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  1. Thanks Doyley for the feedback. Just thinking, as my outboard is a pull start 2 stroke and doesn't require power to start - could I get away with just getting a bigger battery with more juice to power the motor, sounder, bilge and lights? Or is that a bad idea?
  2. Hey! I'm getting a thruster plate put onto my Horizon easy fisher 435 (has 40hp yammy 2 stroke on back), so that I can mount a minn kota on the front. What I can't work out is where I should put the 2nd battery! Without the minn kota on, the boat gets up on the plane real easy so am worried about disturbing that. Here's the placement of the weight on the boat, once the minn kota is on without the 2nd battery. Front left Electric motor Front Center Anchor Front right Wife Rear left Fuel tank (20 or 30 litre - can't recall!) Rear center Outboard Rear right Driver + seat Current battery Ideally the 2nd battery would just go with the existing battery with the driver, but am worried about the uneven weight distribution towards starboard side and rear. At least it would be kind of out of the way as that space is already unusable. Would it be a good idea to place some kind of plate in the front hatch in the centre that a battery box could mount on - Or would it be too rough up the front for a battery? Pics of front & back attached. Would appreciate any feedback.
  3. Had to put the motor on the back burner - but am ready to proceed now! Does anyone have any recommendations around Brisbane / Gold coast to supply and fit everything?
  4. Alright with your guys help it looks like there's a slow leak from one of the bung plugs. Is there a certain brand of plug or shop you recommend getting a new set from?
  5. Hadn't seen these latest replies - thanks very much!
  6. Hello, Fairly new to boating and have a 2012 horizon 435 easy fisher aluminium boat. It has a pretty deep, strong hull on it with a false floor. After I've been out on the water for a few hours I look in the hull (have a hatch to access bilge pump and also a storage compartment at the front) and find there's a bit of water sitting in there, in the corrgugations of the hull - I guess about a few cups of water. I remember when I first got the boat 6 months ago, there was never any water inside the hull. Here's some additional notes: - It's salty to taste - It's not residual from washing it down post use - I have a steep driveway which I leave the boat to dry on and make sure it's all dry before taking it out - Around the bung plugs themselves look dry from the inside - The hull has no visible patches, dents or cracks that I can see - I am out in calm water so I don't really take any water on board What I've tried to attempt to find the cause: - Put a lantern in different places inside the hull and crawled around the boat in the pitch black to see if there was any pinpoles showing light - Put water in the anchor well and tested if there were any leaks from the drainage hose Couldn't find any evidence where the water might be coming from - I'm baffled! Is it a bad idea fill (not completely full of course, a few cms of water) inside the hull and see if any water comes out? Or could this damage the trailer? Are there any other ways to find a leak? Thanks
  7. Wanting to venture into the logan River and fish the holes at Marks rocks, but I've read a handful of old threads mentioning the submerged hazards people have hit. I have navionics but I fear the rock markers might not be detailed enough to get me out of trouble. Does anyone have a map of the hazards or any guidance around fishing the area from a boat? Cheers
  8. Great to know about the gc seaway! Thanks very much doyley for the detailed explanation and advice, very much appreciated! Will do mate sounds like I need to get up there for some trips!
  9. Have a 4.2m horizon allumnium with a fairly deep Hull with a 2013 40hp yammy 2 stroke banger on the back. Had it for a few months and will continue to gain experience for months before I even think about going outside the river systems and moretan Bay. Just thinking ahead though, is there a coastal bar within a few hours of brisbane that stands out to be the safest to cross? Not interested in dangerous situations "testing the waters" and pushing my boat to its limits. Safety is utmost priority. Probably depend on the skipper, but Is my boat capable of going outside the river / moretan bay?
  10. Thanks guys decided to splash out and get a minn kota with ipilot / spot lock. Thanks for your help
  11. Interesting thanks for that feedback guys. Was going to use it for both fresh and salt - hadn't actually considered that might contribute to choosing my option cheers
  12. Hello, Wanting an electric bow mount motor on my 4.2m aluminium boat so I don't have to put the anchor out as much. Looks like I need something with the spot lock feature, but don't think I can splash out a few thousand on a new minn kota. Are there any decent brands out there under $2000 that have the GPS spot lock feature? And also, how much can I expect to pay for a battery? Cheers
  13. So I bought a Garmin striker 4 for my kayak. Very new to sounders. Got a Century ps1270 battery to charge the sounder: https://www.freaksports.com.au/product/7ah-century-battery-ps1270l-for-fishfinders/ Problem is I have no idea on how to charge the battery. Didn't come with a charger of any sort, I assume it's not meant to? Cheers
  14. Cheers mate! Send me a PM when you're ready to sell incase I am ready to buy