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  1. collvan

    Maxwell Winch/windlass Problems

    Thanks I will give them a call.
  2. collvan

    Maxwell Winch/windlass Problems

    Hi all I have a Maxwell winch setup on my boat but it has been giving me a lot of problems lately. Does anyone know of a good marine electrician or someone that could assist me please? I live on the North side of Brisbane but will be willing to travel if necessary. Thanks in advance.
  3. collvan

    south queensland Ciguatera Poisoning

    Lucky no issues and the Spanish was great. I am aware of some cases on the Gold Coast and Sydney but I guess you have to be very unlucky.
  4. collvan

    south queensland Ciguatera Poisoning

    Thanks Tugger good advice
  5. Hi A friend of mine caught a nice 17kg Spanish Mac in Moreton Bay yesterday. I am concerned about the possibility of ciguatera poisoning. Are there any reported cases in Brisbane that you are aware of or are my concerns over the top for this area? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. collvan

    Tackle Box Set Up

    I would also add a few bait jigs to ellicat's list.
  7. collvan

    Advice Quintrex 7000 Yellowfin Hardtop

    Thank you for the advice. I live in North Lakes and would appreciate the company's name.
  8. Hi I am looking into purchasing a new boat and have been looking at the Quintrex 7000 Yellowfin Hardtop like the one pictured. Has anyone has any experiences with these boats or does anyone own one that can provide me with an opinion? Thank you for your help.
  9. I was lucky enough to go salmon fishing in Sweden and we used 12 foot rods with the abu ambassador series reels. Worked very well and light on the thumb. Fished all day casting cast after cast with no problems. I would look into getting something similar.
  10. collvan

    Adding Bling (more Pics)

    Would you be willing to share the website address? Looks good and I may do something similar.
  11. collvan

    What Size Rod?

    All depends on your target fish but I can recommend Diawa Surf rods for general purpose. Well priced and come in a good range of lengths and line weights. Generally Rock and surf rods are 12 foot. The Sensor Wave surf rod series are designed as a great all-round lightweight surf rod series, perfect for fishing from rocky shores, beaches or piers with lures or bait.
  12. collvan


    Mate sorry I don't recall it was some time ago and I haven't seen a packet since. I think all the instructions are on the packaging but I think you soak it until soft (not long at all). I did the whole packet as I was out for the day.
  13. collvan


    I have tried the dehydrated squid and it was awesome. Snapper loved it.
  14. collvan

    Prawns have started

    What sounder is that? Awesome pic!
  15. collvan

    Stradbroke: Rat Kings & Big Bream

    Angus - Could you give us a breakdown of the setups and plastics you were using? I see a Stradic and a Sustain.