for the replies
  12. Hey, Looking at options for a transom saver / outboard support bracket. My motor is a 150hp 4 stroke yammy with the 3 ram tilt. My other boat uses one of the brackets that connects to the trailer and has a v shape that the motor sits in to take some of the weight and keep the motor still when travelling. I recently seen one of those plastic transom saver blocks that sits on one of the ram rods. Are these effective? Can't seem to see how it would alleviate any weight from the transom - perhaps it's not meant to and is meant to only reduce movement? Are there any alternatives or DIY solutions? Tried a trailer roller but it might be too soft as the outboard just bends it when any pressure is applied. Also, just a more general question about powered trims as I'm more used to my old manually trimmed outboard, will the trim stop automatically when it senses pressure / an obstacle (like a transom saver) or will it just keep trying to trim and break something? Cheers Ryan
  13. Thanks @GregOug ! Got the boat on the weekend, might have to post up some pics!
  14. Definitely some value bombs in there junky, great tips. Definitely going to get some of that tectyl 506!