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  1. Wow thanks for the replies. I've usually been getting back in to the ramp half way down the run out tide as I didn't know what it was like lower than that. Does anyone know of you can launch off the beach at cabbage tree during the top half of the tide instead of using the busy concrete ramp? Have a 4.3m tinny
  2. Hey, I'm particularly interested in what the weinem creek, Victoria point and cabbage tree boat ramps are like at lowtide, but while I've got a thread going I thought it might be helpful to share what your favourite ramps are like at low tide. Cheers, Ryan
  3. That's really exciting @Old Scaley it looks great you must be stoked!
  4. You're welcome @Old Scaley . Yep indeed had to get the bow rail removed. Hopefully you can avoid it if possible It is an anderson plug - that's exactly right it allows me to remove the minn kota easily with the quick release bracket. Not too sure on the battery box, but that's prompted me to think about putting the battery in a box myself - seems like a sensible thing to do!
  5. Hey @Old Scaley no worries happy to answer any questions you have, no expert here but happy to share my own experience of it! I have a horizon easyfisher 435. So I got quoted between $3500 and $4000 but I ended up getting it supplied and fitted with the battery for $2900 including the quick release bracket from Brisbane quintrex which I thought was very reasonable! The thruster plate, bow rail removal and battery plate got done else where, think I only paid about $90. Have attached a few photos if it helps at all. The angle of mine goes straight back, I've seen others where it sits on an angle out to the side. I was worried putting the battery at the back with the added weight and I'm really glad I put it at the front. Have noticed no impact on the ride using the yammy. I have to manually put it on charge after I've used it, unlike my other battery which runs the lights, bilge and sounder. I've never had it run out of battery (even after forgetting to put it on charge! ) I've only used the quick release bracket once for a trip from Brisbane to baffle creek, but I'm sure I'll use it more on future trips. Let me know if you have any other questions or would like some other photos - sorry they're a bit dark
  6. Hey @Old Scaley thanks for checking back in. I ended up getting an MK Riptide with a 120amp battery. I got the thruster plate welded on by a boat builder then had the MK supplied and fitted by the dealer that originally supplied my boat. I couldn't find any good cheaper alternatives that had the spot lock feature and am really glad I slashed out on the MK. The minn kota is absolutely fantastic, I haven't used my normal anchor since I had the MK installed which has been months. It's improved my experience out on the water so much. Getting snagged is less of a hassle, can effortlessly move the boat with precision to position myself where ever I want. I ended up mounting the battery in the front hatch to keep weight down the front which is working well. At first the dealer fit a 42 inch shaft but it was a bit short - fully extended the shaft would cavitate in any chop, so they replaced it with a 48 inch which is working perfectly. Can send any pics if it helps at all Cheers
  7. Hey, Where does everyone usually get their barometer readings from - is there a particular go-to website or app that you prefer? Looking for something that has a nice graph, that visually shows change. And lastly, is there such thing as barometric forecasts? What I've seen so far is just current and past barometric readings. Cheers!
  8. Thanks very much for all the replies! I think I'll steer well clear now that I have a better idea of where they are. Cheers!
  9. Hello, Just want to clear something up about fishing near, or i guess on the border of green zones that run along banks. Using the below examples, the greenzone looks to run along the bank of the bay islands. - Does this mean, that I cannot stand along the bank and cast out into the water? - Can I be in my boat, and cast towards the bank? Apologies if it seems like silly questions - I just want to be clear and do the right thing. Cheers
  10. Hello, I know that baffle creek is renowned for it's rock bars and sand bars, and my understanding is that there are no (or limited markers around). I was hoping someone could give me a few spots to be careful of (a map would be amazing, but anything will help) so i don't smash my prop! I'll be going slow. I'm a bit too weary to go upstream so I think I'll be sticking towards the mouth and go as far up as the main caravan park. Looking for jacks, queenies, trevs and any barra! Cheers
  11. Are there any special considerations as to whether a tripleshot transducer with side scan, should be mounted to the left or right of an existing transducer?
  12. Interesting OK thanks Doyley - I've read some mixed things, good to know you've had some success with similar sounders working together
  13. Hey, I currently have a Garmin striker 4 fitted to the transom of my boat. I have just upgraded to a Lowrance Hook2 7 tripleshot and haven't fitted it yet. I am wondering, can I leave the garmin on there and run the lowrance simultaneously (have traditional sonar on garmin and have down view and side view going on lowrance)? From what I understand you can't as you will get 'cross talk' - Does this apply to chirp transducers? The transducers would sit side by side eachother on the transom. My boat is tiller steer and the garmin sits up the back with the driver. Can't decide whether to put the lowrance up the back with the driver too, or put one up towards the bow near the trolling motor. When you guys are sounding around using sideview / other modes, are you usually trolling around with the electric or outboard? Cheers Ryan