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  1. Thanks very much for all the replies! I think I'll steer well clear now that I have a better idea of where they are. Cheers!
  2. Hello, Just want to clear something up about fishing near, or i guess on the border of green zones that run along banks. Using the below examples, the greenzone looks to run along the bank of the bay islands. - Does this mean, that I cannot stand along the bank and cast out into the water? - Can I be in my boat, and cast towards the bank? Apologies if it seems like silly questions - I just want to be clear and do the right thing. Cheers
  3. Hello, I know that baffle creek is renowned for it's rock bars and sand bars, and my understanding is that there are no (or limited markers around). I was hoping someone could give me a few spots to be careful of (a map would be amazing, but anything will help) so i don't smash my prop! I'll be going slow. I'm a bit too weary to go upstream so I think I'll be sticking towards the mouth and go as far up as the main caravan park. Looking for jacks, queenies, trevs and any barra! Cheers
  4. Are there any special considerations as to whether a tripleshot transducer with side scan, should be mounted to the left or right of an existing transducer?
  5. Interesting OK thanks Doyley - I've read some mixed things, good to know you've had some success with similar sounders working together
  6. Hey, I currently have a Garmin striker 4 fitted to the transom of my boat. I have just upgraded to a Lowrance Hook2 7 tripleshot and haven't fitted it yet. I am wondering, can I leave the garmin on there and run the lowrance simultaneously (have traditional sonar on garmin and have down view and side view going on lowrance)? From what I understand you can't as you will get 'cross talk' - Does this apply to chirp transducers? The transducers would sit side by side eachother on the transom. My boat is tiller steer and the garmin sits up the back with the driver. Can't decide whether to put the lowrance up the back with the driver too, or put one up towards the bow near the trolling motor. When you guys are sounding around using sideview / other modes, are you usually trolling around with the electric or outboard? Cheers Ryan
  7. Hello, To access dams in SEQ like Hinze for example that don't allow petrol motor use, do I need to completely remove the petrol motor from the boat or can I have it trimmed up out of the water? I'd rather have it trimmed up, in case my electric failed and I couldn't get back with my paddles and have absolutely no way of getting back.
  8. Thanks for the helpful replies. most of my fishing is between 1 to 20 meters in water. Sounds like I'm best generally using the chirp 200khz setting. I've been thinking chirp sends a 77khz and 200 kHz frequency only, but I can see there's a 77khz chirp setting and also a 200khz chirp setting, which makes me think the 77khz setting sends a wave of different frequencies around that low band, while the 200khz settings sends a wave of varied frequencies up towards the 200khz band. Does that sound right?
  9. Hello! So I've had a sounder (garmin striker 4) on my kayak and have transferred it onto my boat (transducer mounted on transom). It's a 2d unit, and I find it quite hard to use but that's down to my lack of understanding. At the moment, I'm using it for depth but can't really say it's helped me catch fish at all - my success is purely down to repetition of fishing the same spots and knowing the structure around me. I took it out to Somerset dam near Brisbane and caught nothing, and it's pushed me to try and research more on how to properly use my sounder. Have watched some videos and read lots of articles but am still stuck on the below questions (sorry if they're stupid!) 1. What's the difference between dual frequency and chirp? My unit features both of these. 200khz (15 degrees) and 77 khz (45 degrees). I understand both frequencies have their benefits and show a different radius. 2. My unit has a split screen view for both frequencies that show the same picture in different detail. I thought chirp combines the frequencies into one? When using split screen am I using chirp or dual frequency? 3. When viewing split screen frequency, I see the same picture but in different detail. But I thought that the 77khz would give me a much wider area of view given it emits a larger cone? Confused as to why I would see the same area, unless the 77khz is zoomed to the area of the 200khz to show the same thing. 4. When I spot fish, by the time I drop my lure down the fish are gone. How do I know where to cast given it's a 2d image? If I spot fish, should I literally be dropping my lure down or casting out in some direction? Appreciate any help you can share!
  10. Thanks Doyley for the feedback. Just thinking, as my outboard is a pull start 2 stroke and doesn't require power to start - could I get away with just getting a bigger battery with more juice to power the motor, sounder, bilge and lights? Or is that a bad idea?
  11. Hey! I'm getting a thruster plate put onto my Horizon easy fisher 435 (has 40hp yammy 2 stroke on back), so that I can mount a minn kota on the front. What I can't work out is where I should put the 2nd battery! Without the minn kota on, the boat gets up on the plane real easy so am worried about disturbing that. Here's the placement of the weight on the boat, once the minn kota is on without the 2nd battery. Front left Electric motor Front Center Anchor Front right Wife Rear left Fuel tank (20 or 30 litre - can't recall!) Rear center Outboard Rear right Driver + seat Current battery Ideally the 2nd battery would just go with the existing battery with the driver, but am worried about the uneven weight distribution towards starboard side and rear. At least it would be kind of out of the way as that space is already unusable. Would it be a good idea to place some kind of plate in the front hatch in the centre that a battery box could mount on - Or would it be too rough up the front for a battery? Pics of front & back attached. Would appreciate any feedback.
  12. Had to put the motor on the back burner - but am ready to proceed now! Does anyone have any recommendations around Brisbane / Gold coast to supply and fit everything?
  13. Alright with your guys help it looks like there's a slow leak from one of the bung plugs. Is there a certain brand of plug or shop you recommend getting a new set from?
  14. Hadn't seen these latest replies - thanks very much!